• Tourbillon Timepiece Defines Luxury

    Tourbillon Timepiece Defines Luxury

    When going out on the town and trying to pick up chicks, I usually settle for my Mickey Mouse Armitron watch. However, when I heard that Hickey was coming with me to pick up dudes in the restroom, I opted for something a bit classier. Meet the Tourbillon Timepiece from Avianne & Co. The ultimate definition of class and luxury, this $65,000 watch comes with a mother-of-pearl round face… Read More

  • Sony-Ericsson Patent Unveils PSP Phone Design

    Sony-Ericsson Patent Unveils PSP Phone Design

    Face it. It was only a matter of time before Sony took a look at its mobile phone division and went “Hmm…maybe we should do a little PSP-integration…” Sure enough, this recent patent filing shows just that. Could a new Sony-Ericsson phone be coming out that plays like a PSP? Quite possibly. If you take a look at the patent, you’ll see the screen flips so that when… Read More

  • Sandisk Gold Memory Card Contest

    Since Sandisk isn’t making killer products with pictures of hot babes surrounding them, they went for the next best thing: gold. Over in Japan, Sandisk is holding a contest for consumers who bought the Extreme IV 8GB CompactFlash or Ultra ll 4GB SDHC cards. If you bought a specially-marked package, you could win a solid gold version of your card. Incredibly exciting, I know. Totally… Read More

  • AT&T Releases Two New 3G Samsungs

    AT&T Releases Two New 3G Samsungs

    Looking to get your 3G on with a new phone for AT&T? Check out the Samsung SGH-a717, a flip phone with a 2MP camera, HSDPA, music player with Napster and Yahoo! integration, and video sharing, which allows one person at a time to show live video to their friends. Also available now is the SGH-a727, which is more of a candybar phone that looks like the Samsung Trace. It packs a 1.3MP… Read More

  • TiVo Working On Series 3 "Lite" Edition

    TiVo Working On Series 3 "Lite" Edition

    Some people say TiVo is down in the dumps. I beg to differ. If I was offered a TiVo right now, I’d totally take it. But then I’d hand it back because I know Comcast offers a HD DVR cable tuner for the cost of absolutely nothing. One box, much easier. TiVo knows this and it needs a plan. That plan is the Series 3 Lite. At the recent Q1 Earnings Report TiVo had, a new box that is… Read More

  • Sony to get in on the Mobile Game

    Sony to get in on the Mobile Game

    Sony is looking for a new gaming arena it seems. While the company has dominated in the living room with the PlayStation 3, there have been struggles with the PlayStation Portable handheld system. Now Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is looking to make a different move for the portable space, with a move into mobile games. The company has hired Balir Blugan, former THQ Wireless executive… Read More

  • Consumers not Embracing Mobile Banking

    Consumers not Embracing Mobile Banking

    Banking isn’t catching on with U.S. consumers reports PC World. Speaking at conference in Boston on Thursday Tower Group Inc. analyst Bob Egan said that the idea of doing banking on a mobile phone, whether it is moving funds or paying bills is still a novelty. Only some 400,000 people in the country, out of nearly 240 million mobile phone users, are actually doing banking on their handsets. Read More

  • iLoop Mobile and Third Screen Media Partnership

    iLoop Mobile and Third Screen Media Partnership

    Mobile innovator iLoop Mobile, a technology and services company for interactive, text-based mobile marking and content distribution, has announced a strategic partnership with Third Screen Media, provider of mobile advertising software and services. This agreement will allow marketers, content owners and enterprises using the iLoop Mobile mFinity platform to have access to Third Screen… Read More

  • E-Mail Service Providers Consider Mobile Delivery Standards

    E-Mail Service Providers Consider Mobile Delivery Standards

    E-mail standardization is an issue that still needs to be addressed reports ClickZ News today. The growth of the mobile Web, the story adds, has many implications that e-mail service providers must consider, such as how the actual e-mail appears on mobile devices. The lack of standards continues to cause problems for rendering HTML and rich media, meaning that mobile users must get readers… Read More

  • Oberon Media Buys I-Play

    Oberon Media Buys I-Play

    New York-based Oberon Media has acquired London-based mobile game provider I-Play, reports mocoNews. Details of the transaction have not been disclosed, but the deal is expected to close at the end of June. I-Play’s business model involved porting games across different handsets and carriers, and will this will likely be integrated with the Oberon’s own platform. The New York… Read More

