The lobbying is fast and furious as gig companies seek relief from pro-labor Supreme Court ruling

For four years, Edhuar Arellano has left his house at 7 a.m. on weekdays to drive customers around the Bay Area for Lyft and Uber. Most days, he doesn’t get home to Santa Clara until 11 p.m. On week raises $10M to bring real-time analytics to the edge

Once upon a time, it looked like cloud-based serviced would become the central hub for analyzing all IoT data. But it didn’t quite turn out that way because most IoT solutions simply generate to

Amazon Rekognition Video gives developers access to real-time video analysis

Amazon's AWS division today expanded its line-up of pre-trained machine learning tools with the launch of Amazon Rekognition Video. This new service works for both batch uploads and even real-time vid

Google adds real-time updates from the NHL & NBA directly to its search results

Google announced this afternoon it’s adding new features to both Google Search and Google Play Newsstand that will help people keep up with their favorite teams and their standings during the NB

Snapchat Challenges Twitter And Facebook For Sports Talk

Possession wins trophies or, in this case, ad dollars. That’s why Snapchat stepped up its game late last year by quietly partnering with Now TechCrunch has learned that Snapchat has rolle

Facebook Yells “Sportsball!”

Facebook wasn’t built for sports. Its filtered, non-chronological News Feed made it tough to follow real-time chatter about the game. Twitter’s feed is great for it. But out of Facebook&#8

Beauty By Design: The Intersection Of Data And Digital Art

It’s only through parallel creative exploration that the broader ramifications of open data can be clarified and communicated, both in terms of the value of the art itself and also what it can revea

Bottlenose Scores $13.4M To Help Enterprises Spot Emerging Trends And Threats In Real-Time

Bottlenose, a big data analytics firm which likens itself to “a real-time Palantir,” referencing its focus on tracking, filtering and analyzing stream data, has raised $13.4 million in Ser

Twitter Mobile Update Bubbles Trending Events To The Top Of The Timeline, Adds Photo Editing

Twitter has just released an update to its Android client (coming soon to iOS) that brings new photo editing tools to the service, which are likely meant to make it easier to share photos direct and k

Real-Time Analytics Startup DataTorrent Raises $8M From August Capital, Joins Yahoo! Co-Founder Jerry Yang As Investor

<a target="_blank" href="">Data Torrent</a> has raised $8 million in a round led by August Capital for its Hadoop-based, real-time data streaming platform. The company had previo

Tumblr Adds Real-Time Notifications To Its Dashboard And It Feels A Lot Like Facebook’s Ticker

Today on its staff blog, Tumblr shared that it is rolling out real-time notifications to people’s dashboards, so that you can have even more cat- and fashion-related content thrown in your face.

Google’s Real Time Big Data Tool Cloned By Apache Drill

Google, as you might expect, has massive amounts of data and it's built many tools to handle it. Stuff like MapReduce and GoogleFS, which spawned the open source Apache Hadoop, and BigTable, which spa

Realtime Gets $100 Million To Build “Whole New Era Of The Internet,” AKA The Real-Time Web

<a target="_blank" href="">Realtime</a>, a technology developed by a company which has been around since the Internet's earliest days with the practically un-Googleable name "In

Bitly Announces Realtime, A Search Engine For Trending Links

Today <a target="_blank" href="">Bitly announced a new Bitly Labs project called Realtime</a>, a service for finding the mos

Twitter’s Open Source Big Data Tool Comes to the Cloud Courtesy of Nodeable

Usually when we think of a pivot, we think of a company that has decided to drop its core offering and market a different product or service. Obvious Corporation put ODEO up for sale and focused on Tw

YC’s Parallel Universe Developing Spatial Databases For Matrix-Style Games

<a target="_blank" href="">Parallel Universe</a> is an Israeli technology company that promises video game companies the capability to make Matrix-style games through parall

Live Streaming Video Platform IntercastNetwork Brings Real-Time Feedback To Online Broadcasters

<a href="">IntercastNetwork</a> is a rich-media interactive platform that allows brands to connect to audiences using a combination of live-streaming video, real-time polli

Relevance Over Time

<img src="" width="180" height="180" />When email was first created in 1965 it was used as a method to communicate between