• Guitar Hero World Tour coming to PC and Mac

    Everyone get ready to pile into the den and gather around the computer table so we can all rock out together. Guitar Hero World Tour is coming to PC and Mac platforms this summer and will feature wireless controllers, online play, “and a Music Studio feature for composing and editing original rock and roll anthems.” Read More

  • New Toyota Prius has rooftop solar panels, is 10% more fuel-efficient

    We reported it last year in July and Toyota is to deliver very soon: The world’s biggest automaker today announced the newest version of their Prius hybrid vehicle, due out in Japan in May, will be equipped with solar panels. Toyota claims the new model will also come with a brawnier and more fuel-efficient engine (the picture shows a model from last year). Read More

  • Final Fantasy Advent Children comes out on Blu-ray on June 7

    Mark your calendar(s) for June 7, Final Fantasy fans, for that’s when Final Fantasy Advent Children comes out on Blu-ray. So says the eponymously named Blu-ray.com. What “bonus features” can we look forward to? Read More

  • Justin.TV Is Bigger Than Hulu . . . Overseas

    Live video on the Web is starting to take off, judging by the massive jump in traffic that Justin.tv is witnessing. According to comScore, the live video site’s global audience saw a massive jump from 9.3 million unique visitors in January to 15 million in February, which is about the same number of people who went to Veoh and nearly twice as many as visited Hulu.com. Of course, Hulu… Read More

  • Punch-Out!! to feature Balance Board support, retains both exclamation points

    In case you hadn’t heard, Punch-Out!! will be available for the Nintendo Wii in May. It looks like it’ll be a pretty faithful recreation of the NES classic Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! except that it’ll drop the whole “Mike Tyson” thing and will feature new and improved graphics. Read More

  • There's 1 million MMO gold farmers in China alone (and gold farming is a multi-billion dollar business)

    How I missed this, I have no idea. (Actually, I was at SXSW, that’s how I missed it.) Eurogamer, which is always good for a “think piece” or two, is running an exposé on gold farming, a term used to describe the buying and selling of in-game currencies (and items) in games like World of Warcraft. It’s a four-parter, and part two was just published today. Headline… Read More

  • Adult footed pajamas offered as ultimate answer to exorbitant heating bills

    Was your heating bill through the roof this winter? Now that winter’s almost over, you can either turn down the heat because you won’t need it or lower your heating bills even more by wearing adult footed pajamas, according to a company that sells adult footed pajamas. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: TC electronics Tube-Tech 50% off

    The Tube-Tech is a neat compressor plug-in for those in possession of either ProTools or PowerCore hardware. You can buy it for two weeks starting today for $370. Read More

  • Did You Know?

    A friend sent me this video today that sparked some interesting lines of thought. I’ve been online since the early 90s, so I often lose sight of just how rapidly things have advanced, and how deeply the Internet — and technology in general — has changed all of our lives. Just think: “If MySpace were a country, it would be the fifth largest country in the world”… Read More

  • BSQUARE reportedly porting Flash technology to Android devices

    Let’s be honest. When companies talk about providing “complete” Internet access on their mobile devices, they are really only speaking a half-truth. That is, at least until Adobe Flash comes to mobile browsers. Love it or hate it, Flash has become an integral website component, be it for video playback, games, or interactive animations. Its absence is very noticeable… Read More

  • Wiimote-like Xbox 360 controller coming this fall, PS3 version next year

    Initially unveiled way back in September of last year, the “Gametrak Freedom” motion sensing remote control for Xbox 360 and the PS3 has undergone a bit of a makeover and is currently on display at the Games Developer Conference in San Francisco. Read More

  • BlockBuster heads to TiVo: Rent streaming movies for up to $4 a pop

    Remember BlockBuster? For you younglings who don’t, it was a poplar retail chain that rented “videos” and “DVDs” to people, in person. It’s still around, but no one really uses it anymore. Anyway, BlockBuster just inked a deal with TiVO, which also isn’t doing too well—it currently has its smallest subscriber base since 2005—to bring… Read More

  • Please Sir, how do you re-tweet? – Twitter to be taught in UK primary schools

    No, it is not April 1st yet. The British government is proposing that Twitter is to be taught in primary (elementary) schools as part of a wider push to make online communication and social media a permanent part of the UK’s education system. And that’s not all. Kids will be taught blogging, podcasting and how to use Wikipedia alongside Maths, English and Science. The draft plans… Read More

  • Review: Wolfenstein 3D for the iPhone

    Wolfenstein 3D is one of the best games ever made. When I saw it in the app store I felt I had to buy it. After playing the game for 30 minutes, my purchase is justified. Solid controls, original visuals and sound — Nazis, here I come! Read More

  • Now that China Is the New Israel…What's Israel?

    Tel Aviv, Israel— When I moved to Silicon Valley in early 2000, I quickly became fascinated with Israel. A very tight relationship had formed between the holy-land-for-all-things-tech and the actual Holy Land, bolstered by the success of people like Yossi Vardi and Checkpoint’s Gil Schwed. The rapid pace of liquidity in the late 1990s meant Valley investors couldn’t find… Read More

  • Last.fm to charge for streaming, cuts off third-party mobile streaming apps

    And so it goes. Last.fm, which just went to a pay-to-play model, is shutting down mobile streaming due to “licensing agreements.” This means unofficial Last.fm scrobbling and streaming apps will now be verboten – although for how long and to what degree are not clear. The service will now cost 3 euros per month to users outside of the UK, US, and Germany and current… Read More

  • Show everyone how green you are with this hand crank paper shredder

    If all the paper shredders in the world were hand operated like this Eco-Friendly Hand Crank Paper Shredder, it’d save enough electricity to power every building on all seven continents until the year 2096. That statement may or may not be true, but why take any chances? Read More

  • Sprint rolling out Clearwire slowly but surely

    DSLReports is reporting (HA!) that Sprint’s 4G WiMax service, called Clearwire, to Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Honolulu, Vegas, Philly, Portland and Seattle this year. Then, in 2010, expect Boston, Houston, NY, SF, and DC. Chicago is currently live but you cannot purchase subscriptions in that market. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 1.5TB external drive for $119

    Newegg has a pretty good deal on a 1.5TB external hard drive. The Seagate FreeAgent costs $119, features a 7200 rpm drive, connects via USB, and includes free shipping (the deal ends today). Reviews have been mixed as this drive apparently had some problems early on, although it appears that the kinks have been worked out thanks to new firmware. Seagate FreeAgent [Newegg.com] Read More

  • EMI Drops Lawsuit Against Project Playlist, Licenses Catalog Instead

    Music search and streaming service Project Playlist may finally be turning the tide in its ongoing battle with the music industry. EMI Music, one of the three major labels which was suing Project Playlist for copyright infringement, dropped out of the litigation and is announcing today that it has licensed its entire catalog to the service instead. EMI joins Sony BMG, which was never part of… Read More

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