This is probably Google’s 4K Chromecast “Ultra”


If you’ve been waiting for a Chromecast with 4K video support, good news: it’s looking more and more real with each passing day.

Rumors have been floating around for a few weeks now of an upcoming “Chromecast Ultra”, which Android Police says will make its debut at Google’s October 4th event. Now we know what it looks like.

Posted by gadget soothsayer Evan Blass (otherwise known as evleaks) by way of VentureBeat, these newly leaked renders show a Chromecast that looks… well, a whole lot like a Chromecast.

One thing of note: if these renders prove accurate, it seems Google is stripping the Pokeball-lookin’ Chrome logo off the Chromecast in favor of a “G”.

Beyond that, no real surprises on the design front; it’s a little puck with an HDMI cord sticking out of it, much like the 2nd generation Chromecast.

And that’s okay! It’s hard to come up with much the Chromecast needs added to its hardware. Everything it needs to do is done at a software level, and that’s sort of the whole point: the hardware isn’t supposed to be fancy, or pretty, or particularly complicated. It’s supposed to disappear behind your TV and push any functionality it can onto your phone/tablet/etc.

The only thing missing, then, would be 4K support — and that’s apparently coming here. Rumors say the Chromecast Ultra will cost $69, and sell alongside the standard, $35 non-4K model.