• Recruit.net: Job Aggregation With Revenue

    Recruit.net: Job Aggregation With Revenue

    Hong Kong based Recruit.net is a job search engine with an Australasian focus. The job search engine and aggregation market is crowded. In January Michael Arrington suggested that there was a bubble in job boards. The rise of sites like Indeed and Simply Hired coupled with companies such as Edgeio that offer co-branded job boards makes it a marketplace that borders on… Read More

  • Intelliverb: Is It Intelligent Investing in Search?

    Intelliverb: Is It Intelligent Investing in Search?

    Maryland based Intelliverb is a full content based search engine with a relevancy model driven by point of operation dependency. The company founders have designed and implemented an algorithm called PageScale, which ranks pages on an “intelligent content analysis basis” and not popularity alone. This approach is said to deliver different search results than regular search… Read More

  • How Much Is Your Soul Worth? PayPerPost Now Lets Bloggers Set The Price

    PayPerPost, the controversial blogging service that lets advertisers purchase commentary on blogs, has released a new product called PayPerPost Direct. The new product is a widget that bloggers can add to their blogs that announces their willingness to sell blog posts. Previously, bloggers perused listings on the PayPerPost website, looking for opportunities to make a few extra dollars. Read More

  • GeoNames: Wikipedia For Geographical Data

    GeoNames: Wikipedia For Geographical Data

    The GeoNames project is a free global geographical database. The goal of GeoNames is to aggregate free data from various sources and make is available as a database or via a range of web services. Users of GeoNames include Microsoft Popfly, Slide.com, LinkedIn and Tagzania. The GeoNames gazetteer includes over 8.5 million toponyms for 6.5 million places with 2 million alternate names in up to… Read More

  • Yahoo Experiments With Non-Yahoo Links On Home Page

    Yahoo Experiments With Non-Yahoo Links On Home Page

    The major Internet portals like Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Google, etc. do not place links on their home page that go anywhere except deeper into the properties. Advertising is generally the only exception. So it surprised us when Yahoo contacted us earlier this week to say that they are testing outside links from their home page. The goal, they say, is to make Yahoo.com as relevant as possible to their. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: DJ Chaos Edition

    Daily Crunch: DJ Chaos Edition

    Music Vortex Speaker: When Water Ripples Attack
    When the Robots Take Over
    Cambridge SoundWorks Radio 820HD Review
    Nick Arcade: Best Game Show Ever
    Sound Opinion: Headphone Showdown Read More

  • Last.FM Too Slow: Users Create Their Own Facebook Application

    Last.FM Too Slow: Users Create Their Own Facebook Application

    Last.fm is a seriously popular music service (we’ve dubbed it a viral machine). So users are wondering why they are yet to release a Facebook application – competitors like iLike and MOG are the first and fifth most popular applications, respectively. The Last.fm forums are being lit up with user requests for integration. In early May, a staff member (flaneur) commented… Read More

  • Cellular-WiFi Blackberriage on the Horizon

    Cellular-WiFi Blackberriage on the Horizon

    RIM is getting into the WiFi/Cell crossover ring, and it’s about time. In a call with investors earlier this week, RIM’s CEO Jim Balsillie (that name is always so fun to type) announced that later this year, we’ll be writing about a WiFi-enabled Blackberry. Why is this exciting? It means better rates on corporate plans as the cellular carriers have to start competing with… Read More

  • Popfly: Sign of a Closer Microsoft-Yahoo Relationship?

    Popfly: Sign of a Closer Microsoft-Yahoo Relationship?

    Despite a frenzy of speculation earlier this month, Microsoft has not acquired Yahoo. However buried amongst numerous reports at the time was speculation that the two companies could form a stronger relationship as part of an “Anyone but Google” grouping. Microsoft Popfly could demonstrate part of a new relationship between Yahoo and Microsoft. The private alpha test of mashup… Read More

  • iLike: By Far the Most Popular Facebook Application

    iLike: By Far the Most Popular Facebook Application

    Facebook’s new Developer Platform has been live for nearly a day, and data is coming in on which third party applications are the most appealing to Facebook users. The top application, by far, is music service iLike. They currently have just under 40,000 Facebook users, more than the rest of the top ten applications combined. The application was added by 10,000 users within the first… Read More

