• CrunchDeals: Merom-based MacBook Pro on the cheap

    As with any Apple refresh comes decent discounts on the previous generation of products. This time around Amazon has a $150 rebate on top of the already discounted MBPs for all three of the previous configurations of the MBP. Prices range from $1,536.49 to $2,327.84. The Apple store also has them for $300 cheaper with prices starting out at $1,699 on up to $2,499. But if you know a student… Read More

  • Kevin Rose Can't Keep Up With E-mail; Blaine Cook Can't Wait To Speak With a Human

    On Friday, I moderated a fun panel at the Future of Web Apps conference in Miami (see photo above). The basic premise was to try to come up with a compelling web app in 40 minutes. There were a lot of good ideas, but the best ones centered around communications and how to use technology to get around the frustrations of e-mail and phone calls. It was clear that the panelists think these… Read More

  • DrDrew finds iPhone2… in his head

    Ganked from AppleCollection
    From BFF: Here it is, the iPhone2, in all it’s glory! Isn’t it the most spectacular device you’ve ever seen! It’s beauty is simply unmatched and matched only by itself. Words cannot
    describe the feelings of effervescence it bestows upon he who holds it. Never has a device offered the complete euphoria that is the iPhone2. It is truly the end… Read More

  • Biographicon Wants To Be Wikipedia For The Non-Notable Masses

    Having a page put up about you in Wikipedia is difficult, mostly because of the Notability requirement for inclusion – and you aren’t “notable” unless you’ve received significant media coverage elsewhere. Other services have filled in the gap for the billion or so people online who can’t get onto Wikipedia – sites like LinkedIn, Wink and Spock (as well… Read More

  • Autographed Xbox 360 gets returned clean [UPDATE]

      Something shitty’s going on here and I feel bad for this kid, Nathaniel. According to Hawty McBloggy (sweet name, by the way), here’s what happened… UPDATE: Aww, see THIS is what’s great about people on the internet. According to an article published today on Next-Gen, “Something is already ‘afoot’ within Bungie to help our community member… Read More

  • Free iPhone apps might be easier than for-pay apps

    Electronista’s gotten word that applications developed for the iPhone for free might not get the same review process as for-pay apps. In fact, there may be no review process at all for such apps. Applications that are developed with profit in mind must first clear Apple’s review process for inclusion into iTunes and then subjected to a profit-sharing model wherein Apple will take… Read More

  • For those times you forget to take your Adderall, there's the iPhone/iPod Touch drum machine

    An iPhone/iPod Touch-based drum machine makes some sense thanks to the whole multi-touch thing. The iPhone drum pad (called “Drummer”) currently in development over at Moo Cow Music leverages multi-touch technology to allow you to hit up to five drum pads at once. You can play along with your own music or just have a sweet solo like the one Garth had in Wayne’s World while… Read More

  • Family Guy 'Cleveland' spin-off in the works?

    Wow. Apparently Seth MacFarlane and company are working on a spin-off from Family Guy tentatively titled Cleveland, starring the slow-talking walking stereotype Cleveland Brown. It’s unclear whether the series would be set in Quahog and/or if Loretta, Cleveland, and Cleveland Jr. would continue to show up on Family Guy as part of the storyline. I’d hope they’d still be part… Read More

  • Microsoft Office Online and Attacking The Innovator's Dilemma

    Nick Carr has a lead on the story that we all knew was coming eventually: Key Microsoft applications, including Office, may be moving online, soon. Carr’s source says to look for enterprise applications to move online as web services with Salesforce-like usage fees, popular PC applications to move online with advertising support, and expansion of its data center network to provide… Read More

  • Rumor: Blu-ray drives coming to Macs

    Let’s put this to rest once and for all. Apple will not have Blu-ray drives anytime in the future. Why? Because physical media is dead or will be very soon. Think about it for a minute. Steve Jobs wants you to purchase HD content through iTunes, which means more money in the pocket of the company. I know he’s on the Blu-ray board, but there’s more profit in downloadable content. Read More

  • Freestyle takes the Shark Classic back to the 80s

    [photopress:freestyleshark.jpg,full,pp_image] Neon is all the rage lately and Freestyle is taking their bread and butter back to its roots. The Shark Classic and Shark Classic Mid have been retrofied with neon and I dig em. They both feature time/day/date, 2 alarms, stopwatch, countdown timer, waterproof up to 100m and a few others. They’re only $55 so check em out. Read More

  • Netflix set to increase Blu-ray library

    Netflix is set to quadruple their Blu-ray collection from 400 titles to 1,500. Netflix CFO Barry McCarthy warned that it may drive up the cost of your subscription, though. Consider yourself warned. “It seems apparent that content will cost us more,” McCarthy said. “Whether we raise prices will be entirely a function of churn, subscriber acquisition costs and gross… Read More

  • Philips announces external Blu-ray disc drive

    With HD DVD out, manufacturers are free to release Blu-ray products without fear of the format dying. It still could and probably will, but that’s neither here nor there. Philips & Lite-on Digital Solutions will be the first to bring a stand alone Blu-ray disc drive to the PC/laptop market with the Lite-On DX-DX-4O1S in Q2. The drive will read Blu-ray discs at 4x, single-layer DVDs… Read More

  • Video: Optimus Prime just wants to dance

    If you’ve never seen Judson Laipply’s Evolution of Dance video then you need to do that before you watch Optimus do it. If you’ve already seen it then keep reading to see Optimus bust a move. Read More

  • Twitter In The Classroom

    Edmodo says it’s going to be Twitter for teachers and students, with features like calendaring events that are tailored to the classroom. Personally, I think Twitter itself works just fine as the Twitter for teachers and students, but give edmodo a shot if you’re interested. They’re taking signups for the private beta now. Read More

  • Girl repellant has 8GB of memory, 1.8-inch screen

    Here it is, fellas. You’ve been waiting ages for the ultimate statement piece to wear on your wrist that’ll keep the ladies away for good so you can concentrate on D&D and WoW and watching swimming videos. Anyway, this watch has a humongous (for a wrist) 1.8-inch screen, plays videos at 20 FPS in the very, very popular MTV format (sarcasm) and also features voice recording… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: AT&T to offer refurbished 4/8GB iPhone

    We’ll take this with a grain of salt, but BGR is usually on point with this sort of thing so we’ll leave it up to the readers in the New England area to vouch for this. AT&T stores will be offering refurbished 4GB and 8GB iPhones with new activation for $199 and $249, respectively. BGR has obtained an internal memo, which can be found over yonder. Read More

  • Inside TechCrunch

    Sarah Lacey, the now host of Yahoo Tech Ticker who is perhaps well known to TechCrunch readers as being the person who was suppose to have thrown a drink on Michael (she denies it), interviews Michael in the video above as well providing… Read More

  • News Via Old Fashioned Means Put On Deadpool Watch

    Survey results released by We Media/Zogby earlier this week show that more people turn to the internet for news than any other source. The survey found that nearly half of all people in the United States (48%) cite the internet as their primary source of news and information, compared to 29% for television, 11% for radio, and a dismal 10% for newspapers. There was an age difference at the… Read More

  • Can Touch This: DanceJam Opens To The Public

    YouTube for dance videos DanceJam has launched into open beta today after several months of private testing. DanceJam offers dance battles where users dance off against each other, with viewers voting on the best video. DanceJam also offers general dance videos, including locally uploaded content and videos from external sites such YouTube. DanceJam was founded by M.C. Hammer, and Geoffrey… Read More

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