• Is your PC Card slot occupied? Didn't think so

    The Stash Card is a novel idea, but I wouldn’t keep anything valuable in it like the manufacturer suggests. The rest of the suggestions work out quite nicely. It’s only $8. Why not? Product Page [via jkontherun] Read More

  • Geek Squad to observe a moment of silence for Arthur C. Clarke tonight

    [photopress:2008_03_19T105500Z_01_NOOTR_RTRIDSP_2_SCIENCE_CLARKE_DEATH_DC_1.jpg,full,center] You read the headline right. How they’re related, with the exception of geek culture, I’m not sure. But apparently this is happening. 1917 – 2008 Yesterday, the worlds of science and science fiction lost one of their true visionaries, the inestimable Arthur C. Clarke, author of… Read More

  • XM-Sirius decision this month says ranking member of Senate Judiciary Committee

    [photopress:arlenxm.jpg,full,center] A decision, one way or the other, on the proposed XM-Sirus merger should be reached by the end of the month. So says Sen. Arlen Spector, the ranking [Republican] member on the Senate Judiciary Committee. (Pat Leahy is the chairman of the committee, it should be noted.) He made an appearance on the Howard Stern Show earlier today and tried to explain why… Read More

  • Gartner recommends iPhone for business users, fish food for fish

    Gartner Research, in a stunning reversal, says that the iPhone is great for business, at least when firmware 2.0 hits. Their reasoning? Well, Steve said it was so. “In its initial release, the iPhone was, with few exceptions, an Internet tablet with browser-based applications as its main offering, however, the release of firmware 2.0 changes that, enabling enterprises to develop local… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson warns of low phone demand, I warn of imminent Sony Ericsson bankruptcy

    Don’t slip in it. Sony Ericsson is blaming component shortages and slowing demand for problems in their sales channel. My take on this news? Demand for Sony Ericsson phones is slipping, not overall demand. SE dumped a polished turd and some minor turdlets at CTIA this year and their phones are complex enough to scare people away yet not powerful enough to gain business converts. Nokia… Read More

  • DLO's new StrapWrap is just what it sounds like

    [photopress:strapwrap.jpg,full,center] There are a few jokes in the tech blogging community on what DLO’s acronym stands for, as the company tends to focus on iPodish products, like skins, or “Docks, Like, Only”. But DLO is my favorite maker of iPod cases, and the latest edition, the StrapWrap, is pretty awesome. It’s a sleeve that you attach to the strap of your… Read More

  • Super-efficient micro-microchip could run on body heat and motion

    It’s a big day for hot chips. No, not them. Researchers at MIT have created a tiny chip that is so efficient (it uses 0.3 volts, half as much as Intel’s “Atom”) that it could conceivably be run on body heat or movement alone, eliminating the need for a battery in the case of, say, an encrypting unit for in-body electronics sharing information. Sounds overly specific… Read More

  • Apple: Do evil

    Wired has a long, long story about a strange, strange company: our favorites, Apple. The piece is actually quite good and offers a bit more than the average “iPod good, but they sell nothing else” line most reporters use when they basically can’t get anyone at Apple to talk to them. Leander Kahney does a good job of seeing Apple for what it really is: an intense… Read More

  • The random endorsement: George Foreman Grill

    [photopress:endorsement031908.jpg,full,right] We’re endorsing the George Foreman Grill today. This is how I spend my spring break. Before using the GFG, I didn’t know how to cook. After using the GFG, I still don’t know how to cook! Is that the fault of the grill, or the fault of my own faulty upbringing and complete lack of ambition? I’m gonna guess it’s my… Read More

  • Sharpcast (Finally) Releases SugarSync for Synchronization of Data Across Devices

    Sharpcast has been holding their heads down over the last four years working on a technology that promises to solve a basic need: that of accessing your files no matter which device you’re currently using. Today Sharpcast finally takes the lid off SugarSync, a consumer product that promises to automatically synchronize data across desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, and even… Read More