  • coRank: Build Your Own Digg Clone

    coRank: Build Your Own Digg Clone

    If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery Digg would be at the top of the heap. The site that popularized social news has been copied, cloned and even spawned Pligg, an open source Digg style script. If Pligg opened up Digg style clones to site hosts and developers, coRank takes the concept to the mass market; users who either can’t or don’t want to host Pligg on their own domain. Read More

  • Memorial Day Greetings

    Memorial Day Greetings

    The birds are singing, the beer is cold, and the warm weather awaits. We’ll be on a reduced schedule this weekend and Monday while the CG team takes a few moments to rest and relax before the feeding frenzy that will be the iPhone launch in a few weeks. Hugs and kisses to you and yours, readers, and have a great weekend. Read More

  • Study Finds 90% of Handset Owners Believe iPhone Hype

    Study Finds 90% of Handset Owners Believe iPhone Hype

    A study from Strategy Analytics has found that 90 percent of handset owners rate Apple’s iPhone as being superior to existing mobile phones. This despite the rather pertinent facts that the iPhone has not yet gone on sale and none of those questioned would have used an iPhone. The “Consumer Reactions to the Apple iPhone” study explored the appeal of iPhone features… Read More

  • Cellphone Flask: Can You Smell the Booze On Me Now? Good!

    Cellphone Flask: Can You Smell the Booze On Me Now? Good!

    When I was a teenager, we’d smuggle our booze in my friend Devon’s head (no, really, it’s a long story). Today’s rebellious youth are much more sophisticated: they’re using fake cellphones. The Cellphone Flask is exactly what it sounds like: a flask in the shape of a mobile. You put your favorite hooch inside and let yourself get patted down by The Man, and… Read More

  • Forbes: 5 Cheapest PCs in the World, As Low as $85

    Forbes: 5 Cheapest PCs in the World, As Low as $85

    Sometimes we talk about gadgets with the candor of rich European royalty. We can’t afford all the gadgets we want, and likely neither can you. Thankfully, manufacturers like to address the low-end as much as the high-end. And while the cheapest Macs might be going the way of Dakota Fanning’s likability, cheap PCs are here to stay, for good or bad. Forbes has concocted a list in… Read More

  • Cambridge SoundWorks Radio 820HD Review

    Cambridge SoundWorks Radio 820HD Review

    HD Radio isn’t exactly spreading like wildfire. But if you’ve experienced it, you know it offers clearer sound and more channels than regular analog radio, and for nothin’ — except the extortionate rather high price of HD-capable radios. Cambridge SoundWorks’ 820HD Radio is a bit closer to affordable, with a list price of $299, and it’s pretty… Read More

  • Capacitive Touch: Coming to Everything

    Capacitive Touch: Coming to Everything

    We love gadgets with touchscreens. That’s a fact. Capacitive touch is the mysterious tech behind the iPod’s scrollwheel, the touchpad on your laptop, and pretty much anything you control with just touch. One hurdle the technology has had to face is that only certain materials could handle recording of X/Y grid movements, the secret to using it as a real input method. InfiniTouch… Read More

  • Camera Detector Makes Me Uneasy, But Rocks

    Camera Detector Makes Me Uneasy, But Rocks

    As if the three-day weekend’s drug bender I’m planning won’t make me paranoid enough, I run across this handy pocket camera detector. In a nutshell, it’s a bug sweeper on a micro scale. If you think someone’s planted wireless hidden cameras somewhere where you don’t want to be seen, you wave this magic wand around and it will tell you if you’re safe… Read More

  • Finland Says CSS So Gimpy It's not Even DRM Anymore

    Finland Says CSS So Gimpy It's not Even DRM Anymore

    According to the Finnish courts, CSS — the DRM found on standard DVDs — is so weak that it doesn’t even count as a protective measure anymore. As a result, breaking CSS is no longer deemed circumvention of an “effective technological measure” simply because it’s no longer effective. Read More

  • This Is What Is Holding Up Halo 2 for Vista

    This Is What Is Holding Up Halo 2 for Vista

    Want Halo 2 for Vista? The ESRB doesn’t want you to have it and the image after the jump is is why. Prepare to cry. Read More