• Twitter Poster Is Pretty, But Probably Not Much Else

    New service Twitter Poster from Spanish company Come and Click Networks provides a mashup of Twitter profile pictures that are sized relative to the influence of each Twitter user, based on the number of followers and the number of Tweets popular users make. Influence posters are available for the United States, Japan, Brazil, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Australia, Italy, Mexico… Read More

  • Microsoft's Latest Zune Pitch: What Do You Think?

    Above is the latest Zune Social TV advert from Microsoft. I’ve watched it a couple of times now and I’m not sure whether I suppose to think that it’s clever, or it’s representative of a Lewis Carroll-esque fantasy of someone on an acid trip. I’m still more likely to buy a new iPod, but as TechCrunch commenter’s love to point out, I’m an Apple fanboy… Read More

  • Whrrl: Map and Mobile-Centric Social Reviews

    Sometimes products are easy to sum up in single sentences, sometimes they are most definitely not. Whrrl, a new site by Pelago, is one of those that eludes definition. Hence, Pelago’s need to describe it unhelpfully as “a seamlessly integrated Web and mobile experience that is social, useful, and fun” (I admit, my headline’s not that much better). Let’s start with… Read More

  • Google to make gPhone announcement Monday

    After a brief repose from posting all things iPhone, our tips inbox was brimming — brimming, I say! — with news of the gPhone. Or gPhones. Or whatever Google is going to call it when it makes its announcement Monday. Yes, it’s coming. No, we’re not sure what it is. Yes, we’re excited about it. Word on the street, though, is that gPhone will actually be a… Read More

  • The Back Burner: Things we didn't post this week

    Readers, meet “The Back Burner”, a new weekly column by our very own Doug Aamoth, wherein he rounds up the tips, scoops, technologies, announcements, and spam that we just didn’t have the time (or heart) to share with you, and tells you exactly why we sat on these, er, gems. Enjoy! – Matt
    A big thank you to everybody for filling our tips at crunchgear dot com inbox… Read More

  • Sony OLED HDTVs coming this year?

    Looks like Sony Electronics President Stan Glasgow hinted this morning that the OLED HDTVs that were announced a short time ago might make their way to US shores before the end of the year. Just in time for the holidays! Awesome. Not so fast, buckaroo. There’s a catch. There always is, isn’t there? The XEL-1 is going to have to tank in Japan for the US to have any chance at… Read More

  • You Make It You: First Zune 2 ad

    v2.0 of the Zune is fast approaching its November 13th launch date and the first ad appeared yesterday revolved around the “You Make It You” campaign. I can’t quite understand what’s going on in the ad so watch for yourselves. A new site, http://www.zunejourney.net, was also launched for the campaign to help educate consumers on the basic features of the Zune and what… Read More

  • International roaming plans for iPhone announced: Expensive, but better than the alternative

    International iPhone playboys, take notice: AT&T has announced flat-rate data plans for international traveling. We’ve heard a few horror stories of iPhone users being taken to the ringer by AT&T for international roaming rates, sometimes without even turning their iPhones on. If you’re a globetrotter, you’ll want one of the plans, which start at $25 for 20MB. Read More

  • Blockbusted: Video store giant on the ropes?

    I know that I’m in the sad minority, but I like Blockbuster video. The clerks at my local Broadway branch are always cuter than the ones at the Hollywood down the street. Am I shallow? Oh, yah, totally. But besides that, my local Blockbuster has a far better selection than the Hollywood. Not as good as Scarecrow, but I’m not going to the U-District to get Deadwood, know what I… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: HD DVD player + 9 movies for $199

    Having trouble finding an in-stock HD-A2, the same one Vince told us about yesterday? You can pick up its big brother, the HD-A3, from Best Buy for $100 more PLUS you get seven nine free DVDs to boot — two of them in the box, two of your choice in the store, and five in the mail. Sure, it’s not a $98 HD DVD player but remember, you’ll get nine HD DVDs that you can use to… Read More

  • Free tickets to London Open Source Summit

    Event News: Legal eagles Olswang are holding an Open Source Summit in London on Friday, 9 November. And you lucky TechCrunch readers are being offered 25 free tickets. All you need to do to apply is email event organiser Lisa-Jane Ryan ( Lisa-Jane.Ryan [at] olswang.com) and mention TechCrunch UK. The first 25 people to do so will get a ticket. Here are the details for the event: Date: Friday… Read More

  • Writers Guild strike might help online entertainment?

