• Hydrogen Fuel Cell for Mobile Phones

    Researchers in France today announced they had invented a hydrogen fuel cell that can be used as a backup power source for mobile phones. It is hoped this will increase the usage time between battery recharges.

    Different groups have been working on miniature hydrogen fuel cells for a few years now. This version, which is being developed by Bic, the company that makes pens, lighters and razors… Read More

  • Flip Minos

    B&H Photo has something called the Flip Minos in their latest catalog, apparently a smaller version of the Flip camera so popular with teens who smoke the bud. This new version will cost $179.99 and should be released June 4. Read More

  • AT&T will be the first to offer HSPA in the US

    Cheers to you, AT&T. Within a month’s time, AT&T will have fully deployed HSPA within its 3G network. That means we’ll be getting 1.4Mbps down and 800Kbps up. Full release after the jump. Read More

  • First ever PSP Go! Messenger virtual dinner

    I have no idea what either of these blokes are saying, but they’re using Sony’s Go! Messenger feature to do whatever it is that they’re doing. Seriously, I have no idea what Keith Lemon is even saying. Read More

  • Treo 850 looks like an actual big boy phone

    I don’t want to offend anybody’s sensibilities, but I’m of the opinion that most Treo devices kind of look like toys. That’s just me, though. I’m wearing red pants (RED! WTF?!) with tan shoes right now, so what the hell do I know about what looks good? Anyway, these leaked shots of the Treo 850 from our friends over at the Boy Genius Report portray a more… Read More

  • Which ultraportable should I buy?

    I’ve been contemplating for some time on whether or not I want to purchase a smaller laptop to travel with or tote around the city. My 15-inch MBP is a great workstation, but it’s heavy and gets crushed on the plane by the jackass sitting in front of me who decides to recline the second he/she gets in the seat. I like the old 12-inch PowerBook G4s and thought about picking up a… Read More

  • Microsoft: Live Anywhere is not abandoned

    Microsoft first mentioned their Xbox Live mobile tie-in application Live Anywhere nearly 2 years ago at E3 2006, after which it pretty much disappeared. While theres been a private demo or two, no real solid news (like a release date) has come of it since. At the Electronic Gaming Summit yesterday, Microsoft exec Jeff Bell touched on the topic for all of two seconds, saying “Live anywhere… Read More

  • Live: Facebook Discusses New Profile Design

    Facebook has invited a group of bloggers and journalists to its offices on Hamilton Street in Palo Alto today to discuss the details of its upcoming profile redesign, which we’re told will launch in a few weeks. Keep checking in here as I share my notes from the event. Elliot Schrage has kicked things off by saying today will be more focused on Q&A than the last event, which was… Read More

  • Sony PSP celebrates Madden's 20th year with a new shade

    In honor of John Madden’s ugly mug being plastered over a football game, Sony has announced a special bundle and color for the PSP. That particular shade of “metallic” blue is pretty meh, but for $200 it’s not a bad deal at all. The Madden NFL 09 PSP Entertainment Pack includes “NFL: In Just One Play” on UMD Video, a PLAYSTATION Network voucher to download… Read More

  • Soon US Citizens allowed to send cell phones to Cuba

    Since the 1960’s, the United States has had various types of trade sanctions aimed at Cuba. The hope has been that these sanctions would spur democratic reforms on the island nation. President Bush announced today that Americans will soon be allowed to send cell phones to Cubans, a policy change that is meant to increase the freedom of expression for Cuban citizens. MobileCrunch reported… Read More

  • Atom-based Asus Eee PC 901 will come in black too

    The spec-bumped 901 from Asus that we heard about last week will also be available in black, according to some leaked photos on Blogee.net (the site is currently down). Early reports indicate that the 901 series will launch in Taiwan on June 3rd with the rest of us likely seeing it available within a month or so afterward. Again, specs will be similar to the Eee PC 900, except for the new… Read More

  • Viva Pinata could bring together DS, XBox 360 gamers

    Mr. Miyamoto, tear down this wall! DS and 360 gamers may soon be united by their hatred of Viva Pinata: Trouble In Paradise, a game that simulates brain death. The game uses the 360’s camera to track and decode trading cards. These cards can also appear on devices like Zunes, cellphones, iPods and… DSes. MTV is positing that the upcoming Viva Pinata title for the DS may include… Read More

  • Vogard Radiator F1

    Vogard makes world-time watches that change timezones with a flick of a switch on the side of the watch. This saves you from having to swap timezones manually. This new model is an homage to F1 racing — they have others for golfers and amateur pilots as well — and takes design cues from the radiator of an F1 racecar. It’s limited to 199 pieces and should be… very expensive. Read More

  • Western Digital gets even more Mac friendly with My Passport Studio

    Who: Western Digital
    What: My Passport Studio 250GB/320GB
    When: Available now for $160 and $220
    Where: ???
    Why: It’s Mac specific and plays nice with Time Machine. Also comes with USB 2.0 AND FireWire 400. Read More

  • Microsoft getting into user-created games for Xbox

    Not content to let initiatives like Nintendo’s WiiWare and Sony’s PlayStation Network hog all the user-created glory, Microsoft has recently unveiled its “Community Games” project for Xbox Live, currently in closed beta, according to GamesIndustry.biz. Microsoft’s David Edery says that this project will “leapfrog” WiiWare and PSN, although it… Read More

  • Jake Gyllenhaal to play the Prince of Persia

    We knew there was a movie based on the Prince of Persia game, but we didn’t know they’d pick someone so douche-y to play Dastan. At least they picked a relatively not unattractive actress to play Tamina and she happens to be the newest Bond girl as well. So, the title of the film will be “Prince of Persia: Sands of Time” and the plot goes a little something like… Read More

  • ESPN's $299 'Ultimate Remote' does Wi-Fi, live stats

    At first glance, I thought “Oh, hey, a gimmicky remote with an ESPN logo” but after I started reading about it, it dawned on me that this thing is perfect for sports addicts. It’s basically a universal remote that controls all your A/V stuff, sure, but it also has built-in Wi-Fi and can update real-time scores and stats on the 2.2-inch QVGA screen. The ESPN Ultimate Remote is… Read More

  • Nokia Aeon is (slightly) more than just a concept image

    About a year and a half ago, concept shots for the Aeon showed up on Nokia’s Research and Development pages, and heads around the gadget loving world proceeded to explode. With its two-part full-face touch screen and incredibly sleek design, many clamored for more. Unfortunately, as with many concept images, thats where news of development ended. Looks like development at least went… Read More

  • Hitachi Japan presents two new Blu-ray products

    Hitachi plans to sell two new Blu-ray devices in Japan. Both the DV-BH250 Blu-ray recorder and the DZ-WR90 Blu-ray burner will be in stores in July. The DZ-BH250 is the first Blu-rayer recorder from Hitachi. It comes with a 250GB HDD and a BR-RE, BR-R and DVD multi-drive. Hitachi says it is possible to record up to 93 hours of video in full HD on the hard disc. The MSRP for the recorder… Read More

  • Dior phone to woo Chinese, Russians, damn fools

    Christian Dior SA has teamed up with ModeLabs to create a beauoooootiful cellphone/speakerphone kit that will cost about $5,000. Why are they so expensive? Because people who buy things like this are stupid. While I could see, perhaps, purchasing a Dior dress to wear to a loved one’s murder trial I definitely couldn’t see someone like Naomi Campbell doing much damage with this… Read More

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