• Really Hot New DS Lite Colors: Metallic Rose and Glossy Silver

    Really Hot New DS Lite Colors: Metallic Rose and Glossy Silver

    Nintendo of Japan will release Metallic Rose and Glossy Silver DS Lites on June 23. That makes seven colors that you can find the DS Lite in over there. I was a dope and bought the white one when it first launched here, but I had my eye on this one before it went out of stock. Read More

  • Google Maps Intros Street View

    Google Maps Intros Street View

    Just as Microsoft gets done releasing those 3D, photo renditions of major cities on its Live Search Maps, in comes Google to shake the competition up a bit. This new street view Google is offering is only available in parts of NYC, San Francisco, Denver, Las Vegas, and Miami. Of course in time, most major cities and eventually all of the world will be available at street level. The interface… Read More

  • Fox Interactive Confirms Photobucket, Flektor Acquisitions

    Fox Interactive Confirms Photobucket, Flektor Acquisitions

    The Photobucket and Flektor acquisitions were confirmed by Fox Interactive today in a press release. No details on prices, so we are assuming earlier reports were correct: $300 million for Photobucket (including a $50 million earnout) and $15-20 million for Flektor. We had earlier reported that MySpace made both of these acquisitions; in fact parent company Fox Interactive was the… Read More

  • Samsung Introduces 4GB Memory Chip

    Samsung Introduces 4GB Memory Chip

    (Sung to the tune of Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s “Karn Evil 9 – 1st Impression (Part 2)“) Welcome back my friends
    To the show that never ends
    We’re so glad you could attend
    Come inside, come inside Read More

  • Venzero Slickr PMP: It's All Screen

    Venzero Slickr PMP: It's All Screen

    From Venzero, the company you’ve never heard of, comes the Slickr (the Slickr?), a flash-based portable media player where the main attraction is its diminutive 2.83-inch widescreen display. It’s able to display 1.6 million colors, more than enough for the AVI videos you can load onto it. The rest is fairly basic: MP3/WMA/WAV compatible, JPEG picture viewing, voice recorder, etc. Read More

  • Look For Confirmation of eBay/StumbleUpon Today

    Look For Confirmation of eBay/StumbleUpon Today

    I’m hearing that the eBay/StumbleUpon acquisition will be officially announced sometime today – almost certainly at the end of trading. Keep an eye our for the press release. We originally broke this rumor in April when a term sheet was reportedly signed. The Wall Street Journal picked up the story earlier this month. I don’t know if the price will be disclosed, or if the… Read More

  • Breaking: CBS Buys Last.fm

    Breaking: CBS Buys Last.fm

    Some breaking news just in from the wire. CBS has purchased Last.fm for $280 million in cash. With more than 15 million active users, myself included, Last.fm is well worth the money with all the rich features it offers. CBS has said it plans on turning the site from a content-based site to an audience-based one. What that exactly means is beyond me, so I suppose in time we’ll see… Read More

  • LG Patents MP3-playing Washing Machine

    LG Patents MP3-playing Washing Machine

    The next time you go shopping for a new washer, you may care to inquire about LG’s upcoming washing machine that can play MP3s. LG has just patented the world’s first MP3-playing washing machine and I’m sure anyone who, you know, washes their clothing is jumping for joy. Why such a big deal? Go do some laundry and listen to the machine for a few minutes. That droning… Read More

  • SEGA To Become Serious Mobile Player

    SEGA To Become Serious Mobile Player

    Sega of America has appointed former Electronic Arts veteran Linda Chaplin to lead the company’s mobile gaming expansion in North America reports GameDaily today. Sega is looking to “become a serious player” in the mobile arena in the West, as the company already has a large mobile gaming business in Japan and Korea. In the last year Sega’s console software business… Read More

  • iTunes 7.2 Out Now

    iTunes 7.2 Out Now

    The start of a DRM-free music revolution has arrived. Well, maybe not a revolution, but at least a new version of iTunes. Version 7.2 brings a new feature called “iTunes Plus” to the table. Purchasing a song with iTunes Plus enabled allows you to purchase DRM-free, 256Kbps AAC tracks from the iTMS. You can set it on or off in your iTunes preferences. Excited? Ease up, Tiger. Read More

