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Matthew Panzarino


Matthew Panzarino served as Editor in Chief of TechCrunch for a decade. Previously, he was News Editor and Managing Editor at The Next Web, founded photography businesses and a news blog covering the Apple ecosystem. He has made a name for himself in the tech media world as a writer and editor covering Apple, Disney, robotics and fashion in addition to a broad range of startups in the fields of robotics, computer vision, AI, VR, AR and more. Disclosures: Holds shares in ETFs, ETH and various NFTs. Contact Matthew at PGP Key:

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Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max goes to Disneyland

Since 2014, I’ve been reviewing Apple’s latest iPhones at Disneyland. The rationale was, and is, simple: Instead of lab tests, do my best to get a feeling for what these devices will be like to us

10 years at TechCrunch

It’s been 10 years since I stepped off a ledge and landed at TechCrunch. I don’t get self-referential a lot here on the pages of TC, but I figured that a tin anniversary is a nice time to look

I’ve never seen so many crap startups

Startups are so full of shit right now.  The pipes are jammed and there are so many companies that are full to bursting with the desire to un-pack them.  We’ve just been through determining the sh

Acronym’s new computer with Asus is bonkers, but that’s the point

How do you critique functional art? Do you base your assessment on its capability or the resolution at which it solves a problem? Is it more important that it succeeds as art? Or is it the overall sta

First impressions: Yes, Apple Vision Pro works and yes, it’s good

After a roughly 30-minute demo that ran through the major features that are yet ready to test, I came away convinced that Apple has delivered nothing less than a genuine leapfrog in capability and exe

Disrupt 2023 — we’re shipping a big new release

If the past few years, and even the past week, has reminded us soundly of anything — it’s that the startup world will never be predictable. To meet the changing startup landscape, we’re ref

Walt Disney Imagineering snags chief creative officer Bruce Vaughn back from Airbnb

Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI), the workshop that makes all of the cool things you experience at the Disney Parks, is bringing back a veteran to co-lead the division. Bruce Vaughn was previously at WD

Apple execs on M2 chips, winning gamers and when to buy a Mac

Apple’s M series chips were incredibly well telegraphed when they arrived in late 2020. Apple had been designing its own silicon since the A4 appeared in the iPhone 4 just over a decade earlier.

Review of Apple’s iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro: They’re leaning into it

Apple’s iPhone 14 lineup delivers on a bunch of different vectors this year with very few peccadillos or complaints. Apple is really leaning into its silicon lead to deliver big gains year over year

Apple resizes the iPad’s workflow with Stage Manager

Though the iPad was a huge hit from the beginning based on its user-friendly interface and single-application focus, it had begun feeling a bit stale for those who hunger for more depth. Long one of t

Apple execs on developing Mac Studio and Studio Display for the other pros

The seeds of the Mac Studio were planted 5 years ago next month when, in a rare candid admission of misstep, Apple said it was pushing the reset button on the Mac Pro. Having painted itself into a “

Apple’s 2022 iPad Air elbows M1 into the lineup

I must confess, the iPad Air was a bit confusing to me at first. With each passing addition to Apple’s iPad lineup, they fill out more of their pricing umbrella, leaving less room for competitor

The iPhone SE is the platonic ideal of a smartphone

I wish I was an iPhone SE person. Since its re-launch in 2020, the entry model iPhone has transformed from a nod to relic-era sizing into a prime example of a “just what it needs to be and nothi

Utopia Labs is building an operating system for DAOs

Decentralized autonomous organizations, or DAOs, are all the rage at the moment. We’re seeing explosive growth in this sector as people experiment with building companies on top of tokens and smart

How Apple built the iPhone 13’s Cinematic Mode

The Cinematic Mode on the iPhone 13 Pro models had a marquee spot in Apple’s presentation about the devices last week. The reviews so far this week have people acknowledging the cleverness but quest

Apple’s 2021 iPad mini isn’t just living, it’s thriving

Every few years all of the iPad mini lovers hold their breath as they wait to see whether this very specific device will keep on trucking or hit the chopping block. Well they probably needn’t worry

The iPhone 13 Pro goes to Disneyland

This year’s iPhone review goes back to Disneyland for the first time in a couple of years for, uh, obvious reasons. I’m happy to report that the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 performed extremely wel

In internal memo, Apple says it is monitoring legal challenges to Texas abortion law

In a message posted on an internal employee message board today, Apple said that it was monitoring the legal challenges to what it refers to as the “uniquely restrictive abortion law” that

Interview: Apple’s head of Privacy details child abuse detection and Messages safety features

Last week, Apple announced a series of new features targeted at child safety on its devices. Though not live yet, the features will arrive later this year for users. Though the goals of these features

Hyper is a new fund that offers $300k checks and promise of a media slingshot for founders 

Hyper is a $60M early-stage fund co-founded by Josh Buckley, Product Hunt’s current CEO along with writer, founder and designer Dustin Curtis. Two ex-Sequoia operators are part of the team at launch
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