  • Street Fighter Movie cast revealed, no Jean-Claude in sight

    Like the new Hulk movie, the new Street Fighter movie is attempting to revitalize a pop culture franchise tainted in the movie industry by a less-than-stellar debut. I really doubt a movie based on a fighter can rise that much above the rest, but if it’s even nearly as awesome as Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, I’ll be satisfied. Check out the lineup: Kristin Kreuk plays Chun Li. Read More

  • Western Digital launches 640GB 3Gb/s HDDs

    [photopress:wd4000yr_inside.jpg,full,center] Western Digital has increased the size of its single platter for dual-platter drives to 320GB, giving these drives a total of 640GB. “That’s not a large capacity drive!” you say. And you’re right, but dual-platter drives aren’t about capacity, they’re about performance and price. Spinning at 7200RPM, the drives… Read More

  • Keep that receipt: GeForce 9800 GX2s have heat problems with some motherboards

    There was a big to-do yesterday with the release of the GeForce 9800 GX2, the dual-GPU supercard from Nvidia. Reviews were cautiously positive, but Bit-Tech had a mysterious problem: constant overheating. They did some testing and found that on some nForce 700 mobos (in their tests, the Asus Striker II), the placement of the nForce 200 chip made for a hot pocket of up to almost 200… Read More

  • Google Mobile Learns the Need For Speed, But Is Still Not Fast Enough

    There is nothing worse than waiting for a mobile browser to fire up on your mobile phone (especially if it’s AT&T). That is why mobile apps customized for your phone still tend to deliver a better experience than going through the browser. Anyone building mobile apps knows this. Cut out any unnecessary steps and lag time, and the usage of your mobile app will go up. The folks on… Read More

  • Life+Gear wants to keep you and yours safe during stormy weather

    [photopress:lifegear.png,full,pp_image] I think the folks in Dallas need some of the gadgets Life+Gear is offering. Their cornucopia of items is hand-crank powered and also includes a siren, NOAA alert, AM/FM radio and eye-blinding LEDs. Some of the devices include the aforementioned features as is in an all-in-one device while others disguise themselves as lanterns or tool kits. They’re… Read More

  • Video: Kronotron fake Transformers watch

    I wish I still had mine. I remember in the early ’90s you could actually get these for a dollar out of the vending machines by the front door or Toys ‘R’ Us. Well, you could try to. I always ended up with a sparkly My Little Pony sticker. My childhood sucked. This watch does transform into a robot, and is made by Takara, who Hasbro licensed the original Transformers from… Read More

  • It looks like Spinvox has raised £50m

    Update: Reuters just confirmed the below story (which I wrote this morning, about 5 hours before Reuters), as Spinvox has now clearly put it out on the wire to stop any further speculation. It’s raised funding from a “Goldman Sachs Group Inc unit” and GLG Partners, Blue Mountain Capital Management and Toscafund Asset Management. It doubles the amount raised so far to $200… Read More

  • Dell looks to be eyeing handhelds and smartphones

    According to a DigiTimes article, Dell “may team up with Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) to develop Windows Mobile-based handheld devices.” The company hired Ron Garriques away from Motorola last year, which led many to speculate that something like this was in the works. It’s thought that Dell’s been ramping up for a stronger push into the mobile… Read More

  • Video: How much stress could a DS take if a DS could take stress?

    Unlike conventional review sites, which are broken on a fundamental “what’s-the-difference-between-an-8.0-and-an-8.1” plane, Broken Reviews breaks stuff in order to review them. It most recently abused the Nintendo DS, subjecting to all sorts of weird shock tests. The video linked here shows a DS being dropped onto various surfaces from around wait-level height. Other fun… Read More

  • Sanyo releases new entry-level pocket camcorders to Japan, possibly US headed

    [photopress:cg9.jpg,full,center] Sanyo’s Xacti line of pocket camcorders are sweeter than they first appear. We checked out a similar model to this CG9 (CrunchGear 9!?) at CES and were a little amazed at how a tiny fixed-focus, non-zooming camcorder made things look. These aren’t cameras to make your epic movie with, but for if you’re a web video junkie and you want to make… Read More

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