Shuttle Releases SDXi Barebones-style

specially designed for the case.

I saw the case up close and personal-like at CES and it’s really quite nice. Very realistic looking flames. Anyway, at the time I asked if they’d considered selling it as a barebones unit along with all the other models they sell. They said no, which means either they didn’t know at the time they would be selling it, they were lying to me or I gave them the idea. So, till I hear otherwise from them, I’m taking the credit. Thanks for listening to me Shuttle.

Spec-age is after the jump, but if you want to pick one up, the Shuttle SDXi barebones is now available only online for $799.

Barebone specifications include:
– Intel 975X Express Chipset
– 533/800/1066 FSB
– Intel Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Extreme, Core 2 Quad
– ICH7-R
– (4) 240pin DDR2 DIMM Slots
– 2GB per DIMM (Max 8GB)
– DDR2 533/667
– Shuttle I.C.E Heat Pipe Technology
– CoolIT MTEC Cooling System