• Google Starts Selling Domains For $10 Per Year

    Google Starts Selling Domains For $10 Per Year

    Google has entered the domain business with partners GoDaddy and eNom. An already crowded industry, Google has begun allowing people to register ‘.com’, ‘.net’, ‘.biz’, and ‘.info’ Web site addresses. Web sites that register their domains directly with Google for $10/year will automatically be setup to use Google Apps for Your Domain, which includes… Read More

  • JamGlue Launches "Remixing for the Masses"

    JamGlue Launches "Remixing for the Masses"

    JamGlue, one of the YCombinator companies, publicly launched today. JamGlue is an online community, similar to SpliceMusic, where you can listen to or mix music from a library of tracks and other mixes. JamGlue was originally in private beta with 2,500 members and a basic library of 1,500 tracks. JamGlue, as their slogan suggests, is about providing “Remixing for the Masses” via their… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Boss Edition

    Daily Crunch: Boss Edition

    LG UP3Flat A Shuffle Killer? ezGear ezPlay Portable DVD Player With ezVision Is Very EZ Gaming Scarves For The Brrrrr Weather USB-Powered Heated Cushion The Villain Chair: Direct Henchmen in Style Call for Interns in NYC and SF Read More

  • MusicPlusTV Is Cool…I Think

    MusicPlusTV Is Cool…I Think

    Music Plus Television Network (MusicPlusTV) is what MTV was in the 80′s: fun, young, and actually about music. It is an online music video/concert station that launched in June of 2005. Earlier this week they announced a seven-figure round of funding and licensing agreements that made us take note. MusicPlusTV is a network of shows, each with its own genre to focus on. It reminds me a lot of… Read More

  • CrunchGear This Week

    CrunchGear This Week

    The week started out with a roar as Matt broke the news that American Airlines would be offering free wi-fi on its flights. It turned out not to be true (costs 10 bucks), but it was big. If you’re reading this on a Macbook with a tiny hard drive, Peter’s got you figured out – it turns out it’s not that hard to replace the HDD with a more spacious one. I ruffled some… Read More

  • Hotty McHotHot Rumor: iPhone, Monday the 18, For Reals

    Gizmodo likes rumors about as much as it likes trannie hookers: it can’t get them out of its head. So when we got a tip that the big cheese at the Giz was confident the iPhone would be dropping on Monday, December 18, we decided to to lay low and see how it pans out. But then when a couple of friends of minions of accountants of lawyers started whispering, “no, really,” we… Read More

  • Wii Contest For Bloggers

    Wii Contest For Bloggers

    Too lazy (or poor) to wait outside of Best Buy for hours trying to get a Wii? No worries, the official blog of wHooiz.com is giving away a Nintendo Wii for free (rhyming makes me feel good about myself). All you have to do is get over to the wHooiz blog and make your own profile. The wHooiz blog is basically a listing site that allows you to look up other peoples’ profiles, and read their… Read More

  • iTunes Sales Not Actually Falling?

    iTunes Sales Not Actually Falling?

    I’m sure you recall a piece from a few days ago citing all sorts of noise about plummeting iTunes sales and various other banter. Well according to a report released today by comScore Networks, iTunes is actually on the up-and-up, with an 84% rise in revenue during the first three quarters of 2006. It also said that there was a 67% increase in iTunes transactions and a 10% increase in… Read More

  • The Villain Chair: Direct Henchmen in Style

    Blofeld, Darth Vader, Dr. Evil, Lex Luthor, Dr. Claw. These were some of the absolutely lethal and diabolical bad guys from a few of our favorite films. The share evil genius, plans of total conquest, and slick knavish style. One common element of that style is the iconic Villain Chair. Made of dark leather on a menacing frame, the Villain Chair is enough to make anyone feel like a super bad guy. Read More

  • M2 Convert Winners: Day 08

    M2 Convert Winners: Day 08

    Two days left! This marks 80 copies of M2 Convert that we’ve distributed to our dear, dear readers. SO here they are, the winners for Wednesday: Read More

