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Down rounds are a ‘ticket to try again,’ says founder who raised 3 in a row

Russ Wilcox, founder of E Ink, recently joined TechCrunch's Found podcast to talk about how he raised multiple down rounds before a successful exit.

Read the room

Let's look into cybersecurity sales, developer content marketing, and fundraising pitches through a common lens: The importance of understanding your audience and putting it first.

4 problems venture capital can’t solve

Sometimes, it's good to ask yourself if you're raising capital in anticipation of pain that may never materialize.

Despite regulatory concerns, the US is far from losing its venture crown

We can learn quite a lot from venture capital investments themselves.

Investors prefer debt over equity (but not venture debt)

Capital markets are changing, which means financing options for companies are changing as well.

Tech investors’ obsession over profit is already waning

New data indicates that venture investors are on their way back to preferring growth over profitability at startups.

Roundtable raises funding round on Roundtable

French startup Roundtable has raised a $3.2 million (€3 million) funding round from a 100 business angels on its own platform.

A Black YC alum explains how he raised $107M

Captain founder Demetrius Gray shares his best practices for networking across geographies, fine-tuning pitches and more.

TechCrunch+ roundup: 2023 unicorn slump, global VC slowdown, email marketing 101

The hunt is already on for another mythical animal that best represents startup attainment in a down market, like "ARRmadillo."

4 tips to find the funding that fits your business

Not all capital providers are equal, so seeking financing isn’t just about securing capital — it's about finding the funding to fit your needs.

You’re not going to grow into your 2021 valuation

If you are growing slower than 30%, there is a strong chance that you will never be able to match your 2021 valuation.

3 questions founders should be asking investors in Q1 2023

It is now more important than ever for every party to approach the negotiating table with clear questions and expectations.

We need to destigmatize down rounds in 2023

A new year is upon us, and with it comes uncertain, and uncomfortable, market conditions. Here's why a down round could make sense for your startup.

What to look for in a term sheet as a first-time founder

We recently sat down with three VCs who shared tips on spinning up an investing network from scratch and negotiating your first term sheet.

How SmartHelio aims to fix solar panels before they break

The startup uses AI tech to measure live data from solar plant, and offers suggestions for fixes when their solar arrays start underperforming.

To win over investors, use growth as your differentiator

So they've looked at your pitch deck and you've got the intro. Now, you have 30 minutes to win over an investor. What do you tell them?

TechCrunch+ roundup: Fundraising under scrutiny, optimizing LTV, visa bulletin update

The idea that there's a "good" time to launch a startup is just a bedtime story investors tell founders.

Early-stage founders still have currency: Fundraising in times of greater VC scrutiny

Founders may be discouraged in this environment, but they need to remember that they have "currency," too.

Lessons for raising $10M without giving up a board seat

"Raise as much as you can as fast as you can" isn’t bad advice, but given the funding climate today, it may not be the most realistic.

How to land investors who fund game-changing companies

For founders and investors alike, hard tech problems present a challenge — how to build a successful company over a long time horizon.
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