Science tries to explain why you love Apple (and hate Microsoft)

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Why do people who love Apple hate Microsoft? Conversely, why do people who love Microsoft hate Apple? Science, that wonderful abstraction, may have an answer.

A professor at the University College London, Semir Zeki, has proposed the following: love is a blind emotion while hate takes conscious effort to produce.

Think of it in romantic terms: Why do you find that girl or guy attractive? You just sorta do; it’s hard to explain. But, why do you hate that girl or guy? I’m sure you have a laundry list of reasons.

We can apply the same logic to Apple/Microsoft. It’s a lot easier to explain why you hate Apple or Microsoft, but try explaining why you like Apple or Microsoft. “I don’t know, I just do.” Indeed.

I don’t know, it gets pretty cerebral pretty quickly. Y’all would be better served (and certainly better entertained) playing Fable II.

via CNET’s Technically Incorrect

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