#Love: Kim Stolz On “Unfriending My Ex”

You may know reality TV celebrity Kim Stolz as a contestant on America’s Next Top Model, or perhaps from MTV News, but what you might not know is that she’s spent the past few years researching many of the same topics we cover in this very column for an upcoming book called Unfriending My Ex: And Other Things I’ll Never Do. (She also now works in finance with Citi Group.)

That said, Stolz and I sat down to discuss a number of important questions: Are selfies and social media making us all micro-reality stars? Does the growing connectivity between us all strengthen or erode at our relationships? Is it possible that we’re all addicted to technology that may ultimately make us less sensitive, attentive people? And if so, why can’t we stop ourselves?

As always, thanks for keeping up with the #Love column, and we hope you enjoy our first ever video segment.

If you’re interested in learning more about Stolz’ book, which is available June 24, you can check out the website here or the Amazon listing.

#Love is a new column on TechCrunch dealing with digital matters of the heart. It explores our relationships, their relationship with technology, and all the gory details that come with it. Jordan Crook will be leading the charge, and is looking for guest writers to tell their own stories each week. Maybe you found your soul mate on Tinder, or got dumped on Facebook, or have an outrageously interesting sext life. We all have our stories. If you’re interested in contributing, send an email to jordan@beta.techcrunch.com with the subject line #Love for more details.