• Party Over at Amp’d Mobile?

    Party Over at Amp’d Mobile?

    Are things really over for Amp’d Mobile? As our sister site at TechCrunch is reporting the word is that the company has burned through $360 million in the last two years, and is now in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Amp’d had attempted to market mobile phones to the youth market, a sector that has plenty of options. Since in many cases it is the parents footing the bill, maybe the… Read More

  • Amp'd Mobile Implodes: Burns $360 million, Declares Bankruptcy

    Amp'd Mobile Implodes: Burns $360 million, Declares Bankruptcy

    Amp’d Mobile, a popular Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware. The company competed with VelvetPuffin, Loopt and Helio in an attempt to deliver a compelling mobile based social networking product to a worldwide marketplace of 2.6 billion cell phone users. According to mocoNews, Amp’d Mobile owes $33… Read More

  • RSSCalendar Reaches The End Of The Road

    RSSCalendar Reaches The End Of The Road

    RSSCalendar, an online calendar application dating back to 2004, is up for sale on eBay. RSSCalendar joins SynapseLife and Kiko in taking the eBay exit path. Interestingly the sale creates a hat trick in starting prices: all three listed with starting bids of $50,000. RSSCalendar is a collaborative calendar application that supports the creation of RSS feeds and includes import support for… Read More

  • Bonfire Skull Crusher Beanie Review

    Bonfire Skull Crusher Beanie Review

    I realize Summer is upon us and that I’m reviewing a beanie. I’m sitting in my apartment sweating profusely and I don’t like it at all, but it’s not every day I get to review a gadget from a company in my home state of Oregon. The Bonfire Skull Crusher Beanie is the straight dope and if it wasn’t for an unfortunate snowboarding accident on Christmas day of… Read More

  • Good Luck John!

    Good Luck John!

    The time has finally come and our very own, John Biggs, is preparing to run in tomorrow’s Rock’n’Roll Marathon in sunny San Diego. The forecast for tomorrow is 66 degrees and that sounds perfect for a 26.21875 mile jaunt. He’s been training hard for months with the rest of the Team In Training folks and we all wish them the very best. Good luck everyone! Oh, and… Read More

  • Memorex's TravelDrive 2007 Flashy Flash Drives Add Flash To Your Flash Drive Options

    Memorex's TravelDrive 2007 Flashy Flash Drives Add Flash To Your Flash Drive Options

    With flash memory prices dropping faster than Apple stock after a fake iPhone delay (I swear it’s the last time I’ll mention it), manufacturers of USB thumb drives have to do something to convince consumers to buy its drives over a competitor’s. Memorex’s TravelDrive 2007 for example uses a unique jack-knife design, multiple color options and encryption software to… Read More

  • Gray Kangaroo Personal Liquor Filter

    Gray Kangaroo Personal Liquor Filter

    The CG staff enjoys a tasty alcoholic beverage now and then and with the summer heat kicking in full force this weekend in NYC, we’ll be hittin’ the sauce a little harder than usual (we’ll be using the mixers to stay hydrated, of course). To take the sting out of summer parties — both in cost and taste — check out the Gray Kangaroo Personal Liquor Filter. Invented… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Spectrum Edition

    Daily Crunch: Spectrum Edition

    iPod Bible 3.0
    Cowon Puts GPS In Your PMP
    My, My What A Big Digital Picture Frame You Have
    Tourbillon Timepiece Defines Luxury
    Sandisk Gold Memory Card Contest Read More

  • Digg Will Do Product and Services Reviews in 6-12 Months

    Digg Will Do Product and Services Reviews in 6-12 Months

    Kevin Rose has announced that Digg will be expanding to cover product and service reviews. Rose told the audience at The Next Web Conference Friday that Digg is currently working on a “big project” that will deliver significant enhancements to Digg in the next 6 to 12 months. The new Digg will allow users to Digg anything including services, products and images. Rose said that… Read More

  • Weewar For the Weekend

    I just came across Weewar, an online war game that combines elements of risk and other strategy games. It’s fairly simple pixel art, but they’ve gained an extremely loyal following during their beta period. Like Kdice (which I am playing right now while writing this), Desktop Tower Defense and other games we’ve covered, Weewar is is a highly addictive game. You’ll… Read More

