• "The Bubble" Is Back

    The Bubble video, watched over a million times since it was uploaded to YouTube and other video sites in early December, is back. It was down briefly when photographer Lane Hartwell complained via her attorney that one of her photographs was used without her permission. The offending (or non-offending, depending on which lawyer you ask and who’s paying them) image was removed and the… Read More

  • Vuze Raises $20M More in Series C, Brings Aboard TiVo Co-Founder Ramsay

    BitTorrent-based video distribution service Vuze, which we last covered in June and was previously known as Azureus, has raised $20M in a Series C round of funding led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and joined by existing investors Redpoint Ventures, Greycroft Partners, BV Capital, and Jarl Mohn. The round brings Vuze’s investment total to $34M after a Series A of $2M with BV Capital… Read More

  • PlayFirst Takes $16.5 Million Series C, Inks Deal With RockYou

    Casual gaming startup PlayFirst has secured $16.5 million Series C in a round led by DCM that included original investors Mayfield Fund, Trinity Ventures and Rustic Canyon Partners. The new round brings total funding for PlayFirst to $26.5 million. San Francisco based PlayFirst was founded in 2004 and is focused on creating “shared casual game experiences around lasting original… Read More

  • Retailers cashing in on Wii shortages by forcing bundles; Reggie not amused

    I was recently at Fry’s buying, I don’t know, something. They had a stack of hard-to-find Wiis right up front, a great big pallet. I thought about grabbing one, then realized it cost $329. Knowing that the retail price of a Wii is $250, I asked what was up, and an anxious employee told me the Wiis were only available in bundles that included three additional controllers and… Read More

  • The Unreasonable Stance: Only Luddites Don't Have Smartphones

    It’s Smartphones Now week here at CrunchGear, and as you can tell there’s a lot to know and a lot to gain from them. In fact, you could say with some conviction that anyone who is not using a smartphone at this point is either cheap, foolish, or a completely technophobic luddite. I kind of admire the stand you’re taking, guys, but it’s time to acknowledge that… Read More

  • Mio adds 3D support to GPS units

    You know that cool feature in Google Earth where in decent-sized cities you can have 3D renderings of buildings and so forth? Mio Technologies is bringing that fun to the GPS world with the new C620 and C620t GPS receivers. The map like most receivers, but simply overlay the 3D imagery of more than 1000 European landmarks. There’s no reason to believe that if the company brought these… Read More

  • 2008: VCs and startups get real across Europe

    Over the last few weeks I have been going around talking to venture capitalists, mainly in London, with a view to trying to get some kind of forward visibility about the technology and startup market next year, especially the role of the VC in all this. A few themes emerged during these conversations, as well as some learning about the VC mindset. (Please note, this is mainly about VC issues… Read More

  • National Lampoon Takes Stake In Capazoo

    National Lampoon has acquired a minority stake in the get paid to use if you give them money first social networking site Capazoo. We first wrote about Capazoo December 10, when we explained the model which Capazoo claims in its media release is a “ground-breaking business model empowering its members and partners to generate real revenues based on their content and site… Read More

  • Google Knows How Late Your Flight Is Running

    Google has announced a flight tracking service that provides up-to-date information for those flying over the Christmas/ New Year break. The service delivers details as to whether a flight is on time or delayed as well providing the estimated departure and arrival times. Using the service is as simple as typing in the flight number into Google, and the flight details will be delivered as the… Read More

  • Zune firmware update hitting today

    If you’re one of the many buyers of the hot Zune30 or Zune80, you’ll want to check out the firmware upgrade which should be hitting at some point today. No major new features, but you’ll get a correction to an annoying battery draining problem affecting some users. And it’s free! Merry Xmas from Zune! Firmware update 2.3 [Cesar’s Zune Insider blog!] Read More

  • Flashmobbers stage iPod dance party in Texas capitol

    The whole flashmob thing is so 2005, but that didn’t stop 50 iPod owners in Austin, Texas, from organizing one with a simple, yet fun-sounding, goal: iPod dance party in the capitol building. The kids converged at the set time and each rocked out with their earbuds in, janky dancing to whatever it was they liked. I’m not sure how I feel about the idea, actually. At a club, you can… Read More

  • 5-megapixel cameras with optical zoom on every mobile?

