Im a pc

Microsoft geeks it up with retro tees

There isn’t a better way to proclaim your love for everything Microsoft than a faux 80’s t-shirt. These shirts are part of the same campaign that encouraged everyone to show their creepy,

Video: Interview with Sean Siler aka "I'm a PC"

He’s not as nerdy as the commercials portray. *sad clown*

Two variants of the new Microsoft commercial

The latest Microsoft commercial, dubbed I’m a PC, is a tad long at 1:01 for everyday time slots so there are two¬†alternatives¬†that you will more likely see on a daily basis. Same subject matte

Mac Guy Waves Bye-Bye

Yea so I doubt this will come as much surprise to anyone, but Radar Online is reporting that the “Jeepers Creepers” kid will no longer be playing Mac in commercials. Justin Long’s re