• Compare Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader Daily Edition, and IREX DR800SG wireless e-book readers with this handy chart

    Choosing a wireless e-book reader is getting tougher all the time! Well, maybe not all that tough but here’s a chart comparing the offerings from Amazon, Sony, and IREX. Read More

  • Mallory From Family Ties Could Be A Harbinger Of What's To Come With Twitter Retweets

    So Justine Bateman, you know, Mallory Keaton from Family Ties, completely lost her cool this morning with a bunch of people on Twitter. She kept noticing people she doesn’t follow showing up in her tweet stream and proceeded to publicly call them all “shitheads.” Of course, what she doesn’t realize is that this really is a feature and not a bug. And it could spell… Read More

  • iPod nano banned by many gyms

    The iPod nano has become very popular with the gym crowd. It’s light, doesn’t skip, and is inexpensive enough that if it gets stolen, it’s not the end of the world. The bad news is, many gyms are banning the new version, due to the camera. Seems that recording devices in general are verboten in gym locker rooms, and something small and concealable like an iPod nano is… Read More

  • DEMO: CallSpark Looks To Be Your Phone's Ultimate Contact Database

    Our phones are smarter than ever, but figuring out a business’s or personal contact’s phone number can still be a trying task — especially when this data can be scattered across multiple address books, Facebook profiles, and professional contact management tools. CallSpark is a new startup that’s making its debut at DEMO Fall that’s looking to help solve this… Read More

  • Rumor: Palm looking to cash in, Nokia might strike?

    Another day, another merger rumor. The once-mighty handset developer, Palm, Inc., announced an increase of its public offering of common stock to 20,000,000 shares, @ $16.25/share. This news has spurred rumors of a possible bid on Palm by the Finnish mobile powerhouse, Nokia. Read More

  • Hyundai goes nuts with OLED screens

    Hyundai? Pretty please bring OLED screens to the automotive world. It doesn’t have to be as futuristic as the dashboard in the Blue-Will concept car, but OLEDs are just so nice. Ford is already using LCD screens in its latest hybrids, but why not up the game a bit, and do something radical? Please? Read More

  • Qualcomm's FLO TV spied, reveals little [update]

    Info about the Qualcomm FLO TV has been slowly leaking out the last few weeks. First we saw early concept art, then we released the first screenshots, but now it seems Boy Genius has a pic of the real deal. Sure enough, it sports a 4:3-ish screen just like the screenshots indicated. Besides that little tid-bit there isn’t anything else surprise that this pic reveals. We already knew that… Read More

  • Live at the Barnes and Noble Irex DR 800SG launch

    Nicholas is live at the Barnes & Noble Irex reader event and will report back what he’s seeing including, but not limited to, information on the e-reader. Watch this post for more details as they emerge. Read More

  • R2D2 features 8 consoles, projector

    And here we see one of the most useful implementations of an astromech droid to date. Modder Brian De Vitis gutted a novelty R2D2 beverage cooler and somehow managed to stuff eight old-school consoles inside. And – AND! – there’s a built-in projector. Very nice. Read More

  • Finally, A Web Annotation Product That Makes Sense: WebNotes PR

    I am not a big fan of Web annotation services that let people add their own virtual Sticky Notes or comments to Web pages for others to see. But Web annotation is back with the launch today of Google’s Sidewiki. To be honest, I don’t have high hopes for Sidewiki. Marking up the Web has limited appeal to the average consumer. A better approach, if you are not Google, is to make… Read More

  • Nokia To Acquire UK Startup Dopplr

    Nokia has been on an acquisition tear lately, albeit mostly small deals (Plum, Cellity and Bit-Side all this year). A source close to the deal says that they’ve just made one more acquisition: boutique travel social network Dopplr, headquartered in London. The purchase price, we’ve heard, is between €10 million and €15 million ($15 million – $22 million based on… Read More

  • Top Gear to finally be shot and produced in HD

    Top Gear is a CrunchGear staff favorite. Even Nicholas who always proclaims he knows nothing about cars and Devin, our resident, van-driving hipster, watches the show regularly. High definition was the only thing missing from the broadcast. But that’s set to change for season 14 Read More

  • SundaySky automates the multimedia e-commerce experience

    When I was in Israel two weeks ago I sat down with the guys at SundaySky. I need you to bear with me here because the service doesn’t sound cool outright but once you realize the power for commerce sites it becomes amazing. Here’s how it works: e-commerce sites have lots of products. Take cameras, for example. You have a few set attributes – zoom, megapixels, etc. – and… Read More

  • T-Mobile announces 8 new 3G markets

    If you happen to be a T-Mobile subscriber who lives in one of the 8 newly announced markets, get excited! 3G is coming to town! As you can see above, 3G network access is rolling out in Columbia, Durham, Greensboro, Raleigh, and Winston-Salem, N.C.; Greenville, S.C.; and Escondido and Oceanside, CA. Better late than never, we say. Read More

  • Atlona steps up to the plate, produces DVI to Mini DisplayPort converter

    Apple left out a large customer base when it released the Mini DisplayPort only 24-inch Cinema Display. Suddenly computers with only a DVI output couldn’t play nicely with Apple’s top monitor. Tears have certainly been shed and at least a few fanboys probably called foul, but until now, there was nothing that could be done besides replace the computer’s graphic card which… Read More

  • Jabra wants you to be excited about their Stone headset

    Unless it’s expensive or otherwise unique, it’s tough to get people pumped about Bluetooth headsets. We get press releases for at least 3 of them a day – all of them more or less the same. Looking to generate a bit of hype around their new and as-of-yet unannounced “Stone” headset, Jabra is going with the ol’ mystery-and-intrigue routine. They’ve got a… Read More

  • New mini toy car: Penny Racer Hybrid (video)

    Toy maker Takara Tomy’s mini vehicles are being sold everywhere in the world. Marketed as Penny Racers in the US and Choro Q in Japan, the series so far includes mini helis, trains and even small UFOs that attack Tokyo. And now the company has announced Choro Q Hybrid mini cars [JP] for the Japanese market. Read More

  • SGN Snags Former EA And LucasArts Exec To Join Gaming Company

    Social Gaming Network (SGN), the startup that creates popular games for iPhones and social platforms like Facebook, has been seeing significant growth, with SGN’s games now on one out of every three iPhone and iPod Touch devices. To compliment this growth, SGN is adding several seasoned gaming execs to its employee roster. SGN, which is led by CEO and founder Shervin Pishevar, has… Read More

  • South Korea issues exemption, gets iPhone in return

    In the same way that the FCC acts as the Black Gate of Mordor for US-bound mobile devices, the South Koreans have their own Hobbit-deterrent regulatory body to oversee mobile communications and devices, the KCC. As luck would have it, the orcs kind folks working at the KCC have had a change of heart regarding Apple’s darling. Read More

  • Alienware turns to Intel Core i7 CPUs for new M15x notebook, desktops

    Alienware said that it was going to “shake the gaming world to its foundation” this week at the Tokyo Game Show. I don’t know if these new rigs really do all that, but they are impressive enough. Read More

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