• Aspiration’s Growth Shows The Appetite For More Financial Services

    Aspiration’s Growth Shows The Appetite For More Financial Services

    Defying its critics and building on the success of players like Wealthfront and Betterment, Aspiration, the new money management firm launched by Andrei Cherny, is off to a roaring start. The company has 700 customers paying for its initial wealth management product and has received $2 million to manage for its clients. Read More

  • India’s Visa Maze Ensnares Foreign Entrepreneurs

    India’s Visa Maze Ensnares Foreign Entrepreneurs

    Returning for his fourth and final visit to the Indian offices that would grant him a coveted five-year business visa, social entrepreneur Alex Stevens* was confident his wild goose chase was almost at an end. However, facing the elusive supervisor, he was greeted with an awkward smile, a head tilt from side-to-side, and, “sorry, you can’t get your visa now, please come back in… Read More

  • RGM Pennsylvania Tourbillon MM 2 Watch: American-Made At Its Finest

    I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first laid eyes on the movement for this RGM Pennsylvania Tourbillon watch (which I discussed here). Sure the final version isn’t much different than the preview I saw a while ago, but seeing it all put together with case, text, hands, and finishing is really satisfying. I feel a nice level of price seeing this timepiece, knowing it is all American. Read More

  • Sony to close its last American TV plant by 2010

    The last Sony TV manufacturing plant in the U.S. will cease production by February 2009, closing completely one year later. It’s located in Westmoreland County in southwestern Pennsylvania, and some 560 people are expected to lose their jobs. A manufacturing facility in Mexico will supply the U.S. with Sony TVs following Westmoreland’s closure. This is part of the huge… Read More