• Snow Day, Employee Arrest At Fox/MySpace

    Los Angeles tech companies may not be able to stand up to their northern California neighbors when it comes to technology clout, but they sure do seem to have a more interesting and varied work life. While Silicon Valley based Facebook is busy getting users to vote on new terms of use (wake me up when it’s over), cross-state rival MySpace employees learn of an employee arrest over… Read More

  • Video: More info about Burnout Paradise: Cops and Robbers

    Oh MAN. I can’t wait for this Burnout Paradise expansion pack. The teaser video showed a few cars, but this 6:50 podcast shows a bunch. Still no word on the game play differences, but who cares! The cars are f’n sweet! Read More

  • Thumb-sized video camera debuts in Hong Kong

    Here’s something I think we could all use from time to time — especially those of us trying to make a real-life Mirror’s Edge video. This tiny camcorder (they claim it’s the world’s smallest, but I disagree) just debuted in Hong Kong at the Electronics Fair going on there, and it’s called the Mini DV. I can’t think of a more misleading name for a… Read More

  • T-Mobile officially announces the 3G Sidekick LX, coming May 13

    Well, well. Looks like someone launched the new Sidekick LX page a little too early. The oft rumored 2009 model of the Sidekick LX is now 100% official. As far as we can tell, all the stuff we’ve seen leak out over the past few months was spot on, from the 3G, to the 3.2 megapixel camera, to the heavy social networking focus. Form-factor wise, it’s.. well, it’s a Sidekick. Read More

  • Video: Amazing "Toy Soldiers" DLC trailer for F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

    Monolith and WB announced the availability of the “Toy Soldiers” DLC today for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. It’s the first of three DLC packs for F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin and we can expect the “Elite Powered Armor” map pack in May. What makes this even better than it being free is the bitchin’ soundtrack that plays over the trailer. Kudos to you… Read More

  • Google Maps Now Show Views From Webcams

    The latest layer to be turned on in Google Maps is one for webcams. Just click on the “More” button on the top right of each map right next to the “Traffic” button. When you do that, it shows you thumbnails from different public Webcams around the world as tracked by Webcams.travel. You don’t see an actual video, just the most recent still image captured by… Read More

  • Go With The Flow: Product Planner Maps Out How The Web's Most Popular Sites Function

    When it comes to building a website, one of the key factors in establishing a sizable user base is your site’s ability to ‘go viral’. While there isn’t any magic secret to accomplishing this, there are a few things that can help – namely, making it as easy as possible for your users to sign up, and helping them invite their friends. But this is easier said… Read More

  • Forget Billboard. We Are Hunted Charts The Music People Are Listening To On The Web

    What if there was a Billboard Charts for the music people really listened to and talked about on the Web. We Are Hunted wants to be that definitive online music chart. The service monitors the most popular songs on iLike, BitTorrent, Last.fm, MySpace Music, and other Web music services, as well as discussions on Twitter, blogs, and press sites. A collaboration between Australian news… Read More

  • Can't afford a Puma? Try the Legway

    I made my feelings on the Puma known— to both our listeners on the weekly podcast. This alternative to the multi-thousand-dollar fantasy weirdo-cycle relies only on your own two feet. Kind of like walking, which would be cheaper, but less awesome. Read More

  • Two Battlestations: Pacific gameplay trailers because we love you

    It could just be me, but these trailers from Eidos for Battlestations: Pacific are starting to look alike and I can’t tell if they’re just changing the transition screens while using the same gameplay footage. Anyway, here are the two latest videos with the first supposedly showcasing multiplayer online while the second tries to reiterate the fact that you can play as the Japanese… Read More

  • Killercopter UAV snipes you with onboard .338 precision rifle

    Not terrifying at all! And of course, it’s flown with a modified Xbox 360 controller. How do they expect to get headshots with that? Mouse and keyboard, baby. But I digress. This robocalyptic aerial hunter-killer is 26ft long, goes 117mph, and can carry a payload of 150lb. That means it can carry a sniper rifle and a hugbot. Read More

  • Kutcher Surges Past CNN On Twitter — But You Can't Unfollow Either

    Up until this point, despite all the press he was getting, Ashton Kutcher was behind CNN in the race to become the first Twitter user with a million followers. Not anymore. Kutcher surged past CNN on Thursday evening, likely clearing the last hurdle that stands between him and Ted Turner’s doorstep — he promised to ding dong ditch the CNN founder if he was the first to a… Read More

  • Dell Vostro A90 available — it's like a Dell Mini 9 except it says Vostro A90 instead

    You’re a serious business person who needs a serious, um, netbook like the Dell Vostro A90. You can’t show up to a sales pitch with a weiner-ish sounding Dell Mini! There’s nothing mini about your can-do attitude and proven track record. The Dell Vostro A90 may simply be a Dell Mini 9 in sell-the-sizzle black but in this tough economy, image matters more than anything when… Read More

  • Psystar's Open(3) caught in the wild

    It seems like just yesterday when we were unboxing our very own Psystar system, and apart from some build quality issues, were surprised at how well it worked. The Open(3) system they announced last month was expected by some to be a no-show, what with the ongoing dispute with Apple, but it looks like at least one person with a camera has gotten his delivered. Read More

  • Real-life Mirror's Edge: parkour with handheld camera

    If you were one of the few people who both liked Mirror’s Edge and didn’t get motion sickness (I consider myself one), then you may proceed to watching the video. If not, you might want to skip it, or at least get yourself in the mood by watching some speed runs. After that, you will probably be ready to watch this parkour expert do a bit of free running with a camera in-hand. Read More

  • Watch Out, TwitPic: PhotoBucket Is Coming At You With TwitGoo

    PhotoBucket, the FIM-owned photo sharing goliath that sees over 25 million monthly uniques, is taking aim at becoming the dominant photo sharing service on Twitter. The company has quietly launched TwitGoo, a media-sharing service designed from the ground up to be Twitter-friendly, allowing users to share photos with only a few clicks (and movies are on the way). PhotoBucket used to be one of… Read More

  • We're getting a Viliv S5, what do you wanna know

    The Viliv S5 is about as hot as mobile computing gets. The tiny Windows XP machine comes packing a 4.8-inch WSVGA screen, 60GB HDD, 1.33GHz Atom CPU, GPS, and so much more. We’re stoked, but we’re curious what you want to know about it. Obviously the battery life for one, we all know product discriptions are generally pipe dreams and this guy is suppose to get six hours of 720p… Read More

  • Time Warner Cable chickens out, no tiered Internet pricing (for now)

    Huzzah! Our whining and bitching actually worked. Time Warner Cable Inc. is shelving its plan to bill customers based on how much Internet traffic they generate, following mounting public and political outcry. via AP Read More

  • There were Tea Parties in Second Life too

    Jesus, Mary, Joseph! We fleetingly mentioned those Tax Day Tea Parties yesterday, but this is too much. That’s right: Tea Parties in Second Life, the game that, um, is still popular? (Not a lot of buzz about it these days, I mean to say.) Anyway, here’s a few photos of the in-game protest about in-real-life issues. Because that’s how minds are changed, in online video games. Read More

  • Microsoft hints at 1 v 100 launch with teaser trailer for the Xbox 360

    It’s not official yet, but Spring is drawing near and Microsoft just released this teaser trailer for the Xbox Live Primetime game show 1 v 100. Read More

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