• Apple patent shows front-facing camera: Hello, video calls

    Oh, patents. They’re fun for about two minutes, then you realize that companies file patents for every cockamamy idea that R&D devises. (Also, to receive a patent, you don’t even have to prove that your idea actually works, which I learned while reading Michio Kaku’s book. It’s a nice thing to know when you see a product advertised on TV as holding U.S. patents… Read More

  • HTC Touch Diamond2 and Touch Pro2: Yours, for an arm AND a leg

    You gotta hand it to the marketing/PR peeps in the mobile gadget space for figuring out how to announce phones, yet hold back just enough to get some coverage out of the details disclosed months later. As it were, HTC finally announced pricing and (gasp!) availability info for its newest “flagship” devices – Touch Diamond2 & Touch Pro2 – earlier today. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Navigon 7200T GPS with free traffic data for $199

    Here’s a pretty loaded GPS system for just under $200. The Navigon 7200T features free lifetime real-time traffic updates, voice destination entry, built-in Bluetooth speakerphone function that lists your cellphone’s contacts (you can even import contacts from Outlook), and the cool Reality View Pro mode that “displays photo-realistic 3D views with actual road signs and… Read More

  • Cellphone fingerprint law now in effect in Mexico

    Good news, everyone. That Mexican law that requires cellphone users to be fingerprinted and registered into a national database went into effect [Spanish] the other day. It’s an effort to crack down on violent crime, since, as well all know, cellphones are notorious criminals and won’t think twice about dropping an Acme anvil onto your head. Read More

  • Unknown Pentax DSLR caught in the wild by Mr. Blurry Cam

    There are zero details about this unknown Pentax DSLR, but we know for fact that it’s not one of the current models available. So what is it? The K30? It’s all a mystery, but an announcement can be too far off if it’s already out in the wild. Read More

  • WAYN's next strategy? Copy Dopplr

    UK-based social-networking site WAYN is one of the oldest startups around. It’s so old it even copied Friends Reunited’s subscription model back in the day before it’s VCs convinced it to go free. But it in the Age of Facebook, it’s losing momentum. Google Trends shows visits to the site are in the midst of an historical downturn, so the founders must come up some… Read More

  • Ning: 1 Million Social Networks Strong

    Ning is going to be reaching a big milestone this week, when it sees its one millionth social network created on its self-serve platform. Ning, which had its initial beta launch in 2005 and ‘full’ launch in 2007, makes it easy for people to create niche social networks focused on the topics they care about. Ning continues to grow steadily despite the fact that it banned… Read More

  • GeeknRolla After-party! Get'em while they're hot

    After selling out of tickets to Geek’n Rolla fairly quickly, we’ve realised there is a lot of interest in being at the event, if only for the evening party. So we’re opening up a separate category of tickets JUST for the after-party at Cafe de Paris, in London. It will mean that another 150 people can come along, network with the great startup and investor community… Read More

  • Stop Motion Nintendo DSi teardown

    We’ve seen the iFixit teardown of the DSi, but this one from TechRestore should be the new standard by which teardowns should happen. TR’s Brian Northway compiled this video with 1,304 images and countless hours of tweaking to get everything just right. And the reassembly is a nice touch, which we don’t typically see. Enjoy! Thanks for the tip, Billy S. Read More

  • RadioShack stores now accepting trade-ins of old gadgets

    Good for RadioShack. All 4400 stores are now drop-off locations for the company’s trade-in program, which sounds like a natural fit. Previous gadget trade-in programs generally involve sending your gear away to a random website where you just *know* that you will not get in return what the website advertises. Now you just head to your local ‘Shack and the associate determines… Read More

  • Here comes another Garmin GPS: The 5-inch 1490T nuvi

    Garmin is in the GPS biz and it seems like the company is always outing another unit; last month was the 1300 series. The newly announced 1490T combines everything a drvier would want out of a GPS unit, including free, lifetime traffic alerts, Bluetooth wireless calling, and lane assist mode. All this is displayed on a large 5-inch screen. But wait! There is more! Read More

  • Sidekick 2009 launching tomorrow?

