• Toshiba's new HD camcorders look reasonably good

    Although the pocket-cam market (Flips, Zi8s and such) is blowing up, these compact handhelds really have the upper hand in image quality and storage. I switched my primary camera for reviews and such from the Zx1 to a Sanyo because of the better low-light and close focus abilities, and I’m sure these new Toshibas enjoy the same advantages. John noted them briefly in the Toshiba press… Read More

  • Google CEO Eric Schmidt On The Future Of Search: "Connect It Straight To Your Brain"

    This is Part 2 of my series of posts summarizing a fascinating recent hour-long one on one interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Early in the interview I asked Schmidt about the future of search. I brought up the “search is 90% done” misunderstanding from last summer. Said Google Vice President Marissa Mayer at the time: Search is a science that will develop and advance over… Read More

  • World of Warcraft faction change is now live!

    The World of Warcraft faction change service is now up and running. It costs $30, and will take your Alliance Priest and turn him or her into a Horde Priest. You can go from any race to any race: Human to Orc, Human to Blood Elf, Human to Troll, you get the idea. Read More

  • Nokia N900 hits T-Mo USA for pre-order — $649

    Just as we suspected would happen, the N900 has hit T-Mobile USA’s interwubs and is up for pre-sale. $649 is a little less than the dollar equivalent of its price in Euros, but you know how those things go. I know, it seems like a lot of money. And it is. But you have to admit that the N900 really is a hunka chunka burning phone. [via Cell Phone Signal and Engadget] Read More

  • Coming to PAX? Be sure to check out the Surface

    If you’re coming up to the Emerald City to hit up PAX, there are a lot of things you’re probably going to want to check out. But I’m going to make a point of dropping by the console free play room, where it is whispered there will be a Surface loaded with every Penny Arcade comic as well as PAX-related media and games. If you haven’t gotten a chance to play with one… Read More

  • Tonight's spacewalk is still on even though space junk is headed right for them

    I don’t care what you say. Astronauts have balls of steel. They strap themselves onto a rocket, shit in a vacuum, and are risking death by space junk tonight. Read More

  • Creately Releases Its Simple Diagramming And Design Tool To The Masses

    Creately, an online diagramming and design application launched by Cinergix and showcased at TechCrunch50’s Demopit in 2008, is unveiling its online tool to the greater public (the startup has been in private beta). Creately lets anyone create create and collaborate on flow charts, wireframes, network diagrams, sitemaps and more within its site. The key to Creately’s application… Read More

  • RRoD: the t-shirt

    The Xbox 360’s achievement model has been incredibly successful, but there is one that no one wants to get. It’s also the easiest. The dreaded RRoD! Now you can display your achievement with pride. Read More

  • Google provides peek at Android marketplace, doesn't spill release date

    Google trickled out some screenshots from the upcoming refresh to the Android marketplace today. They are responding to complaints that the experience is unwieldy to users, and adding subcategories and regional options. While we know that this will be version 1.6 of the marketplace, there’s no word on exactly when it’s going to be released. See the video after the jump. Read More

  • Video: LG's AMOLED display is mighty thin – miiiighty thin

    1.7mm. Well! I remember when I was impressed by a third of an inch — a comparably girthy 8mm. These LG TVs use AMOLED technology, which pretty much is the business except for cost and size limitations right now. Keep in mind that the guts of the TV aren’t contained in that thin part — but the fact that it can stand alone means that the CPU and such can all be hidden or… Read More

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