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  • Samsung "Butterfly" Mini-PC Quick Look

    There are a few other wee ones in there, but the real draw is the P9000, a WiMax mini-PC with built-in phone. Drool. Read More

  • Amazon Unleashing Onslaught of Wiis and PS3s Soon

    Amazon Unleashing Onslaught of Wiis and PS3s Soon

    We’ve just received information from a reliable source that Amazon will soon have the Nintendo Wii and the Sony PlayStation 3 readily available. There is no specific date currently set, but it will be “in the coming days.” So if you’ve been checking back at your local Best Buy every day or contemplating paying a premium for a system on Ebay, you might want to consider… Read More

  • Presto! For the Elderly

    Presto! For the Elderly

    As we reported recently, Presto is a service that aims to bring e-mail to those incapable of operating a computer. It uses a special printer designed by HP that hooks up to your phone line to print e-mails. The thought is that those without the slightest inkling of technical knowledge will still be able to receive e-mails from their friends and family. In some capacity, the idea makes sense. I… Read More

  • HD-DVD Trumps DVD: The Visual Argument

    ) offers a level of detail far beyond that of standard DVD. The problem is, most of you haven’t seen it in action. We could tell you all about compression rates and codecs and algowhatevers, but there’s an adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, we fully agree. The stills in the link below are from Lord of the Rings, of course, but the trick is to mouse over… Read More

  • Apple’s 2G iPod Shuffle Can Take A Washing

    Apple’s 2G iPod Shuffle Can Take A Washing

    We all know the real pen-test of electronics is how resistant to water they are. Apple’s second-generation iPod Shuffle is officially built-tough now that it’s handled a wash cycle thanks to a lad who left it in his pocket after a snowboarding trip. At first he went to dock it on his computer and it wouldn’t work. After letting it dry out for a while (the key to getting stuff to… Read More

  • Panasonic Adds Verizon 3G Service To ToughBooks

    Earlier in the week, HP announced a partnership with Cingular Wireless to bring 3G HSDPA service to its Compaq nc6400 notebook. Today, Panasonic announced the direct selling and activation of Verizon Wireless’ 3G Wireless Broadband service on its durable Panasonic Toughbooks. What does this mean for you? Buy a ToughBook and you won’t need to work at a HotSpot anymore. You’ll be… Read More

  • Apple Planning MVNO, Squashing Helio?

    , we know that if we type the word “iPhone” again, our heads will explode, but what we don’t know is Apple’s plan for carriers. Kevin from Digg said he had knowledge that it would work on all networks. Of course, he also mucked up which technology Sprint uses, so we don’t count that as canon. We mentioned briefly a couple months ago the idea that Apple might start up… Read More

  • Gears of War Ad Pushing Units. Your Pick For Best Tech Ad Ever?

    A guy who works in the video game section of a Manhattan Best Buy recently told me that people were coming into the store en mass, asking for Gears of War because they “liked the commercial.” You know, the one with the mopey song from Donnie Darko in it. “People come in and they actually say: ‘I have no idea if it’s a good game, but I love the ad’ and walk out… Read More

  • Call for Interns in NYC and SF

    Call for Interns in NYC and SF

    Got some spare time on your hands? Want to work with the fastest growing tech blog on the web? Live in San Fran or New York? Want me to stop talking like this? Apply for an internship today! The job offers no monetary compensation, but you will get to learn the ropes of blogging (it’s like rocket science, seriously, you need our help as much as we’d appreciate yours). And you’ll… Read More

  • Amazon To Sell Wii and PS3 Soon

    Amazon To Sell Wii and PS3 Soon

    If you’re pounding the pavement looking for a Nintendo Wii or Sony PS3, then this should take a load off. We’ve heard from a credible source that Amazon is going to start selling both game consoles “in the coming days.” Finding a Wii or a PS3 is like finding a four-leaf clover these days. Stores like Best Buy simply cannot keep them on the shelves fast enough and you have… Read More