• Super thin ASUS 'Designo' LCD monitors are coming

    If you’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for an LCD monitor that’s only 0.65 inches thin, your wait may soon be over. Otherwise, a standard monitor ought to do just fine. But if thin’s your thing, ASUS has just announced its line of “Designo” monitors that’ll be available in 20-, 22-, 23-, and 24-inch sizes. Read More

  • Altec Lansing announces USB-powered Orbit speaker

    Fans of Altec Lansing’s Orbit MP3 speaker series may be interested in the company’s upcoming Orbit USB speaker. It ditches the AAA battery requirements and the 3.5mm audio jack for a single USB connection. Needless to say, this one isn’t for your MP3 player but more for your laptop, netbook, or speaker-less desktop. Read More

  • Two days before Moto's Android event, two handsets unearthed

    Here comes the trickle, folks. With just two days left before the grand unveiling of Motorola’s first Android-powered device(s), the basic specs for two separate ‘Droid sets have shown up on Motorola’s own territory. CellPassion was hunting around in one of Motorola’s repositories when they found them: the MB200 and MB300. Could these be the Morrison and the Calgary? Read More

  • The Dev-Team issues a warning about the iPhone 3.1 firmware

    Apple may or may not out new iPhone firmware tomorrow. But if there is new firmware, the Dev-Team wants everyone to know that they should ignore iTunes and NOT update if they like everything ultrasn0w unlocks. Apparently updating to the new firmware might lock down the iPhone forever. So just hangtight, and let these good folks do their work first. That is, of course, if the iPhone 3.1 update… Read More

  • ZVOX outs the Z-Base 525 audio system for flat panel owners, neat freaks

    Do you know the one crappy thing about small flat panel TVs? The sound sucks. Really, it does, but generally you don’t want extra speakers and whatnots cluttering up your space. There are a few options like a Bose Wave Radio or even self-powered computer speakers, but ZVOX has something now too. The Z-Base 525 is 24″w x 12.5″d x 3.5″h box that house all the goods needed… Read More

  • Verizon launches the Samsung Rogue

    After letting it float around in the rumorsphere for months on end, Verizon finally announced at the end of August that they would be launching the Samsung Rogue on September 8th. September 8th has come and, sure enough, so has the Samsung. The Rogue isn’t quite a smartphone, but it still packs a good amount of heat for a $99 messaging phone. It’s got a 3.1″ touchscreen, with… Read More

  • EduFire Raises $1.3 Million For Video Education Platform

    EduFire, the startup that offers online video classes for a variety of subjects, has raised $1.3 million in Series A funding from Battery Ventures, with Google AdSense godfather Gokul Rajaram and Western Technology Investment participating. EduFire, which we previously wrote about here, was originally a platform for one-on-one language training. The site recently expanded its class offerings… Read More

  • The Top 20 VC Bloggers (September 2009)

    When it comes to lists of top VCs, one of our favorites is the top VC bloggers. Larry Cheng, a partner at Fidelity Ventures, started keeping just such a list last May, based on how many subscribers each VC blogger has on Google Reader. This morning he updated his VC blogger leaderboard. The top 20 are below, all 100 are on his own blog, Thinking About Thinking (No. 71). These rankings… Read More

  • Social travel guide tripwolf goes for a total revamp

    Tripwolf, the self proclaimed “social travel guide”, just launched their new and revamped version – tripwolf 2.0. Some new features have been added to the new version, and – at least at first sight – the usability of the site has been greatly improved, with an up-to-date contemporary look and feel. However, underneath the design and UI improvements, some… Read More

  • Israeli Company Lands US Patent That Could Make Internet Search Giants Pay

    Aviv Refuah, the young CEO of the public Israeli company Netex Corporation, has managed to score a US patent on an internet search option developed by the company he founded that could well force major Internet search players like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo to cough up royalties for future use of the technology. Refuah, who started the company 12 years ago when he was barely 17 years old… Read More

  • Japan field-tests floating wind turbine

    There can be no doubt “green” energy is becoming more and more important in Japan. And just like the many other inventions in this area, I am sure this newest invention that’s potentially beneficial for the environment can one day make its way outside Japan, too: A floating wind turbine that’s currently in prototype mode and is 12.5m tall (5.5m are above the surface). Read More

  • What to expect from tomorrow's Apple event

    What could be better? A short workweek, an Apple event tomorrow, and all is right with the world. But what can we expect from Big Cupertino tomorrow and what won’t we see at the event of the summer? Read on. First, just a reminder that we’ll be covering the event live tomorrow starting at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern. We’ll be using our liveblogging platform so you won’t… Read More

  • Mediaite Partners With Magnify.Net To Power Video Platform

    Magnify.net has steadily grown its white label video platform in a highly competitive environment. Over the past year, Magnify has accumulated over 50 big name clients which are using Magnify’s video technology, including Zappos, New York Magazine and The Weather Channel. Today, Magnify is announcing its latest catch, Dan Abrams’ recently-launched media news site Mediaite and… Read More

  • Tokai Challenger: Solar cell-powered "green" race car

    Sharp Japan today said [press release in English] it supplied a total of 2,176 high-quality solar cells to a research team developing a sun-powered racing car at Japan-based Tokai University. The cells used for the car are usually powering satellites and measure 77 x 39mm, which translates back to a total area of about 6m2. Read More

  • Nio security system: As seen on YouTube

    So this is actually kind of cool. It’s a security system that uses Bluetooth to connect all of your belongings – your briefcase, your keys, et al, to your phone. When they move out of range, Nio tells you on your BlackBerry screen. Each tag can be given a different alarm tone on your phone so you know which item is at risk. In addition the nio’s locate tone can help you… Read More

  • NOOOO! iPods with cameras update could be delayed!

    In a fancy bit of pussy footery, AppleInsider is quoting some guy with a good track record on Apple rumors who heard from some guy’s uncle’s mother’s brother who overheard someone say that someone at Apple heard someone say in 31 Flavors that the iPods with cameras (camPods) would be delayed. Read More

  • Silentale To Archive And Search All Your Conversations – Get Your Invites

    According to one estimate the total data storage capacity produced by humans each year is expected to surpass 1 Yottabyte by 2013. Demand for storage is doubling every 18 to 24 months. And the mountains of content being produced by ordinary people as lifestreaming becomes more and more popular is only adding to that growth. So how are we going to deal with it – search it, store it? Read More

  • Flickr Finally Goes Native With An iPhone App

    Despite having one of the most popular online photo services in the world, Flickr has done things the hard way on the iPhone. That is to say, for browsing photos they’ve made you go through their optimized website, and for uploading you had to do it through email. Both worked fine, but were not as seamless as a native iPhone application. Now they have that as well. Yahoo’s Flickr… Read More

  • T-Mo T-oBuy O-Range I-n U-K

    Rumor has it that T-Mobile UK and Orange UK will merge, creating a 28.4 million customer uber-carrier. The next largest carrier will be Telefonica’s O2, the former heavyweight. The deal will be signed by November and the merged company will share networks and CRM services in the UK. This does not directly effect T-Mobile’s German parent company except in that it will lose its… Read More

  • The Inevitable Move Of iTunes To The Cloud

    Here we are on the eve of another Apple event. There is never a shortage of hype surrounding these, but this one may have a bit more than normal because of the possibility that it could be Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ first public gig since returning to the company following a lengthy and very serious medical leave of absence. But it’s entirely possible that Jobs won’t be leading… Read More

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