NASA’s beautiful snowflake simulations could help predict inclement weather

There's a lot about snow we don't know. Where does it come from? Where does it go? What does it taste like? Admittedly there are tentative answers to these questions. But there are yet more complex on

AccuWeather updates its iOS app to address privacy outcry

Responding to privacy concerns, AccuWeather is out with a new version of its iOS app that removes a controversial data sharing behavior. Earlier this week, security researcher Will Strafach called att

The birds, the weather stations, and me: A cautionary tale

It began with two birds. Starting in April a small family of sparrows took up residence in the rain gutter outside of my bedroom window. The birds, at first, were a happy pair but over the weeks they

Supercomputers supercharge NASA’s simulated storms and improve hurricane forecasts

Understanding the complex order behind the apparent chaos of a tropical storm or hurricane is no easy task, but it's worthwhile to try — such storms deal death and destruction globally, and the bett

Google Rolls Out Personalized Storm-Tracking Information In Search Results

With the U.S. hurricane season about to kick off, Google announced today that it’s expanding the weather-related information that will appear in Google search results when web users search for

Weathernews Partners With Moji, Maker Of China’s Largest Crowdsourced Weather App

Weathernews, one of Japan’s biggest weather forecast providers and the owner of Sunnycomb and Weathermob apps, is taking a big step into the Chinese market. The company announced today it signed an

Carrot Weather Delivers Your Daily Forecast With A Side Of Snark

Carrot, the makers of a suite of sarcastic apps including a to-do list app that berates you for slacking and a weight loss app that shames you about your poor eating choices, has just introduced the l

Scripps Acquires WeatherSphere, Publisher Of 3 Top 10 Weather Apps On iTunes

You Can Stand Under My Umbrella Here

As a staunch introvert who prefers wide swaths of personal space, I find the idea behind Umbrella Here frightening, yet strangely compelling. The creators of the project, which is currently raising fu

StormTag Is A Waterproof Weather Sensor That Wants To Help Crowdsource Hyperlocal Forecasts

StormTag is a key-fob sized sensor for measuring weather data that's designed to contribute to a crowdsourced network of other sensors to map aggregated weather data and offer localized predictions. I

Sunnycomb, The Weather App That Creates Personalized Forecasts, Launches On Android

Sunnycomb, the app that tries to predict how each day's weather will make you feel, is now available on Android. Though there are already plenty of well-known weather apps on the market, including pop

Understory Raises $1.9M To Deploy Its Network Of Hyper-Local, Ground-Level Weather Stations

Weather data currently comes from high-altitude locations, and rarely reflects conditions on the ground with a high degree of accuracy. Boston-based startup Understory wants to change that, and a new

Dark Sky Is Ready To Be The Default Weather App On Your iPhone’s Homescreen

Dark Sky, easily one of the better weather applications on iOS, rolled out an update today that expands its focus beyond rain predictions to become a more comprehensive weather app which offers both 2

Yahoo Makes Its iOS Weather App iPad-Friendly, To The Everlasting Joy Of Those Who Miss A Native One

Yahoo's new direction under Marissa Mayer is still coming together, but one thing they've unquestionably done right is the weather app for iPhone they debuted earlier this year. The iPad version has j

Sunnycomb Forecasts How Each Day’s Weather Will Make You Feel

Tokyo-based <a target="_blank" href="">Weathernews Inc (WNI)</a> already makes Japan's top weather app with over 10 million downloads to date. So why does the company, one o

WeatherSphere’s RadarCast App Will Help You Navigate Around Upcoming Storms & Snow

<a target="_blank" href="">WeatherSphere</a>, a small Mountain View-based startup founded by former eBay engineer Raghav Gupta in fall 2012, is focusing on developing mobile a

Mobile Weather App Minutely Lets You “Correct” The Weather, Visualize Storms In 3D

Mobile weather applications may be becoming <a target="_blank" href="">the new playground for user interface designers</a>, but few can

Weathermob Raises $650K More To Turn Smartphones Into Mini Weather Stations

<a target="_blank" href="">Weathermob</a>, a mobile, social network centered around crowdsourced weather reporting, has raised an additional $650,000 in new funding today from a n

Weather Could Be Next On The Auction Block For Crowdsourced Data

Waze's big exit to Google proved one thing: if companies can harness the power of the crowd to deliver real-time, granular data, big tech corporations will be watching them closely as potential acquis

Founder Stories: Climate Corp’s David Friedberg On Why Leading A Company Is Like Playing Poker

For this week’s Founder Stories, I sat down with <a target="_blank" href="">David Friedberg</a> of The Climate Corporation to talk about building a bu
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