Android Auto now lets drivers take Zoom and Cisco conference calls

Drivers with vehicles equipped with Google’s Android Auto — which is expected to reach 200 million by the end of year — can now use Zoom and WebEx by Cisco for audio-only conference calls. T

Google’s quarterly Android updates include Zoom and Webex support in cars

Google is introducing new on-the-fly updates for its Android apps, including a new Assistant widget, support for Zoom and Webex on Android Auto, and accessibility updates for the Lookup app. The new A

Zoom rebrands existing — and intros new — generative AI features

To stay competitive in the crowded market for videoconferencing, Zoom is updating and rebranding several of its AI-powered features, including the generative AI assistant formerly known as Zoom IQ. Th

Open source developers urged to ditch Zoom over user data controversy

Software Freedom Conservancy, a not-for-profit that serves support and legal services for open source projects, has called on developers to ditch Zoom over recent changes it made to its terms and cond

Zoom knots itself a legal tangle over use of customer data for training AI models

Three years ago Zoom settled with the FTC over a claim of deceptive marketing around security claims, having been accused of overstating the strength of the encryption it offered. Now the videoconfere

Zoom launches an asynchronous video tool for the meeting-averse

In its continued attempt to diversify its product offerings, Zoom today launched a new asynchronous video tool, Zoom Clips, that lets users record, edit and share video clips without having to hop on

Zoom brings local data storage to paying European customers

Zoom has announced a slew of privacy-focused features and services, as the video communication company looks to appease customers concerned about where their data resides. With Europe pushing a digita

Zoom announces Anthropic partnership to bring Claude chatbot to Zoom products

As generative AI has taken center stage in recent months, Zoom has been looking at partnerships with LLM companies as a hedge against an evolving AI landscape. Today, the company announced a new partn

Google adding Cisco, Microsoft and Zoom (audio) conferencing to Android Auto

Google announced Wednesday that it’s working with Cisco, Microsoft and Zoom to bring conferencing into vehicles via Android Auto — a feature that may just keep folks from attempting to drive w

Zoom acquires Ireland-based employee communications platform Workvivo

Zoom today announced plans to acquire Workvivo, a six-year-old Irish startup focused on improving companies’ internal communications and culture. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. While

Zoom is adding new features to compete with Slack, Calendly, Google and Microsoft

Weeks after laying off 1,300 people (or 15% of the staff), Zoom is introducing new features to compete with numerous companies including Slack, Calendly, Google, and Microsoft. These features include

Enterprise SaaS companies continue to navigate a complex economic environment

With Zoom, Box, Okta and Salesforce reporting this week, we saw mixed results from enterprise SaaS companies operating in a tough environment.

Zoom layoffs impact 15% of staff

After an unfathomable boom at the onset of the pandemic, Zoom has made the decision to cut 15% of its staff, or 1,300 people. “The uncertainty of the global economy, and its effect on our custom

Snap is shutting down its desktop camera app that allows users to apply filters during video calls

Snap is shutting down its camera app for the desktop that allows users to apply filters like cat ears and pirate hats on video calls. The company said on a support page that the product will be discon

Tesla’s latest OTA update adds Steam games, Apple Music, Zoom and a wild light show mode

Tesla owners: Go check your cars. You have some new toys. The latest OTA update added a bunch of features; most notable, Steam, which brings along thousands of games. This app, however, is limited to

Tesla vehicles will soon have Zoom video conferencing

Zoom is working with Tesla to bring video conferencing into its vehicles. The announcement, made at the 2022 Zoomtopia conference, was light on details. But according to Zoom’s group product man

Why watch a movie when you can watch your corporate all-hands meeting?

Movie theater attendance is down, largely thanks to the pandemic, but chains like AMC still need to make money. If meme stocks aren’t a reliable business plan, why not find another use for a gia

Zoom’s adding email and calendar as it pushes harder to expand the platform

At the height of the pandemic Zoom was the go-to application for meetings with people stuck at home in lockdown. During FY 2021, the company was growing at an unsustainable triple-digit rate, peaking

Zoom is down in a major outage

Update, 11:57 AM ET: Zoom’s status page says that all systems are now operational again. If you had a meeting you really didn’t want to attend this morning, it’s your lucky day. Zoom

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