  • Study Says UK Mobile Being Used in WC

    Study Says UK Mobile Being Used in WC

    Smoking might not be the only reason for long bathroom breaks in the UK. Cellular News is reporting that many Brits are using their handsets in toilets to bypass office rules on Internet usage. The nationwide study by T-Mobile found that more than one quarter of the UK’s workforce is still deprived of Web access and are turning to the Internet on their mobile phone. The study also found… Read More

  • Widgetbox Remote Gallery: An Open Platform For Widgets

    Widgetbox Remote Gallery: An Open Platform For Widgets

    Widgetbox have announced the wide-spread adoption of its new Widgetbox Remote Gallery feature which eases the transition to an open platform for social networks. The Widgetbox Remote Gallery feature enables social networks to embed a select number of widgets from third party developers and provide access to the over 10,000 widgets from the Widgetbox main gallery, giving their users the ability… Read More

  • Japanese Mobile To Add Quake Warnings

    Japanese Mobile To Add Quake Warnings

    Japan’s two biggest mobile operators, NTT DoCoMo and KDDI, have announced that they are working on an advanced quake warning system reports AFP. This system would notify customers of an earthquake before it even strikes. This system is expected to go into operation within a few months, and will pass on information from the Japanese meteorological agency. No word has been announced on… Read More

  • Game Companies Come Together in the UK

    Game Companies Come Together in the UK

    Cooperation is the buzzword of the day with the UK video game industry. Mobile Entertainment is reporting that a new era of cooperation in the mobile game sector is beginning as EA, Glu Mobile, Gameloft and I-play have agreed to release individual games simultaneously across all five UK operators. The deal came together thanks to the efforts of the industry trade body the ELSPA… Read More

  • Verizon Goes On the Lot

    Verizon Goes On the Lot

    Verizon Wireless will be one of the sponsors in the reality film-making competition, On the Lot, which is being produced by Fox Interactive Media. The carrier will be sponsoring a moviemaking challenge tied to the series, while also providing behind-the-scenes footage such as bios and outtakes. Verizon Wireless customers will further have the ability to take part in SMS voting during the… Read More

  • Go Ahead and Fake It

    Go Ahead and Fake It

    Need to get out of a terrible date? You can have your friend arrange that “rescue call,” or you could have a fake call with Moderati’s Mobile Faker (faux calls are $.99). On the other hand if you want to show off the Faker WAP site, which is accessible for free to Internet-equipped mobile phones, provides pickup and rejection lines, bar dares and other fun facts for a night… Read More

  • CBS Acquires Europe's Last.fm for $280 million

    CBS Acquires Europe's Last.fm for $280 million

    The quickly growing music social network Last.fm has been acquired by CBS for $280 million in an all-cash deal. UK based Last.fm launched five years ago and has become a social networking favorite with 15 million active users. It has become a massive repository for music information (artist and song wikis, listening data from users, etc.). In the U.S., companies like Pandora, MOG and iLike… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Pole Position Edition

    Daily Crunch: Pole Position Edition

    It Hurts So Good: Homemade Microwave Guns
    Malaysian Theaters Go Stealth
    Linux Indy Car Just Plain Sucks
    When CD Players and Phonographs Collide
    Locate and Control Your Whip From Anywhere Read More

  • Microsoft Mystery Solved: It's 'Surface'

    Microsoft Mystery Solved: It's 'Surface'

    As of 12:01 EST, we know the identity of Microsoft’s mystery guest. It seems that Redmond is launching Surface — an interactive “desk” that can sense styli and objects and interact with other devices using RFID and other wireless protocols. Told ya so. It will be available in Harrahs and Starwood Casinos as well as in select T-Mobile stores. That’s right &mdash… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar


    Good evening, folks. From here on out we’ll be posting the top three comments from the day for your enjoyment. My personal favorite came from Anton in regards to VV’s Longhorn Lives! post this morning. Keep on truckin’ because there are two more! I think I got about 142 Kb downloaded before I realized “Wait a minute. I don’t want this.” Then I stopped… Read More