• Microsoft PubCenter Producing Strong Results Via YieldBuild Online Ad Planning Program

    Microsoft PubCenter, Microsoft’s competitor to Google’s AdSense and Yahoo’s Publisher Network, is being beta tested through ad network and layout optimization service, YieldBuild, and receiving positive results. We recently wrote about the encouraging reports we received from beta testers of PubCenter, which is a a self serve third party ad publishers platform similar to… Read More

  • The HP-35: The most important Reverse Polish Notation calculator in the world [Update]

    The beloved HP-35, one of the first scientific calculators able to “perform transcendental functions such as trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions” with an LED display just received an IEEE Milestone Award. The award commemorates important steps in computing technology. Sadly, HP’s current computing technology is sub-par and won’t let us embed a video of… Read More

  • HD Cloud Puts Video Formatting In The Cloud

    Producing and editing compelling video is only half the work involved in publishing video content to the web. Once finalized, video needs to be formatted and converted to the proper version, or transcoded, to adapt content to the proper format. Startup HD Cloud, a video encoding and transcoding business, wants to become the “the FedEx of web video” is offering automated… Read More

  • Learn A Language, 10 Words At A Time

    As I wrote in my previous post about the PragueCrunch meetup, I was seriously impressed by what the people behind online language training service Learn10 are up to, so here’s an update with more information on that. Bear in mind that Learn10 is an entirely bootstrapped operation, founded by a British couple that moved to the Czech Republic a couple of years ago and are running the… Read More

  • Will consumers line up for iPhone ]I[?

    As we approach the potential hour of power this June when Steve Jobs will come down from his mountain fortress bearing the new iPhone, this time with magnetometer and 3.2-megapixel camera or whatever, I keep wondering something: Will anyone buy it? Under a decade ago it wasn’t unusual for folks to buy the latest Nokia – one after the other – simply because of the feature… Read More

  • StumbleUpon, A Case Study In The Efficient Allocation Of Resources

    So StumbleUpon, a social bookmarking site that lets users browse and discover new websites by clicking a button, was a subsidiary of eBay for just less than two years. The acquisition made the startup’s founders extremely wealthy, given that they raised just $1.5 million in venture capital, and sold for $75 million. You’d think that the founders (Garrett Camp, Geoff Smith and… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Polar Fear Edition

    Another International Polar Year comes to an end
    Storm Trooper cookie jar perfect for that intergalactic kitchen motif
    Patapon 2 to be released digitally for the PSP, no more UMD Read More

  • Birdhouse: The CMS For Twitter You Don't Need — But Watch The Video

    While a lot of people may mostly be using their iPhones to check the weather, the apps I use most frequently are the ones that connect to Twitter. Twitter’s mobile web experience is pretty awful and SMS is a complete and utter rip-off. But luckily, several developers have made some simple, slick apps for using Twitter on the device. My current favorites are Tweetie (iTunes link) and… Read More

  • Nikon announces swivel-screen D5000, for real

    Yes, dear readers, the D5000 we’ve all suspected existed (as late as tonight, look two posts down), does indeed. Nikon’s new high-end consumer DSLR has hit, and it looks like a serious contender with its wealth of features and sub-$1000 price point. It’s not going to walk on water or anything, but it makes for a very compelling alternative to, for example, my own Canon… Read More

  • Nikon D5000 official pics leaked

    Well, the rumors about the D5000 have been flying fast and furious, and now it looks like someone at the leak factory let some pictures out a bit early — “early,” that is, if this camera from Nikon is going to debut at their press event tomorrow as we believe. As you can see, there’s a 2.7-inch swivel screen (swiveling from the middle, oddly). But that’s not its… Read More

  • HP's new external Blu-ray drive is sleek as hell

    The Blu-ray drive that will be coming with the HP dv2 “ultra-slim” notebook is looking really nice. It’s shiny, gorgeous, and incredibly thin. I thought I better get some pictures of this sexy accessory up so you guys know how HP rolls with this new stylish line of not-netbooks-but-not-notebooks. Click on through for a couple more pictures. Sexy time! Read More

  • Android "Cupcake" build nearly golden brown: Preview SDK released, feature list finalized

    Four months of discovery and hearsay later, the Android build that we’ve all been waiting for is nigh. Run inside, everyone – run inside and charge your G1s, for Cupcake (Firmware v1.5) is nearly upon us. (Actually, it’s still a few weeks away. But you should charge your G1 anyway, seeing as it’s a G1 and the day is halfway over, so the battery’s probably… Read More

  • Another International Polar Year comes to an end

    The International Polar Year just wrapped up. Yeah, I didn’t know anything about it, either. It involved 160 scientific projects conducted by researchers from over 60 countries, so you’d think it might have gotten a little more mainstream press. You’d think the construction of cyborg seals would garner some attention, at least! Read More

  • MySpace 'Lite' Brings Bloated Profile Pages Down To Size

    MySpace users have been noticing a new button in their Nav Bars this afternoon, allowing them to switch between the site’s traditional ‘Full’ view and a new view, called ‘Lite’, which strips out the customization and media that the site’s profiles have become known for. When reached for comment, MySpace confirmed that they have been quietly testing the… Read More

  • NextWorth now paying for your old gadgets

    I can’t tell you how much stuff I have lying around my apartment and office that I’ve been meaning to unload for the last few months or even year. I’ve used Flipswap and Gazelle in the past with varying degrees of success – $20 vs $45 for an old Nokia from college – and now NextWorth is getting in on the used gadget recycling game with added categories. Read More

  • CrunchArcade Roundup [Update]

    A handful of gaming news just got dumped on my lap, so I figured a roundup post was in order. First up is some news about the upcoming PS3 exclusive inFamous from Sucker Punch. It was supposed to launch sometime in June, but Sony announced today that it would be coming on May 26. The demo drops on May 21, but if you pre-order now, you’ll be privy to some exclusive goodies, like, early… Read More

  • Is the All-in-One Device Dream Doomed?

    Roger McNamee and I have two things in common. One: I desperately need a haircut. Two: I’ve officially given up on the dream of one-device-that-can-rule-them-all. In this video, McNamee shows off his famously unruly locks and his famous Batman-like utility belt, in which he carries at least two iPhones, a Palm Pre, a Centro, a G1 and a Blackberry. In the clip, he’s telling me the… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 22-inch monitor for $149

    Best Buy is offering the 22-inch Acer AL2216WBD monitor for $149.99 after a $20 price break. It’s got a 1680×1050 resolution, VGA/DVI inputs, 700:1 contrast ratio, and 300 cd/m2 brightness. Read More

  • Review: Wiebetech RTX-400 RAID storage device

    It sounds a bit like a model of Terminator, but the RTX-400-QR is really much more straightforward than that. It’s essentially a rugged, no-frills direct attached storage device for up to four RAIDed drives. That’s it! Should be pretty simple to review, right? Actually, it was! Read More

  • Live From Qik Special Event Announcing QikRoam

    We’re here at Qik’s office in Redwood City, California, where Qik is holding a special event to make a new product announcement. Mary Coughlan, the deputy Prime Minister of Ireland, is here to make the announcement. Qik is announcing a long term partnership with Pat Phelan’s company Cubic Telecom to create QikRoam. QikRoam is a special SIM card you can order today from… Read More

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