Periscope Gets Better Maps, Skip Ahead And 3D Touch Shortcuts Including ‘Teleport’

Some pretty notable updates for Periscope, the live broadcasting service owned by Twitter, just dropped today. Included among the new goodies for users of Periscope for iOS is teleporting, a feature courtesy of 3D Touch support that will transport you to a random part of the world and drop you right into a broadcast from there.

“We love this shortcut because we’ve always wanted Periscope to feel like teleportation,” the Periscope team wrote in a Medium post.

In line with making the experience more global, Periscope’s world map for locating broadcasts has been updated to include more livestreams — it was previously capped at 250 — and also replays of streams from within the past 24 hours. That’ll massively ease discovery, and allow you to look back at breaking news events to get a more local, eyes-on-the-ground perspective.

Finally, iOS users can now skip through replay broadcasts. That’s a pretty standard feature that had been missing — but was added to Android last week — making it less painful to dig through new content.

Teleport is an iOS only feature that uses the 3D Touch feature on Apple’s newest iPhones. In addition to it, iPhone 6s and 6s+ users have a few shortcuts available via a long press on the Periscope app icon — those also include broadcast, mutual broadcast (which goes out to friends you follow mutually) and search.

Android users, playing catchup a little, have gotten the zoom feature for when broadcasting which was already available to those with iOS devices.