    A couple years ago I would have refused to buy a phone with a camera – useless, I’d say. But since then, the cameras on phones have become far better than the old Powershot I was using at the time, and my last three phones have had functional cameras that I’ve actually used. So when a leading manufacturer like Sony Ericsson drops a phone with 5-megapixels and a 3x optical… Read More

  • American Shoppers Can't Find Walmart, But V-Enable Helps Them

    Mobile 411 provider V-Enable has released a list of the top retail searches undertaken by users in 2007 using their 411 service and the results are a little interesting. The list: 1.Wal-Mart
    3.Game Stop
    4.Best Buy
    9. Toys R Us
    10. Blockbuster Video
    11. CVS
    12. Circuit City
    13. Home Depot
    14. Radio Shack
    15. Sears Yes, apparently thousands of… Read More

  • Dell's Latitude XT tablet-hybrid PC now buyable, with free shipping

    Touchers unite! Dell’s much-anticipated but rather expensive touchscreen laptop/tablet PC is now available for purchase on their website. The hard drive is a little skimpy, so upgrade that, and you can get a Core2 Duo for like $70 more so I’d hook that up too. Customization is your friend. The XT and the other Latitudes are also shipping free for a limited time, so put on your… Read More

  • Wii reservation details revealed at GameStop

    If you’re dying for a Wii, you may have already heard about the reservation system that the famously pre-order-happy retailer GameStop is running. Well, there’s a little more info out there now – stop by your local GameStop, ask for a reservation, and they’ll give you a special case with a “guarantee slip” inside, pictured above. You’ll then have to… Read More

  • Smartphones Now: Opera Mini will rock your world

    Let’s be perfectly honest with each other for a few minutes: most built-in mobile Web browsers make me (and probably you) want to scratch my eyeballs out. Any Java-enabled device not running Opera Mini is a travesty. You’re just not living and there are no bones about that. Not only is it faster, but it doesn’t take up a whole lot of space on your device’s already… Read More

  • Fashion Social Network Chictini Harmonizes with SeeqPod

    Chictini is a social network, launched just this fall, where people can submit fashionable items (clothes, accessories, art, and even electronics) found on the websites of online retailers. Members (“chicsters”) vote submitted items up or down, causing them to rise and fall, thus making the site like Digg but for trendy merchandise. Chictini thinks that the expression of… Read More

  • Teutonic toilet seats can be a buzzkill

    http://www.ifilm.com/efp If we learn anything from foreign — this one is German — commercials it’s that a) foreign girls are hot b) ad agencies overseas couldn’t give two poops about the Moral Majority. But seriously: at what point in your clubbing career do you do blow off of a toilet seat. Video: Swedish German Self-Cleaning Ruins Cokehead’s Evening [BBG] Read More

  • Toshiba joins 32-nanometer chip development group

    An industry group comprised of IBM, AMD, Samsung, and a few various semiconductor companies has just initiated Toshiba into their club, which has been formed to "work through 2010 to design, develop and produce chips using tiny circuitry." Toshiba had to drink a gallon of beer in under a minute and then do the elephant walk with all the other companies. Other secret initiation… Read More

  • "The Hobbit" films greenlit with Peter Jackson

    Not quite tech news, but certainly dorky enough for CrunchGear. TheOneRing.net reports that Peter Jackson and New Line have settled a disagreement allowing the Academy Award winning director to produce two movies based on Tolkein’s The Hobbit. This means that when this is all said and done, Jackson will have been attached to the film versions of most of Tolkein’s works. All… Read More

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