Kyle Russell

Kyle Russell

Kyle Russell is a writer at TechCrunch. Previously, he reported on Apple, enterprise, and streaming media at Business Insider.

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The Loot project flips the script on NFTs

Last Friday, Dom Hofmann tweeted the launch of Loot, one of his new projects looking at games and game creation through the lens of NFTs:

How Yahoo Is Fighting To Stay Relevant In The Mobile-First World

In a recent visit to Yahoo's Sunnyvale headquarters, we got a better look at how the company is adapting the the mobile-first world.

CrunchWeek: Microsoft Cuts Fat, FitBit’s IPO Slays, And E3

Hello, friends, and welcome back to another round of CrunchWeek. This time around the white table room, Kyle Russell, Sarah Buhr, and your humble servant gathered to dig into the recent FitBit IPO, M

We Went To A Preview Event For McLaren’s New $3M Hypercar

When we randomly got an invite to a Bay Area preview event for McLaren's new $3 million hypercar a few weeks ago, we had to attend. Who could be there? Would we run into some familiar startup faces? S

YouTube Announces YouTube Gaming, A Standalone App To Compete With Twitch

Today's announcement of YouTube Gaming, a standalone app and site focused on video game related content, shows the company isn't sitting idly by while outside forces steal attention away from its mass

HomeSuite Raises $2.3M To Provide Corporate Housing A Quarter At A Time

HomeSuite CEO David Adams wants to give people forced to move an easy way to stay somewhere nice for the duration of their visit or acclimation to a new city. His startup focuses on finding furnished

Counsyl Automates Genetic Testing To Give Potential Parents Peace Of Mind

Iin the last few years, companies like Counsyl and 23andme have made DNA testing a reality for thousands, pulling useful information from small samples of saliva or blood. To get a better idea of how

Apple’s WWDC Keynote In 90 Seconds

Apple had a lot to announce at its Worldwide Developer Conference this morning, and it was easy to miss big news as it happened during the two-hour-plus keynote. We’ve summed it up right here, w

Apple Unveils The Apple Watch Native App SDK

The Apple Watch just became a much more interesting development platform with the announcement of watchOS 2 and a true native app SDK at WWDC this morning. Apple vice president Kevin Lynch came on

Apple Is Open-Sourcing Swift, Its New Programming Language

Apple senior vice president Craig Federighi just announced that the company is open-sourcing Swift, the programming language it debuted at its Worldwide Developer Conference last year. In addition to

Apple Announces Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan

At its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, Apple just announced the latest iteration of its desktop operating system. Apple senior vice president Craig Federighi took the stage to deb

TC AppleCast 17: WWDC 2015 Preview Extravaganza!

The Apple WWDC 2015 keynote is just days away, so we discuss what you can expect to see at that special presentation. Basically it’s going to be a whole lotto iOS 9 and OS X 10.11, with a health

Electroloom’s ‘3D Printer For Fabric’ Creates Seamless Garments In Any Size

HAX-alumnus Electroloom is builidng a "3D printer for fabric," spraying a solution containing a polyester/cotton blend on a template to create clothing without seams. Electroloom co-founder Marcus Fol

PicsArt Raises $15M To Build A Community Around Photo Editing

PicsArt, a photo-sharing service that's building a community around creatively editing pictures, has raised $15 million in a venture round led by Insight Ventures with Sequoia Capital also contributin

Fantastical Arrives On The Apple Watch

Fantastical fans will be happy to hear that the indie calendar app for Mac and iOS is making the jump to the Apple Watch. For those wondering why the app hadn’t made the jump sooner (“It&# Diversifies With A Push Into VR

Startup accelerator is diversifying its next cohort of startups, shifting its line-up of accepted startups from focusing solely on Bitcoin to include those working on virtual and augmented re

Hands-On With Thync’s Mood-Altering Headset

Thync is launching its mood-altering headset today, letting you find a state of calm or boost your energy with controls on your smartphone. Thync's gadget is more of a module than a headset. It's smal

Kamcord Launches On Android With A Streamlined Video Capture Experience

Mobile gameplay streaming service Kamcord has launched on Android, letting users share clips of their time playing games on their phone with voiceover.

CrunchWeek: Path Found A Buyer, Google Overhauls Android, And What An Apple Car Might Look Like

This has been quite the week in news. A bunch of tech companies got snatched up, including Path. The once Silicon Valley app darling just sold itself to some Korean company called Daum Kakao. Google I

Google Brings Turn-By-Turn Directions To Offline Maps

Google announced that Maps will soon provide turn-by-turn navigation for routes saved for offline use (or when you completely lose your connection in the middle of nowhere).
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