  • AskMeNow Mobile Search for Wikipedia

    AskMeNow Mobile Search for Wikipedia

    Ask and thou shall receive, especially if the information you’re looking for happens to be on Wikipedia. AskMeNow, Inc. has announced an agreement with Wikimedia Foundation to provide mobile search for Wikipedia, the user-generated online encyclopedia. The companies have announced a preliminary agreement to introduce a natural language desktop search, and following this will also launch… Read More

  • Third Screen Cinema Looks for Mobstars

    Third Screen Cinema Looks for Mobstars

    Sure you can shoot video footage with your handset, but what are you doing with it? If you’re in South Africa, you could show your stuff as the ultimate indie filmmaker. This month a new contest is running, called Mobstars, and it is aimed at innovators in the mobile video space. Submissions can be made online, where the field will be narrowed to the 10 best mobile filmmakers, whose… Read More

  • Send Digital Photos to a Mobile

    Send Digital Photos to a Mobile

    There are already plenty of methods for getting photos off a handset and onto the Web or PC, but what if you want to go the other route? Everyone takes along a phone, plus if you have a really good photo of your kid, cat or car it’s likely to be better than what most camera phones can take. Pictavision MediaShare from Exclaim is a new handy-dandy browser plug-in application, which gives… Read More

  • Sproose: Human Powered Search Meets Digg

    Sproose: Human Powered Search Meets Digg

    Asking how many ways you can make a search engine is like asking how many ways you can scramble an egg, there are a number of different ways and although it’s not rocket science you can still end up with something inedible. People powered search is the trendiest of egg scrambling search engine recipes at the moment. Service such as ChaCha have contractual employees answering search… Read More

  • There Is A Rock Paper Scissors World Championship

    There Is A Rock Paper Scissors World Championship

    The greatest strategists from around the world will gather in Toronto October 13 for the right to become the champion of champions. The 2007 World Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) Champion! It turns out that the 2007 International World RPS Championships are being organized by some folks in the Web 2.0 business who attended Mesh in Toronto this week. Despite the initial OMG! factor, Rock Paper… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Jailbait Edition

    Daily Crunch: Jailbait Edition

    Google Sort of Enables Face Recognition When Searching Images
    Sex Messaging: The Silent Booty Call
    First Single From New Prince Album Available From Verizon Wireless
    It’s An Exploding Golf Ball (With a Condom Inside)
    Google Maps Zoom Magic Uncovered Read More

  • Parallels 3.0: Another Compelling Reason To Buy A Mac

    Parallels 3.0: Another Compelling Reason To Buy A Mac

    The hardest thing for a Windows user wanting to make the switch to Apple is having software and games that won’t run on a Mac. Likewise OSX is deficient as a gaming platform. Parallels has long bridged the Windows/ Mac divide by providing Windows support from the Mac desktop. The upcoming version of Parallels, Desktop for Mac 3.0 bridges the gap like no release before it. New… Read More

  • Cell Phone Submitted Classified Listings: iqzone

    Cell Phone Submitted Classified Listings: iqzone

    Scottsdale, Arizona based iqzone has a solution for those seeking to sell items on the go: cell phone submitted classified listings. Iqzone’s “Snap Send Sell” feature allows users to take a photo or video clip of any product or service, text a description and send as a Multimedia (MMS) message to iqzone. Iqzone then categorizes and adds the listing on iqzone.com as well as… Read More

  • Fix8 Brings Computer Generated Animation To The Webcam

    Fix8 Brings Computer Generated Animation To The Webcam

    Sherman Oaks company fix8 brings the world of computer generated animation to the webcam with software being pitched as “User-Generated Reality”. fix8 combines video, animation and instant messaging that allows users to create their own partial or full custom avatars that mimic human movement. At the heart of fix8 is H.E.A.R.T. (Human Expression Analysis and Rendering… Read More

  • Apple Opens Online Outlet

    Apple Opens Online Outlet

    Seriously, I can’t stop blogging about Apple’s goings-ons this week. And it’s not my fault, the company just keeps doing stuff. I can’t keep up. Take, for example, the quiet launch of a new store on Apple’s website. Gone is the “Hot Deals” section, being replaced by the Apple Outlet. It serves the same general purpose as the Hot Deals section of the… Read More