    Ed over at Hiptop3 has the scoop on the upcoming Sidekick 2009 aka Blade that we’ve been hearing about for the last few months. According to an internal T-Mobile memo, the new Sidekick LX is going live tomorrow. Yes, the Sidekick 2009 will be the new LX with the older model fading away, which it already has except for the Tony Hawk edition that still resides on the T-Mo website. And… Read More

  • Announcing The TechFellow Awards With Founders Fund

    I’m very pleased to announce a new startup investment program today called The TechFellow Awards in partnership with Founders Fund. The goal is to honor technology innovators and stoke new investment in great early stage ideas. The TechFellow Awards program will grant at least twelve fellows $25,000 each to invest in an early stage startup of their choice. Founders Fund will invest… Read More

  • Interview With Automattic's Matt Mullenweg: "Blogging Is Not Slowing Down"

    We’re still at The Next Web Conference 2009 here in Amsterdam, and I just ran into Matt Mullenweg from Automattic / WordPress and immediately cornered him, put him against a brick wall outside and got him to answer some questions about the company and WordPress. The takeaways: – BuddyPress, which is supposed to transform an installation of WordPress MU into some sort of a… Read More

  • Closing The Gap: Facebook Only 9 Million Visitors Away From Passing MySpace In U.S.

    One of our favorite parlor games here at TechCrunch is trying to guess when exactly Facebook will pass MySpace to become the No. 1 social network in the U.S. by unique visitors. Worldwide, Facebook took that crown long ago (in April, 2008). But in the U.S., MySpace has been more difficult to displace. At the end of last year, according to comScore, the gap in unique U.S. visitors was just… Read More

  • Nokia's financials: some good, some very bad

    The thing with almost every financial statement is that it can be read in either a positive or negative light. Nokia’s Q1 report is just like that. On one hand, the wireless company actually pushed a good amount of handsets out during the first quarter of the year. That being said, the sales numbers are less than the previous year, which doesn’t ride well for year vs year comps. Read More

  • Interview With Andrew Keen At The Next Web 2009: "Web 2.0 Is F*Cked"

    TechCrunch Europe’s Mike Butcher and I just finished conducting a short video interview with entrepreneur and author Andrew Keen about the end of Web 2.0 and the dawn of a new age of individualism, driven primarily by Twitter. [Mike Butcher writes] The controversial, anti-Web 2.0, figure of Andrew Keen spoke at the Next Web in Amsterdam and outlined some of the themes that he is… Read More

  • Japanese geek builds awesome giant beetle robot for some reason (video)

    We are all doomed. A Japanese man from Ibaraki Prefecture with too much time has built a gigantic bug mecha that not only looks awesome but also actually works. Takahashi-san is 60 and has begun building the thing in 1998 and now owns a fifteen ton robot. The monster is an impressive eleven meters long. Video after the jump. Read More

  • Sun Ready To Renew Acquisition Talks With IBM, If They Promise To Walk The Walk

    Looks like Sun Microsystems is open to renewing acquisition talks with International Business Machines (IBM) if the latter makes a stronger commitment to actually closing the deal, according to Bloomberg sources. Earlier this month, discussions over a potential takeover broke down when IBM withdrew its earlier $7 billion bid to buy Sun. Discussions have stalled, still according to the sources… Read More

  • Nikkei: NEC Electronics and Renesas in talks to merge, form world's No. 3 chipmaker

    Consolidation is the Japanese answer to the current economic crisis, especially in the technology sector. The Nikkei, basically Nippon’s Wall Street Journal, today reports that electronics giant NEC Electronics and Renesas Technology are currently negotiating a merger with the aim of closing talks by the end of this month. The result would be a real heavyweight: The biggest chip maker… Read More

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