• We Hold Twitter Ransom For $100 Billion Dollars

    37signals founder Jason Fried probably had the post of the day today mocking Twitter’s $1 billion valuation on its latest rumored round of funding. The post, titled “PRESS RELEASE: 37SIGNALS VALUATION TOPS $100 BILLION AFTER BOLD VC INVESTMENT” is very funny. But it’s also disingenuous. By way of sarcasm, Fried raises a number of points. But the key ones he hits on… Read More

  • Twitter's Shortened URL Expansion Stopped Working For Bit.ly Links

    Normally, when you use Twitter’s search service, you can avoid clicking shortened URLs blindly – which is a security risk – by expanding them and taking a look at where they’ll be taking you exactly. I use it all the time, and I’ve even gotten accustomed to using Brizzly for Twitter on the web partly because it automatically expands any shortened URL. … Read More

  • Alienware Aurora ALX announced, melts faces with speed

    Alienware announced some new systems recently, including their latest desktop box, the Aurora ALX. The biggest news about the Aurora is the inclusion of the new ATI Radeon HD 5870 card. Reputed to be the current “top of the heap” when it comes to video cards, it’s being tested all over the web. Read More

  • Implant can help sleep apnea patients not frighten their partners

    Sleep apnea sufferers have long had to use the dreaded CPAP mask, but there may soon be an alternative. Medical researchers have discovered that a small implant, attached to the hyperglossal nerve, is capable of ending your sleep apnea and probably saving your marriage. Read More

  • First Look: Nikon D300s

    We just got our Nikon D300s, and it’s looking good. I’ve taken a few beauty shots for you, and shot some video with the camera as well. First impressions are good, but that’s to be expected as it’s based on the the excellent D300 body. We’ll be comparing the D300s to a D300 in our full review to help you decide if you want to upgrade or not. Sample video and… Read More

  • Exclusive Interview With Steve Ballmer: Products, Competition, The Road Ahead

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer visited Silicon Valley on Thursday for his annual meeting with top venture capitalists to talk about Microsoft product strategy. This was his first visit to Silicon Valley since announcing the search partnership with Yahoo in July. I had a chance to sit down with him just after that event for a hour-long one-one-one interview. In the first 10+ minutes of the… Read More

  • Microsoft shows some heart inside the Zune HD

    When the FCC took apart the Zune HD, we noted that the test unit had “For our princess” written on the inside of the shell. Nobody knew what to make of it at the time, but now that it’s in the production units it’s clear that it wasn’t a one-time thing. As it turns out, it’s a memorial for a Zune team member who passed away during the device’s… Read More

  • Liftopia Raises Another $1 Million For Variable Ski Resort Ticket Pricing

    Ski season is rapidly approaching, and resorts will soon be releasing their lift ticket prices (if they haven’t already). But this year, some skiers will have a new option when it comes to buying their tickets: discounted pricing for off-peak days, thanks to a startup called Liftopia. Today the company has annouced that it closed a $1 million Series B funding round led by Erik… Read More

  • It Took A Year, But Fitness Gadget Fitbit Will Finally Launch

    Fitness gadget Fitbit was a hit at last year’s TechCrunch50, where it created a ton of buzz and was a runner-up for the top prize. Of course, we all know that it takes hardware companies longer to launch than software startups and since last September, Fitbit has been working tirelessly to refine the product, establish distributions channels and tweak its online platform. Now we… Read More

  • Handheld Genesis system with 20 games for $50? Yes please

    This thing, let’s be honest, is not the most elegantly designed handheld device. But seriously, it’s an all-in-one Genesis system with 20 games on it and a 2.4″ screen for $50. I have no problem with that. Do you? I’m waiting to hear back on what games this thing comes with, but you can be sure it’s got Sonic & Knuckles, Ecco the Dolphin, Sonic Spinball… Read More

  • Canon Rebel 1500D/T1 incoming?

    One sweet day, Canon will unify its naming conventions, and I won’t have to put slashes in post titles ever again. But until that time, we’ll just have to deal with this dual naming nonsense. You may remember the T1i, a camera I advised against getting because of its ridiculous 20 frames per second video mode. The T1 fixes that, but doesn’t appear to change too much else. Read More

  • Fluther Raises $600k From Top Valley Investors For Crowd-Sourced Answers

    Fluther, a slick service that lets you outsource your questions to other members on the web, has closed a $600k round of seed funding from some of Silicon Valley’s most notable investors. Included in the round were Ron Conway, Naval Ravikant, Marc Andreessen, Ben Horowitz, and Dave McClure, via FF Angel. Rounding out the roster are Twitter’s Biz Stone and Leonard Speiser (Bix… Read More

  • Tokyo Game Show trailers: The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy XIV

    Despite Serkan’s disappointment at the lack of anything particularly new at TGS, there’s still a good amount of new gaming info coming out of there. While the newest and coolest stuff isn’t playable just yet, there are some pretty compelling trailers for the games we’re all looking forward to in 2010. Read More

  • Video: Symantec Shows The Danger Of Shortened Twitter Links

    While there is often a lot of talk about the downside of URL shorteners being that if they go down, they take your links with them, the much more obvious and real problem is that they very easily mask potentially bad sites. We’ve been seeing this more and more in both public tweets and DMs, but luckily so far most of those have just been worms meant to replicate themselves, rather… Read More

  • A real, hand-made bamboo bike

    So this is a bike made entirely of bamboo. That’s right – there’s no metal under those tubes. The maker put his entire process on Instructables and seems to be able to ride the thing without it exploding on him. However, he uses epoxy and other stuff to keep it together, which is slightly disconcerting. Read More

  • MID Moves goes hands-on with the Viliv S10 Blade

    Chippy, over at UMPC Portal, got to spend some quality time with the upcoming Viliv S10 Blade at IDF and seems impressed. That’s saying something as previously he has reviewed the Viliv S5, X70, and currently has in house – like us – the S7. Personally I’m finding that the small form factor of the 7-inch S7 is the perfect netbook size, but some folks might like the… Read More

  • PayPal Co-Founder And Founders Fund Partner Joins DNA Sequencing Firm Halcyon Molecular

    PayPal co-founder and Founders Fund Managing Partner Luke Nosek is tackling a new field: DNA sequencing. Nosek sent out an email (which we’ve pasted below) saying that he has joined Halcyon Molecular, a human genome sequencing firm, as founding president. According to the email, Halcyon will sequence complete human genomes in less than ten minutes and for less than $100. This is… Read More

  • Not only is the Xbox 360 the greatest video game system of all time, but it can also save lives. So there.

    Was it the PS2 or PS3 that was banned from Iraq because of fears that Saddam Hussein’s regime would co-opt the system for nefarious ends? Or maybe I made that up? It doesn’t matter. The point is that, yeah, your favorite video game system (well, maybe not the Wii) is pretty damn powerful little computer. So powerful, in fact, that it can be used rather effectively by doctors… Read More

  • Honda's take on the future of personal mobility: The U3-X (yes, the u stands for unicycle)

    This, according to Honda, is the future of personal mobility. (In the future, walking will be seen as passe and uncool.) It’s called the U3-X, and it just debuted in Tokyo. It’s sorta like a Segway, but a little less cumbersome (but just as unusual looking to the layman). Read More

  • Philips K700 is a – oh god it has a chin

    I’m sure the K700 is really nice. And if it were ever going to come out in the USA, I’d love to take it out some time just to talk, maybe grab some gelato, or whatever. But I’m just not feeling that connection… oh, all right, if you must know, it’s the chin. A strong chin is sexy on some handsets — I hooked up with an original Hero once — but it… Read More

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