PlayStation Now’s All-You-Can-Stream Game Subscriptions Available On PS4 Today

Sony’s streaming PlayStation Now service is available beginning today via PS4 in two subscription flavors starting at $20 a month, and $45 per quarter (or a discount of $15 vs. paying monthly, for those who like math). Sony’s subscription plans for Now are available in North America, and provide access to the service’s entire library of more than 100 PS3 titles.

Previously, Sony was offering rental access to the games in PlayStation Now on a per-title basis, with prices ranging between $3 and $20, with set time increments that range from a few hours to multiple months. The model wasn’t ideal for conspicuous consumption, however, since games can vary considerably in terms of play time required, and players also vary greatly in terms of their play style, meaning some would rather pick at a game over time, instead of focusing during longer, more intense sessions.

Launch titles for the service include inFamous, Ico, The Last of Us, Lego Batman 2, Final Fantasy XIV, Batman: Arkham City and many more. Titles are from both first-party and third-party publishers, and the plan is to expand the roster as the service grows. It doesn’t require that users are PlayStation Plus members first, and games on the service will work across devices where they’re available as part of the subscription (though Now subscriptions are launching for PS4 owners only at first). Saves are stored in the cloud, too, meaning you can pick up where you left off across devices.

Sony’s subscriptions for PlayStation Now is no available for PlayStation 4 console owners in the U.S. and Canada vis PlayStation Store search, so check it out if you’re eager to sign up.