• Twitterfeed Gets An Overhaul, Adds Analytics

    If your Twitter feed is beginning to replace your RSS feed, you can probably thank Mario Menti. Back in March, 2007, he created the initial prototype of Twitterfeed in London as part of a BBC developer program. Twitterfeed is a simple publishing tool which turns any RSS feed into a Twitter stream. Each feed item becomes a new Tweet consisting of the headline and a shortened link to the story… Read More

  • Bing Is Still Drawing Crowds, Search Share Jumps To 12 Percent

    Microsoft’s new search engine Bing had a strong showing in its second week, according to the latest comScore stats. You can see our analysis of Bing’s success in its first week here. Microsoft sites’ average daily penetration among U.S. searchers reached 16.7 percent during the work week of June 8-12, up 3 percentage points from the May 25-29 period (which was prior to… Read More

  • This wireless speaker, it floats!

    If you have a swimming pool then you, my friend, need this little waterproof floating wireless speaker that looks like the thing that pops up out of the muck in the trash compactor in Star Wars. This one doesn’t have a cool robotic eye, though, just “Rich sounding bass. Crisp treble. And no wires.” Read More

  • Good.ly – the URL shortener for Twitter that generates cash for charity

    You may have heard of a new URL-shortening service on the block called Good.ly. It’s a product spun out Skimlinks, an affiliate links aggregator we’ve covered extensively before. The connection is that Good.ly is linked to affiliate schemes which then generate cash for charities. If you use Good.ly to make a product recommendation on Twitter (it’s also at @good_ly) and… Read More

  • All violent video games poised for ban in Germany

    Bad news for German gamers. (As I understand it, we’re huge in Baden-Baden.) A bill is about to be introduced to parliament, after having been rubber-stamped by all sixteen of the country’s interior ministers, that would ban the sale of all violent video games. What’s a violent video game? Any game “where the main part is to realistically play the killing of people or… Read More

  • iTunes buckles under the weight of iPhone OS 3.0 downloads, activation server crashes

    The big day has finally come. You rushed to download iPhone OS 3.0, sat on the edge of your seat as your handset did its thing, and then.. nothing. No glorious homescreen, no new search pane. You look over at your monitor, and sure enough – iTunes is spitting out error messages. Read More

  • The iPod Comet and third-parties: Apple "scares" Pre owners with iTunes threats

    The iPod Comet orbits the Earth in a biannual rotation, bringing new devices and attendant accessories into our view every Spring and Fall. The constellation is followed by a set of third-party developers and manufacturers who bolster the cloud as it swings into view and then disappear as the excitement wears off, relegating the devices to CostCos and Sam’s Clubs until the next rotation. Read More

  • Amuso partners with Bebo and the Metro newspaper

    London-based social “game shows” startup Amuso has launched its live multiplayer, micropayment-based trivia game platform with Bebo, and UK national free-paper Metro. Is this the first deal to be done for a between a social networking company and a newspaper business? No. But it’s one of the first in the UK. Amuso is also understood to be “in advanced talks”… Read More

  • Aviary Launches Falcon, A Browser Based Image Editor

    Aviary, the small New York-based startup with the ambitions of recreating Adobe Photoshop’s most popular design tools in the browser, has launched a simple, free tool, called Falcon, that lets you quickly grab and edit images within the browser. Falcon, since it is web-based and works in any browser, can be used on a Mac or PC. Skitch, another similar fast, simple editing tool, is a… Read More

  • Sanyo Japan to launch two high-resolution / high-brightness projectors

    Sanyo seems to now entirely focus on projectors targeted at professional customers and businesses. After announcing a $6,000 Wi-fi enabled projector last month, the company today said in Japan [JP] it’s about to roll out two additional models with some great specs. Read More

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