• iPhone upgrade liveblog

    I’m honestly too scared to upgrade to 1.1.3 and I don’t want an AT&T account so we’re all going to have to live with other update liveblogs until the proper jailbreak comes out. Erica at TUAW just gave it a go and found that she almost – but not quite – saw her iPhone in iPhuc, a browsing tool. 1.1.3 iPhone Update Liveblog [TUAW] Read More

  • Macworld 2008 Keynote: Watch it beginning to end, right here

    Peter and I wish you could be here, we really do. We’d planned on serving you live audio of the Keynote, but Apple’s spies (Apple has spies?) caught wind and told us to back it off. Fair enough, it’s their show, so we did. But just to make it up to you, CrunchGear’s users, they’ve given us first access to the video archive of the Keynote, for you to watch streaming… Read More

  • MacBook Air, Sony VAIO TZ150 feature comparison

    So while getting set to unveil the new MacBook Air, Steve-o made a rough comparison to the Sony VAIO TZ series of notebook computers. Let’s take a look at the cheapest model, the VGN-TZ150N/B and see how it and the new MacBook Air really stack up. Read More

  • CoverItLive responds: I iz sorry!

    MacWorld Keynote Update We would like to apologize to all of our users and their readers for the service outage that happened mid-day on January 15. CoveritLive was specifically designed to handle small and very VERY large live blog events like the Steve Jobs Keynote at MacWorld. Our issue appears to have been a very minor technical one on our end that was amplified dramatically by the… Read More

  • Will the new Apple TV win the HD set-top war?

    I always thought the Apple TV was lacking before, although as Matt showed me the hacking possibilities are substantial. But with this relaunched service and all these major partners, it’s poised to take on the big boys in the on-demand movie and show sector. Blu-Ray will rule the physical media roost, but how long before that roost is lonely and abandoned? On-demand is certainly the… Read More

  • Why is Apple charging $1,300 more for the solid state-based MacBook Air?

    [photopress:mbaexpen.jpg,full,center] Is a 64GB solid state (flash) drive and 200 megahertz worth $1,300? Apple must think it is, given the pricing for the MacBook Air. The Apple Store is going up and down as I write this, but I managed to grab a screen shot of the two stock prices for the MacBook Air. $1,799 gets you the base model, with its 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 80GB hard disk drive… Read More

  • Apple begins charging for iPod Touch apps

    [photopress:touchappss.jpg,full,center] Possibly lost in the shuffle of today’s other announcements, Apple will charge $19.99 for the five new iPod Touch applications, or $4 per application. The software update, which is downloadable via iTunes, adds Maps, Mail, Weather, Notes and Stocks to the Touch. Who doesn’t love being nickel and dimed? January Software Update [Apple]… Read More

  • MacBook Air Gallery

    For your viewing pleasure, live from MacWorld 2008 (more on the way): [photopress:imgp4640.JPG,thumb,pp_image] [photopress:imgp4644.JPG,thumb,pp_image] [photopress:imgp4643.JPG,thumb,pp_image] [photopress:imgp4645.JPG,thumb,pp_image] [photopress:imgp4648.JPG,thumb,pp_image] [photopress:imgp4653.JPG,thumb,pp_image] Read More

  • iPhone firmware 1.1.3 and you: GPS, movable icons

    [photopress:iphone113.jpg,full,right] In his keynote at this year’s MacWorld, Steve Jobs just announced the latest iPod firmware, version 1.1.3. It adds the following features to the phone that you slide to unlock. Remember, if you’re one of those jailbreaking types, don’t upgrade just yet. • The iPhone/iPod Touch SDK will be available in February, but there’s… Read More

  • Best.Keynote.Ever?

    {democracy:21} Read More

  • Criteo Raises $10 Million From Index Ventures

    French startup Criteo just raised $10.4 million (7 million Euros) in a B round from Index Ventures, reports TechCrunch France. This is on top of a 3-million-Euro round in April 2006 led by AGF Private Equity and Elaia Partners. Criteo sells recommendation-engine software to e-commerce and content sites. Competitors include Aggregate Knowledge, CleverSet, and ChoiceStream. Discovery is hot… Read More

  • A Macworld apology

    On behalf of the CG crew, we apologize for the mix-ups during the keynote. Keynotes are hard to cover and we experienced a perfect storm of site failures, database errors, and “No, you can’t stream live audio” directly from folks at Apple, all in the matter of two minutes. Hopefully some of you enjoyed our reduced HTML page and were able to see some great images. Next time we… Read More

  • CrunchGear Live: The Macworld 2008 Steve Jobs Keynote

    Unadulterated feed of the entire keynote. Thanks for tuning in. Read More

  • Apple's stock dives during Macworld keynote

    [photopress:apple_stock_chart_115.png,full,center] It looks like Wall Street isn’t too impressed with what Steve Jobs has showed off today. Apple’s stock is down some 8 percent today, trading at $170.41. What’s up, Wall Street? I mean, I have my own reasons why I’m disappointed with the announcements, but I’d like to know what The Street’s problem… Read More

  • Why Apple's Time Capsule is good but Time Machine is still weak

    I’ve never liked the idea of Time Machine – I back up the things that are important to me on my own schedule, and I know where it all is and how it works. Time Machine strikes me as a black box that utilizes my CPU and hard drive in a mysterious and inefficient way. Furthermore, laptops are basically left out of the party. Time Capsule is a great solution and while I still… Read More

  • Pirate Bay faces deadline but plans a long fight

    Swedish prosecutors have sent 4000 pages of legal documents to Swedish BitTorrent tracker, The Pirate Bay. However, the group is unbowed. Even if convicted they plan to appeal all the way up to the European Court. Sweden, where the uber-file-sharing Kazaa originated, has a populus known for not caring a jot about file-sharing laws or copyright. Indeed seven members of the Swedish… Read More

  • MacBook Air: The world's thinnest notebook

    [photopress:TEMP_Image_2_4.jpg,full,center] Here she is, the Mac laptop that had us all buzzing these past few weeks, the MacBook Air. What is it, exactly? And what’s with the Air monkier? • She’s really, really thin. Like, 0.16 inches thin at the thinnest point. It fits inside an envelope. I’m staring at my credit card. • It’s got a 13.3-inch widescreen, LED… Read More

  • iTunes Movie Rentals: $3.99 new releases, 24 hour rental period

    The iTunes Movie Rental Store, rumored for so many weeks, is real, as Mr. Jobs just announced. Here’s what’s up. • Every major studio, including Sony, Warner, Paramount and Universal, has signed up. So much for them hating Apple. • New releases hit the Rental Store 30 days after their DVD release. • Rentals last 24 hours, You have 30 days from the time of purchase… Read More

  • Apple TV, take 2: No PC required, HD movie rentals, Dolby Digital sound

    [photopress:imgp4584.JPG,full,center] Apple TV has been a bust thus far, but Apple hasn’t given up on the concept yet. Here’s what Jobs just announced during his MacWorld keynote. • It’s a free software update. No having to buy Apple TV V2 or anything. • Most importantly you no longer need a PC/Mac to use Apple TV. You’ll be able to rent movies, including… Read More

  • Facebook leads the rise of social nets in UK, but niche players have a window

    Even as The Guardian was busy associating Facebook with a CIA plot yesterday, back in the world of its average UK users Facebook continued its inexorable rise. According to Hitwise and Experian today, Facebook accounted for one in every 50 UK Web visits in the last month of 2007, with its market share peaking on Christmas Day (I assume this was people updating their status to say… Read More

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