• Sonoa appliance knits APIs and Cloud together

    Enterprise IT looks at the emergence of cloud computing with mixed emotions. On the one hand, financial tough times breed layoffs, consolidation, and outsourcing away from IT’s control. On the other, a new breed of cloud-aware managers look to rationalize the metrics, security, and regulation challenges a distributed model brings. In the middle are companies such as Sonoa Systems, who… Read More

  • No Blu-ray on MacBook makes Homer something something?

    Steve Jobs rubbished Blu-ray yesterday, calling format a “bag of hurt,” no doubt putting a tear in the eye of message boarders everywhere. (How much do you want to bet that he’ll call the next revision of the iMac “epic”?) But is that a big deal, that Apple, apparently, has no interest in incorporating Blu-ray into its computers, especially when plenty of… Read More

  • New LCD screen from NEC makes 3D images viewable with naked eye

    Older 3D screen from NEC (showcased last year) NEC today announced the development of a 12.1-inch LCD panel [JP] that allows viewers to see 3-D images without having to wear 3D glasses. NEC’s 3D screen uses smaller displays (sized at 2.5 inches) that were produced back in 2004 as a technical basis. The new amorpheus silicon TFT features SVGA resolution (800×600). Read More

  • Discovery Channel's Prototype This premiers tonight

    Mythbusters fan? You might want to check out Prototype This which premiers tonight on Discovery Channel. It sounds like a geek hacking dream team show. Tonight, the guys build a mind-controlled car and later create what sounds like a full-size, human movement-controlled rock-em sock-em robots. The video preview on the official site should provide a little more insight. So tonight at 10 est… Read More

  • Nokia finally showing signs of a coming Ovi Suite for Mac

    After Nokia announced their Ovi Suite for the PC, most Mac users felt left out in the cold. Sure, third-party solutions were available as alternatives on a function-by-function basis, but none challenged the simple one-stop, one-click syncing/media handling of Ovi. Looks like the Apple crowd might be getting the attention they’ve clamored for. On Monday, a “Macintosh Software… Read More

  • Pre-Ordered T-Mobile G1's are shipping

    If you happened to pre-order a T-Mobile G1, it might be on the way via UPS right now. Reportable, the Googlephone is coming via the 3-day shipping method meaning you might get it as early as this Friday, the 17th, a couple of days before the official launch. Sounds like Christmas might be coming early this year for some T-Mobile subscribers.  phandroid via Giz Read More

  • Dreamcast molded into a handheld form, dubbed DreamTrooper

    What gamer doesn’t have fond memories of the Sega Dreamcast? Apparently this guy wanted to relive those Jet Set Radio days while on the go – or in his cubical. This mod started as a Lazer Doodle toy and then after a bunch of cutting, epoxing, sanding, and dreaming, the whole thing plays 10-year old games. The whole thing is gigantic when compared to a modern handheld gaming… Read More

  • Nokia's viral campaign unlocked, is pretty pointless

    Remember that Nokia viral campaign we mentioned a few days ago? In that post, I said: The obvious bet would be something involving the phone shown in the countdown (the 7610 Supernova) – but that seems a bit anticlimactic, and makes the whole omniscient phone aspect kind of pointless. Turns out, it was pointless. The mystery product is the Nokia 7610, which was announced (with a launch… Read More

  • Wii version of Rock Band 2 will have online features

    Wii owners will be happy to hear that Rock Band 2 will, yes WILL, contain downloadable content and online multiplayer features. IGN got a hands-on with the game and assures everyone that the Wii version of Rock Band 2 is NOT just a PS2 port but a full-fledged Wii version of the game. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that there will be a way to transfer Rock Band songs into Rock Band 2 on… Read More

  • Buzzwords: Pantech Slate is world's thinnest QWERTY phone (but Matrix looks nicer)

    Here’s another phone that’s destined to be bought by dozens of people, the Pantech Slate. This AT&T-branded device, which is due for release later this month, comes with all the normal (for 2006) fixings: a 1.3-megapixel camera, e-mail, IM, yada yada. Supposedly it’s the thinnest QWERTY device out there. You really do wonder, though, as everything these days is thin to… Read More