  • Facebook Polls: Don't Mention The Competition

    Facebook Polls: Don't Mention The Competition

    Facebook Polls launched Friday night with a fair bit of fanfare. It’s a tool with a wealth of possibilities but be warned: don’t mention the competition in your poll questions! My first attempt at creating a Facebook poll: After initial surprise I tried a few related questions. “Is Facebook better?” works indicating that Facebook is not restricted text. Is Facebook… Read More

  • Keibi Takes $6 million Series B Funding

    Keibi Takes $6 million Series B Funding

    San Francisco-based Keibi Technologies has raised around $6 million in Series B funding from Catamount Ventures and Hunt Ventures, according to a post at Alarm:Clock. The media discovery and moderation platform aims to help communities and media add visibility to user-generated content. Keibi’s holistic approach uses web semantic and recognition engines to provide robust user… Read More

  • Maestro: Social Music Streaming

    Maestro: Social Music Streaming

    Music has been a killer app on the web ever since Napster met mp3 in 1999, and we’ve seen a lot of startups designing new social applications around it. Some startups are creating communities around discovering new music, others are helping you store and remotely access the music you already have. Atlanta-based Maestro is doing both. Maestro lets you stream music from your computer… Read More

  • Slacker Gets $40 Million for Growth

    Slacker Gets $40 Million for Growth

    When Slacker initially launched their three prong web, desktop, and portable music service, we felt they needed a lot of cash in the bank to take on incumbents like Last.fm and iTunes. It looks like they got that start, with the addition of a whopping $40 million on top of the original $13.5 million series A, according to PEHub. Centennial Ventures and Rho Ventures were new investors, with… Read More

  • Facebook Polls Launches Tonight: Marketing Research Paradise

    Facebook Polls Launches Tonight: Marketing Research Paradise

    Facebook just launched a new product tonight called Facebook Polls – look for a link in the bottom navigation area next to “Advertising” on any Facebook page. This is an advertising product that is designed to generate revenue. Users can able to create a poll question and up to five answer choices, and then target the poll based on gender, age, location or profile… Read More

  • Demofuse: Embedded Website Tours

    Demofuse: Embedded Website Tours

    Demofuse allows users to create website tours that are embedded in a site as opposed to traditional flash based site tours. Demofuse is a one man labour of love. Toronto based Greg Thomson created and coded the site in 8 months without outside assistance, an impressive feat in a competitive industry. The service works by using Ajax overlays that allow users to create slides from websites. Read More

  • Request To Facebook: Broaden the "How I know you" Options

    Request To Facebook: Broaden the "How I know you" Options

    When you confirm a friend on facebook, you are asked to state how you know the person. But the options are simply too narrow. “We hooked up” is rarely an appropriate way to describe someone you know through blogging, networking, etc. In fact, most of the options are not really useful for the millions of non-college student adults flooding into the service. It’s time to add… Read More

  • Chinese Pirates Account For 93% of Counterfeit CDs and DVDs in EU

    Chinese Pirates Account For 93% of Counterfeit CDs and DVDs in EU

    Here’s an interesting list of 10 “inconvenient truths” that the IFPI released yesterday in regards to the EU’s latest figures on counterfeit products that were confiscated in 2006. According to the reports there were 23 million phony CDs and DVDs confiscated last year and 93 percent originated in China. The music industry’s international trade group goes as far… Read More

  • I Want A Motion-sensing Dongle Toot Sweet

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/flash/app/embedded_video_trial/r_0_3/player.swf Righto, so what we have here is a tablet PC that lets you control certain applications by tilting the screen. Give it a quick shake and you’re back to the main menu. Yeah, it’s not that astounding, but the best part is that you can add it to any tablet PC or laptop ’cause it’s just a freakin’… Read More

  • Pentax 50th Anniversary DSLR

    Pentax 50th Anniversary DSLR

    Pentax is 50 years old and what better way to celebrate than release a special anniversary edition to show the world how far you’ve come: The AP50 dSLR. So what’s with the Asahi? No, it’s not the beer, silly. Asahi Optical is the name by which they were known half a century ago. Anyways, let’s chat about the AP50 and what this digital SLR can do. Read More