T-Dancer Sound Sensitive Shirt Great For Illegal Raves

Those who are currently sober at 11:10am on a Monday morning probably won’t understand the beauty of this. But to those who are drunk or using, the T-Dancer is some of the coolest apparel out there. On the front is a dancing lady with a neon-colored background. Nothing special, right? Incorrect you are my friend.

The shirt comes with a sensitivity dial to increase or decrease the amount of dancing the girl does. In a room with lots of bass? Crank that dial up! Lounging at the library while Bach plays in the background? Might want to turn it down a notch. Either way, it’s guaranteed to get you some compliments and/or looks and when the cops come, you’re the first to get Tasered. It goes for about $48 and is available now.

T-Dancer – sound sensitive chest piece [Red Ferret]