Mac Guy Waves Bye-Bye

Yea so I doubt this will come as much surprise to anyone, but Radar Online is reporting that the “Jeepers Creepers” kid will no longer be playing Mac in commercials. Justin Long’s rep has confirmed that Long will no longer be in the commercials stating:

Every ad you see Justin in is for that previous time period only. There’s no long-term deal with him. Justin’s a movie star, not a commercial guy.

While it’s debatable whether or not Long is actually a “star,” it does seem to be definite that he is, at least, no longer Mac Guy. It appears that John Hodgman will remain in the spots as PC, but it’s unclear who will be replacing Mac.

This is probably a good move all around. It never seemed to me like such a wise move to have Justin Long as Mac. The problem is that Hodgman is clearly awesome, while Long’s appeal is questionable. So really all the commercials ever seemed to be was a 20-something stoner being smug to the always amusing Hodgman. Shrug.

So who should be Mac now? My vote is for either Jason Bateman or Will Ferrell.

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