TC Droidcast Episode 30: Cardboard VR, How Do You Wear Your Android Wear

This week, Google dropped so many updates today that we couldn’t help but talk about them, including new specs and software for the Google Cardboard smartphone-based VR program, and an updated version of Android Wear that supports custom watchfaces (officially, whereas before they were everywhere but not built using any kind of proper API).

Darrell Etherington, Kyle Russell and Greg Kumparak also tackle the LG G Watch R, now that we’ve had time to review it at length, and updates to HTC’s Google Play Edition One M7 and M8, which amount to a fresh coat of new paint on houses that were already pretty spectacular to begin with.

If you’ve got any questions or specific topics you’d like to see addressed in next week’s episode, feel free to email and ask us directly. We’ll hopefully have some time in with the Asus ZenWatch by then, and will be watching in case Google isn’t done with its end-of-year news dump quite yet.

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