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Taylor Hatmaker

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Taylor covers social media, gaming and culture at TechCrunch. Prior to rejoining TechCrunch, Taylor was Senior Technology Editor of the Daily Beast. Taylor first joined TechCrunch in 2016. Before joining TechCrunch, she was the Tech Editor of the Daily Dot and a reporter and deputy editor at ReadWriteWeb.

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New Tears of the Kingdom video shows Zelda doubling down on an interactive world

One of Breath of the Wild’s best features is coming back in a big way. In a new preview of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, producer Eiji Aonuma shows off 10 minutes of gameplay from t

TikTok CEO testifies before Congress

As the Biden administration escalates its threats against TikTok, the company’s chief executive made his first appearance before Congress on Thursday. Given the U.S. government’s aggressiv

TikTok CEO says it wasn’t ‘spying’ when ByteDance employees surveilled journalists

At Thursday’s House hearing, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew faced a barrage of questions over concerns that data collected on U.S. users might be vulnerable to surveillance by China. Chew’s respo

China reminds US that it can and will kill a forced TikTok sale

China pushed back against the U.S. government’s proposal to force a sale of TikTok on Thursday, rejecting the possible solution to ongoing national security concerns around the app. TikTok CEO S

Twitch says it will lay off 400 employees

Twitch announced plans to reduce its workforce on Monday, demonstrating that even the seemingly booming streaming site isn’t immune to the reductions that have swept the tech industry in the las

The Justice Department is investigating TikTok over journalist spying incident

The Biden administration has recently ramped up pressure on TikTok over national security concerns stemming from its ties to China, and apparently the Justice Department and the FBI are also applying

The US government ramps up its pressure campaign against TikTok

The Biden administration is escalating its pressure campaign against TikTok, threatening a U.S. ban against the world’s most popular app if the company doesn’t split with its Chinese owner

Twitch CEO Emmett Shear is stepping down

After serving as its chief executive for more than a decade, Twitch CEO Emmett Shear will take a step back at the company. Shear is one of the original founders of Justin.tv, the variety livestreaming

The FTC finalizes Epic’s $245 million settlement over sketchy Fortnite purchases

The Federal Trade Commission slammed Epic Games with $245 million in fines this week, ordering the Fortnite developer to compensate consumers who made unwitting purchases in its digital store. The set

Fortnite’s maximalism still works in its new cyberpunk season

After a handful of eclectic recent chapters, Fortnite’s latest is taking a theme and running with it. Chapter Four, Season Two of Fortnite went live over the weekend, revamping the game’s

VSCO is growing into a legit social network for photographers

Four years after the dawn of the VSCO Girl, VSCO wants you to know that it’s still very much alive. Photographers and other aesthetically inclined creators still flock to the app’s suite of to

Twitch’s new experiments hub tells streamers what’s being tested each month

Twitch wants the streamers who spend hours just chatting and gaming on the platform to stay well-informed about the features it’s in the process of test-driving. To that end, the company is laun

Houseparty’s founder launches Towns, an open source group chat web app and protocol

After launching a pair of well-loved but ultimately star-crossed social apps, Ben Rubin is going all-in on decentralization. Rubin previously founded Meerkat and Houseparty — apps that pioneered mob

Supreme Court arguments this week could reshape the future of the internet

The Supreme Court is examining a short but potent law this week that, if altered, could rearrange the modern internet. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act shields internet companies from lia

Roblox wants to let people build virtual worlds just by typing

AI chatbots can spit out convincing — if at times overconfident — natural language responses, but what if an AI could build custom virtual worlds based on a text description alone? Roblox is explo

LGBTQ organizations report a recent uptick in Twitter hate

Twitter is still in the early days of its Elon Musk era, but the company’s new owner hasn’t hesitated in leaving his mark on the social network. According to a new survey from GLAAD, Amnes

Epic Games launches Postparty, an app for sharing Fortnite clips

Modern gaming now boasts persistent online worlds and graphics that rival reality, but sharing gameplay videos or even screenshots is still a bear for some reason. Aware of that pain point and ever ea

Twitter is telling users that they’re over the daily tweet limit

Twitter users have seen their fair share of erratic policy changes and weird bugs lately, but today they can’t even tweet through it. Many users reported that they were suddenly unable to tweet

Meta’s Reality Labs lost $13.7 billion on VR and AR last year

Elon Musk says that Twitter will start sharing ad revenue with creators ‘today’

Twitter’s new owner is making moves to build in more revenue streams for creators — or at least he’s tweeting about it. Elon Musk announced Friday that the company would soon begin shari
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