• #Love: Thanks, Porn

    #Love: Thanks, Porn

    As a modern married male, the times spent alone with my computer and a box of tissues are, in some ways, the best times. That is not to say the manifold pleasures of family life and the wild menagerie of mere existence aren’t amazing, but a body likes to be alone. For this I thank porn. While there is no doubt that there are dark corners of this industry and that porn, to some people, is… Read More

  • #Love: When Your Lover Has Your Password

    #Love: When Your Lover Has Your Password

    There is a special milestone in each significant relationship that is rarely celebrated. There's no holiday, no dinner, and no party. It just happens - one day you're strangers, the next you're not. It's the day you hand over your passwords to your SO. Read More

  • #Love: Unfollowing Exes

    #Love: Unfollowing Exes

    One month ago, I got dumped. It was the third in a series of failed, long-term relationships over the past five years. All relationships end differently. Some exes stay friends, or fail to stay friends, or continue hooking up, or cut each other out entirely. Some exes combine any number of those things to form a symphony of chaos. But no matter how it ends, or how it evolves after it's over… Read More

  • A French Romantic Take On HeTexted, Because Crowdsourcing Relationship Anxiety Feels Wrong

    A French Romantic Take On HeTexted, Because Crowdsourcing Relationship Anxiety Feels Wrong

    As the only Frenchman on the team, I couldn't browse HeTexted's website without having strong opinions on the subject. There's nothing as cute as a great love story. HeTexted asks anxious women to write their potential lovers' texts and their context. Women of the world can then vote and decide whether he's into you or just not. It feels wrong for so many reasons that I'll try to explain them to… Read More

  • Mario Paint saved my life

    It's so rare to find a real, heart-felt paean to a software product. Online writing is so cranky - see this - that it's refreshing to read a real love story. Young Zen Albatross writes about Mario Paint for Super Nintendo. At age eight, the game taught him the basics of design and music composition in an easy-to-use package. Read More

  • Science tries to explain why you love Apple (and hate Microsoft)

    Science tries to explain why you love Apple (and hate Microsoft)

    Why do people who love Apple hate Microsoft? Conversely, why do people who love Microsoft hate Apple? Science, that wonderful abstraction, may have an answer. A professor at the University College London, Semir Zeki, has proposed the following: love is a blind emotion while hate takes conscious effort to produce. Think of it in romantic terms: Why do you find that girl or guy attractive? You just… Read More

  • Guy proposes to his girlfriend with hacked Chrono Trigger ROM

    Oh man, this is deeply nerdy. This fellow Phill’s girlfriend was playing Chrono Trigger using an SNES emulator, and he hacked the ROM she was using, adding an entire new area (“Koma Kulshan,” an old name for Mt. Baker, I’m guessing this guy is from the NW like me) filled with NPCs acting out the couple’s favorite memories. At the end, there is apparently going to be a… Read More

  • Couple meets because of Xbox Live, later has baby

    [photopress:xblbaby.jpg,full,center] You’re looking at the first baby conceived because of Xbox Live. The baby girl’s parents met while playing Rainbow Six Lockdown, the daddy in the Bronx and the mommy in Georgia. The story is that the two would-be parents didn’t initially see eye to eye—you sunk my battleship! or somesuch—but then decided to meet each other in real… Read More

  • 'Love Tester' technology now available in phones

    'Love Tester' technology now available in phones

    How passionate does you lover feel about you? And how do you guys feel about people using the word “lover” to describe a significant other? Do you show up at a party and tell everyone that your lover’s going to be there soon? Do you show up at parties? I don’t any more (of course, I’d have to be invited to not show up). Aaaand, I’ve already gone way off track. Read More

  • Shirts that give you health when you're close to your other

    [photopress:hugshirts_1.jpg,full,center] We’re coming up to Valentine’s Day, 2008, and here I am again without a date. Ok, not true, I have two dates, but it’s not like that. Ok, it is if I’m lucky. Anyway, the point is, there are these shirts, see, and when you and your signif are wearing them, and you come within hugging distance (which is a scientific constant, like… Read More

  • Vonage Thinks You're A Modern Day Romeo

    Vonage Thinks You're A Modern Day Romeo

    Vonage is in the mood for some lovin’ now that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. By calling 1-700-VALENTINE from your Vonage line, you can choose a romantic poem to send to your significant other. Examples include: Romantic Romeo – A reading from “Romeo & Juliet” by William Shakespeare Renaissance Dramatist Romeo Listen to “Sony to Celia” by… Read More

  • 1 in 8 Dudes Would Rather Have A Gadget Than A Chick

    1 in 8 Dudes Would Rather Have A Gadget Than A Chick

    Conducted by some group called GFK NOP, a bunch of people were interviewed on whether or not they’d swap love for gadgets. Well it turns out that us guys are total bastards after all (big surprise there)! 1 in 8 men said they would lose the girl in favor of a sweet gadget like an iPhone, widescreen TV set, or fridge freezer. Overall, 13% of the men surveyed wanted gadgets over girls while… Read More

  • HTC Love Is Lookin’ Cute

    HTC Love Is Lookin’ Cute

    HTC is about to show us some love with the release of the Love. The HTC Love is focused primarily on media and really is a multimedia device more than a phone. This quad-band GSM device comes with EDGE, WiFi, FM radio, a 2-megapixel camera, a 2.8-inch 64k color LCD at 340×240 resolution, 256MB of ROM/64MB of RAM, microSD with a plentiful 512MB card packaged with the device, USB, and… Read More