14x Zoom with Built-In Digital Camera


In today’s installment of gadgets that enable you to stalk more efficiently, we bring you the 14x Spotting Scope digital camera. Most people would mount a zoom lense on a digital camera. You could do it that way, or go the other direction: mount a camera to a zoom lens.

If you’re going for megapixelage, you’ll have to look elsewhere, as the camera boasts a mediocre 3.1-Megapixels, and only has 32MB built-in RAM. But takes standard SD cards, so you could make a lot of illicit porn with this thing.

The real point of the camera is the 14x zoom. It’s focal ability gives you the ability to focus on an object just five feet tall at a distance of almost a quarter mile away. Stalkertastic.

14x Spotting Scope Digicam [Hammacher Schlemmer, via Oh, Gizmo!]