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Play Our 2023 TechCrunch Pub Quiz!

How well do you remember everything that happened this year? Quiz yourself and find out!

The 8 Lego sets to gift to hobbyists, kids and everyone in-between in 2023

In the year of the Barbie movie and the Eras tour, I’m here to tell you that Lego is back, and it’s not just for kids. My love for Legos started when I worked at a summer camp during colle

Charting the last 10 years of the unicorn era

We've witnessed an incredible unicorn stampede over the last 10 years.

SBF said nothing and everything in his testimony, all at the same time

Bankman-Fried was seemingly incapable of answering the prosecution's questions clearly, or speaking plainly about his activities when he was CEO of FTX.

The Q3 venture capital market explained in five charts

The TechCrunch+ team has charted the most important VC data we've seen thus far in Q3 to help you better understand where global startup investing really is today.

A year into private ownership, SailPoint cracks the $600M ARR threshold

The final earnings report that SailPoint disclosed before it was taken private detailed its Q2 2022 results, including revenue of $134.3M.

Eliminating food waste is the next frontier in saving the planet

In the race to reach carbon neutrality, many businesses are looking for various ways to cut emissions, whether through limiting high-carbon transit, becoming more energy efficient at home, or reducing

TechCrunch+’s holiday reading list

It's Memorial Day here in the United States, which means that the flow of tech news is slower than normal.

Over 300 gigafactories will make tomorrow’s EVs. We mapped them all

Venture capitalists and private equity firms have invested over $40 billion into battery technology startups, and some of those investments are now coming to fruition.

How TechCrunch+ followed the venture dollars in 2022

Venture themes in 2022 included layoffs, demands for growth at all costs, VCs sitting on mountains of cash and low funding for minority groups.

How TechCrunch+ followed the roller-coaster crypto market in 2022

In 2022, the crypto community rose to new heights — and then it crashed. TechCrunch+ followed it all.

Hot takes: How TechCrunch+ covered climate tech in 2022

Climate tech is more relevant than ever in 2022, so we rounded up our hottest TechCrunch+ climate coverage over the past year.

We had thoughts in 2022. Here are the top takes from the TechCrunch+ team

In 2022, uncertainty continued: Major acquisitions took place, layoffs swept the tech industry, Elon Musk bought Twitter. All those topics got us talking.

3 views on Amazon’s $3.9B acquisition of One Medical

After it was rumored to be in play earlier this month, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that One Medical has found a new home. After a torrid public offering, the value of the American consumer

Growth marketing experts survey: How would you spend a $75,000 budget in summer 2022?

We reached out to four marketers to see how they would spend a $75,000 budget in summer 2022. Amid the economic uncertainty, we also asked how their plan would change if their budget was $10,000.

Need advice on navigating a tough startup market? Start here

The market for startup investment has changed. From the hottest year in startup VC history to a period of pessimism, how did we get here? This digest of TechCrunch coverage looks to answer that.

TechCrunch Experts: 3 articles on growth marketing and software development

We spoke with experts about viral growth and conversion optimization rates and chatted with one development shop about how it works with clients to ensure their ideas are brought to life.

For founders who want to launch apps, ‘being non-technical is not a limitation’

To get a look at how development agency Intent tailors its approach to client needs, we spoke with Wojciech Borkowski, head of business development, and CTO Peter Tuszynski.

Experts Weekly: Recruiting recruiters, crypto marketing, earned media 101

Do you have recent experience recruiting talent for pre-revenue startups? If this describes you — or someone you know — please read our important announcement.

TechCrunch Experts is recruiting recruiters

We're looking for experts to take part in a survey we’re conducting about tactics and strategies for startup recruiting in Q1 2022.
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