• MyHeritage: Avoiding the MetaCafe Curse

    BNEI ATAROT- In case you don’t recognize it, that dateline is the name of a small village about forty-five minutes from Tel Aviv. Don’t worry, my concierge hadn’t heard of it either. It may actually have more roosters than people living there. But tucked away, in a hundred-year-old house built by German Templars is one of the most exciting Web companies in Israel: MyHeritage. Read More

  • MyHeritage acquires Kindo for smarter family tree

    Israeli based MyHeritage, recently funded by Accel and Index Ventures is acquiring UK based, a family tree service. The amount of the acquisition is not announced but given Kindo’s performance (according to Google trends) we assume this was not a big operation. We can assume also that part of the recent funding was dedicated to the acquisition. Read More

  • Family Tree Wars Continue: MyHeritage Raises Big Round, Shows Impressive Growth

    It’s been just a few days after our post on Geni’s big growth numbers – and now big news from Israeli competitor MyHeritage. The site has grown from 180 million profiles a year ago to 260 million today, they say. Registered users have also grown, from 17 million to 25 million. Compare that to almost 2 million users for Geni. 230 million photos have been uploaded to the… Read More

  • Geni Clone Growing A Lot Faster Than Geni

    Family genealogy and social newtork Geni got to five million profiles in the first five months after launch. Their early growth propelled them to a $100 million valuation and a lot of positive press. In August the inevitable German clone launched. The clone, called is a near carbon copy of Geni. But unlike most clones, which never do as well as the original application, Verwandt… Read More

  • MyHeritage Takes 180 Million People Profiles To War With Geni

    Israeli startup MyHeritage was a bit of a sleeping giant. Until newcomer Geni came along and shook up the genealogy world with its slick new viral family tree application. Geni quickly reached 5 million people profiles and a monster $100 million valuation just a few months after launching. MyHeritage has been around since 2005. They’ve quietly raised $9 million in venture capital (about… Read More

  • MyHeritage Expands Its Family Tree

    Genealogy site MyHeritage is merging with Pearl Street Software. Through the team-up MyHeritage will pick up Pearl Street’s VP of Technology and gain control of the #2 family tree software in worldwide sales (Family Tree Legends), the #2 family tree submission site (GenCircles) with more than 160 million ancestors, and more than 400 million public records in the Family Tree Legends… Read More