The Estimable @LiquidSnute On The Future Of Starcraft And Being A Pro Gamer

At the IEM San Jose event this weekend, I got the chance to catch up with LiquidSnute, a Starcraft professional gamer who has become well-known in the past year for his in-game skills. Snute plays for Team Liquid, perhaps the best-known Starcraft team that isn’t based in Korea, the country that remains the central hub of the game.

The Starcraft world is currently on the cusp of revolution, with the third installment of Starcraft 2, called Legacy of the Void, on path for release in 2015. The final portion of the Starcraft 2 universe, Legacy of the Void, will be a standalone game that doesn’t require the player to have purchased its first two chunks.

Snute, noting changes to how the final segment of Starcraft 2 handles pace, appears to be enthusiastic about the title. We’ll see. Starcraft isn’t the most popular — that’s a title that League of Legends commands — but it certainly has a large, dedicated audience. It will be interesting to see if it can grow its fanbase with its next release.