Google’s YouTube App For Android Updated With Material Design, Adds Search Filters


Slowly but surely, Google is updating each of its own Android applications to fit in with Android’s new “Material Design” motif.

The latest one to get the makeover treatment: YouTube.

Wondering what the heck “Material Design” is? The short version: it’s Android’s new look, and it’s one that Google wants to be as universal as possible. Lots of solid colors, lots of shadows and other things that suggest depth, and lots of animation. (You can read Google’s entire specification on Material Design here.)

The update has trickled out to a few Android users over the last day or two, but it’s now officially rolling out to all. Google says the update should hit all handsets within the week.

Unless my memory is failing me, this is the first time the YouTube Android app has seen any major visual changes in roughly a year.

While the main bullet point of the update is the app’s new look, the update also brings search filters into the mix on mobile. Want to run a search based on video length, HD quality, closed captioning, etc. like you have long been able to on YouTube’s desktop offering? Now you can.