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Taylor Hatmaker

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Taylor covers social media, gaming and culture at TechCrunch. Prior to rejoining TechCrunch, Taylor was Senior Technology Editor of the Daily Beast. Taylor first joined TechCrunch in 2016. Before joining TechCrunch, she was the Tech Editor of the Daily Dot and a reporter and deputy editor at ReadWriteWeb.

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The Supreme Court could decide the future of content moderation — or it could punt

The Supreme Court is considering the fate of two state laws that limit how social media companies can moderate the content on their platforms. In oral arguments on Monday, the justices grappled with a

With Disney’s magic, Fortnite is poised to win the metaverse

We may not be using the M word much these days, but the race to build an interconnected avatar-driven virtual world didn’t take the last year off. The metaverse, a tech buzzword sandwiched in betwee

Cowboy allays e-bike riders’ greatest fears with on-demand repairs and tune-ups

Cowboy is rolling out a new repairs and service program designed to give its e-bike riders more ways to keep their wheels on the road. The new service option is more reassurance to European Cowboy rid

Disney takes a $1.5B stake in Epic Games to build an ‘entertainment universe’ with Fortnite

Lego Fortnite is only two months old, but Epic Games is already out with an even bigger collaboration. Epic and Disney announced today that the companies will partner on an “all-new games and en

Oversight Board calls on Meta to rewrite ‘incoherent’ rules against faked videos

The Oversight Board, the external advisory group that Meta created to review its moderation decisions on Facebook and Instagram, issued a decision on Monday concerning a doctored seven-second video of

Pew report shows TikTok’s rise and YouTube’s ubiquity

Social media apps can rise quickly and burn out just as fast, but taking a step back and looking at those trends on a longer timeline offers a better glimpse at the big picture. The Pew Research Cente

Microsoft, X throw their weight behind KOSA, the controversial kids online safety bill

On the eve of Wednesday’s Big Tech hearing (both Big Tech and a big hearing — five CEOs are testifying as we speak), Microsoft stepped up to back a controversial bill that aims to protect chil

CEOs from Meta, TikTok, Snap, X and Discord head to Congress for kids’ online safety hearing

CEOs from some of the biggest social platforms will appear before Congress on Wednesday to defend their companies against mounting criticism that they have done too little to protect kids and teens on

Fortnite and the Epic Games Store are coming to iOS in Europe

Four years after leaving iOS, Fortnite is coming back — but only European players will be dropping in this time. The endless beef between Epic Games and Apple over the company’s App Store fees

Lego Fortnite’s first big update squashes bugs and adds a launch pad

Epic’s standalone survival crafting game saw its first update on Tuesday, smoothing out some of the new game’s rough edges and adding a flurry of quality of life improvements. We’ve

Gamers flock to Palworld’s ‘Pokémon with guns’ despite copyright qualms

When Palworld made its inauspicious debut in a teaser a year or so back, few thought this strange, blatant Pokémon ripoff would be anything but a quickly forgotten oddity. But after its Early Access

In a new lawsuit, Iowa accuses TikTok of lying about content available to kids

The state of Iowa is suing TikTok, alleging that the social media company misleads parents about the kinds of content available to young users. The lawsuit from Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird accus

Substack won’t commit to proactively removing Nazi content, ensuring further fallout

Substack has industry-leading newsletter tools and a platform that independent writers flock to, but its recent content moderation missteps could prove costly. In late November, the Atlantic reported

Lawsuit against Snap over fentanyl deaths can proceed, judge rules

A lawsuit blaming Snapchat for a series of drug overdoses among young people can proceed, a Los Angeles judge ruled this week. A group of family members related to children and teens who overdosed on

Why Fortnite is getting into cozy gaming

When it comes to figuring out a formula for a hit game that keeps players coming back year after year, Saxs Persson would know. Now at Epic Games overseeing the Fortnite ecosystem, Persson previously

Activision Blizzard will pay $54M to settle California workplace discrimination suit

California’s Civil Rights Department reached a settlement with Activision Blizzard late last week, two years after the state regulator brought a lawsuit alleging gender discrimination, pay inequ

7 stellar photography gifts that won’t break the bank in 2023

Shopping for someone whose love of taking pictures is bumping up against the creative constraints of their iPhone’s camera roll? There’s a whole world of photography gifts and gear out there,

Lego Fortnite’s debut builds momentum with 2.4M people playing at once

If you still think of Fortnite as a colorful, cartoony battle royale game, you might be surprised to learn the extent of Epic’s true ambitions. Fortnite’s big, chaotic fight to the death m

Fortnite maker Epic Games wins its antitrust fight against Google

On Monday, a jury sided with Epic Games over Google in an antitrust case that could reshape how app marketplaces like Google Play are allowed to operate. The unanimous verdict wraps up a three-year-lo

Discord reimagines its mobile app to showcase its best social features

Discord launched a major refresh of its mobile app on Tuesday, putting messaging front-and-center while making a host of small improvements that users have been requesting. Inspired by user feedback,
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