  • Robo-Q: Tomy unveils thumb-sized walking robot

    Japanese toymaker Tomy Co unveiled Robo-Q, which is what they say the world’s smallest walking robot. The two-legged toy is just 3.4 centimeters high and weighs 12 grams. Robo-Q can detect obstacles and navigate through a maze using built-in infrared sensors. Users can also play games such as soccer with the battery-powered robot via a wireless controller. Charging the battery for 30… Read More

  • T-Mobile ships some G1 pre-orders early, may start arriving as soon as Friday

    With hundreds of thousands of G1s already pre-ordered, it looks like T-Mobile may have decided to celebrate by opening the floodgates a few days early. A number of users have reported that their order status has been changed to “Shipped”, with a tentative delivery date of Friday, October 17th. That’s just two days short of a whole week early, granting new G1 owners the… Read More

  • Centrino 2 makes its way into Dell Studio 15 notebooks

    Dell is finally updating the Studio 15 notebook lineup to included the latest Centrino 2 mobile technology. The updated notebooks start at $999, but the Centrino brand means the laptop sports Intel’s hot Core 2 Duo P8400 CPU, an Intel 802.11agn WiFi chipset, and a 256MB ATI Radeon HD 3450 GPU. Not to shabby for a 15.4-inch slim-line notebook. Shipping now to those not willing to pay… Read More

  • Gaming gets political: Obama ads appear in EA games

    So you’re racing down the road in Burnout Paradise and you’re all, “Was that an Obama ad?” Yes, yes it was. EA has confirmed that the Obama campaign is running ads in several of its video games including Madden NFL 09, Need For Speed: Carbon and, as you see here, Burnout Paradise. The ads appear only after having connected to Xbox Live—it’s not like these… Read More

  • Help Eliminate Poverty, Make a Microloan to An Entrepreneur

    The financial crisis in world markets over the past few weeks has been a real eye-opener, but even those of us who have seen our stock portfolios decline by 30 percent or more don’t have much to complain about. It could be worse. It could be a lot worse. A third of the world’s population lives in poverty, and 20 percent lives in extreme poverty, meaning they are always… Read More

  • Technorati Acquires AdEngage Advertising Network

    San Francisco based Technorati has acquired AdEngage, a twelve person advertising network based in Los Angeles, in an all stock transaction. The AdEngage platform will remain a free standing, branded service, and Technorati will also launch a version of the platform under its new Technorati Media brand. The size of the transaction is not being disclosed. This follows Technorati’s… Read More

  • All Eyes On Google This Week

    Google, who’s stock is down 45% this year, announces third quarter financial results tomorrow, and Silicon Valley will be watching. Analysts expect revenues of a little over $4 billion and EPS of $4.79 – and most have price targets for the stock, which closed yesterday at $363, to bounce back up to the high 500’s. For now, the big factors affecting Google are the… Read More

  • iKnow Is A Social Learning Platform That Can Really Make You Smarter. Opens API.

    Although the world market for e-learning is estimated to top $52 billion in 2010 (in 2007, revenues exceeded the $17-billion mark in the US alone), it’s still quite hard to find good resources for education and training in the Web 2.0 space. It seems that so far, the e-learning industry as a whole focuses on applications for enterprises and educational institutions. But now there is a… Read More

  • Amie Street Sheds Its Barebones Look, Gets Professional With Site Redesign

    Amie Street, the music store that sells songs on a sliding price scale based on how popular they are, has launched a totally revamped website and new features including a new music player and an enhanced recommendation system. We’ve been big fans since first hearing about them in 2006. Despite Amie Street’s growing popularity, especially in the indie music scene, the site has long… Read More

  • Federated Media Unleashes The Conversation As An Ad

    Federated Media (our advertising partner) has been experimenting with “conversational marketing” almost since their launch in 2005. Today they are launching a new marketing toolbox for advertisers which gives them tools to track all the ways users interact with these ads. The goal, says Federated Media, isn’t just to track ad impressions and clicks, but also to look at a new… Read More

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