Online Gaming Giant Kixeye Holds Large Scale Layoffs, Cutting As Much As 25% Of Staff

Kixeye, the San Francisco-based online gaming giant, held layoffs yesterday as part of a larger reorganization of the company, sources tell TechCrunch.

According to two sources, more than 100 people representing as much as 25 percent of Kixeye’s staff have been let go. The layoffs were conducted across the board, we’re told, and included entire teams in the engineering department.

We’ve emailed Kixeye for more details and an official comment, and will update this post with any additional information the company provides.

While Kixeye has been one of the highest flying startups in the online game development space in recent years, the gaming industry as a whole is known for being just as fickle as it can be lucrative. The good news is, where one door closes, another opens: Twitter is buzzing with messages from other gaming companies keen to hire former Kixeye staffers.