    If you hadn’t heard by now, there’s a strike brewing in Hollywood. The Writers Guild of America wants higher home video residual payments and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers isn’t giving in. The guild is meeting at 7:00 tonight in Los Angeles to further discuss how the strike’s going to go but its website already has the 2007 Strike Rules in… Read More

  • University of Oregon gives RIAA the big F U

    Even though I loathe the University of Oregon, I must commend them when it’s deemed appropriate. This just happens to be one of the few times I’ve ever said anything nice about the Ducks. BTW- Civil War is going to be ours again this year. So, anyways, the Ducks have filed a motion to overturn a RIAA subpoena demanding the University hand over student identities in what’s… Read More

  • The Unreasonable Stance: Time Warner Cable

    This week, I’m going to take a seat while the other eight gazillion people on the Web complain about Comcast. See, back in New Jersey and Philadelphia, I never had problems with Comcast. Maybe once a year something would happen where I needed to call and bitch at them for an hour before something was done. But overall, it was a fine experience and I’d have no problem going back… Read More

  • Eye-Fi: The Review

    As Doug recently reported, Eye-Fi is 2GB SD device with a built-in WiFi transceiver. Like many of you, I hadn’t heard of the device until earlier this week and then, like so many things, it was seemingly everywhere. Mike Galpert of Aviary Twittered about it’s brilliance, friends were chattering on about it, people were trying to trade sexual favors to try it, etc. Fortunately, I… Read More

  • OS X Leopard review

    Here we sit, a week after the Leopard launch, exhausted. Like the machine at Ikea that opens and closes the drawers in the kitchen section over and over again to show how strong they are, I’ve pounded at Leopard with a vengeance, opening and closing stacks, trying features, and generally trying to break the thing. I ran Leopard on a 2.66 GHz dual-core Mac Pro with 3 GB of memory and a… Read More

  • The Samsung Katalyst defines mediocrity

    I’m not sure whether to blame T-Mobile or Samsung for the constant barrage of crappy phones coming out nowadays. Take for instance, the recently leaked Samsung Katalyst which will debut on T-Mobile. I bet money that the phone will either be a freebie or $49.99 for new customers as it’s so basic, I can’t even fathom why anyone else would want it. Oh, right. T-Mobile stuck WiFi… Read More

  • Ok Here's At Least Part Of What Facebook Is Announcing On Tuesday: Project Beacon

    There has been endless speculation around the new advertising network that Facebook will be launching next Tuesday at ad:tech in New York. There are at least two pieces to the network. One is getting more data in about what users do when they aren’t at Facebook, allowing for far more targeted advertising. The second is running those ads, perhaps even off the Facebook network itself. And… Read More

  • Acoustic Research Wireless HD Headphone review

    Acoustic Research’s new 2.4 Ghz wireless headphones offer true 2.1 Sound that is usually so good, you won’t miss using your regular surround speakers. You’ll get the 2.4 Ghz wireless transmitter, a stereo cable, stereo Y adapter cable, AAA batteries, and an AC power adapter. You will have the option of using the batteries or the power adapter for either the headphones… Read More

  • FTC to Web Advertisers: Police Yourselves, or We'll Do it For You

    That was the subtext of the message the Federal Trade Commission delivered to Web advertisers, in particular with relation to ads that track consumer behavior. According to Reuters: FTC Commissioner Jon Leibowitz said Internet advertisers should tell consumers that information was being gathered, give them a choice to opt out, and protect any data collected. While there is nothing… Read More

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