Knotable’s Note Instantly Is A One-Stop Dumping Ground For All Your Ideas

Amol Sarva has been making cool things for most of the past decade. You’ll remember him from devices like the Peek and Halo but his new web company, Knotable, is building cool productivity tools that work right in the browser. Now he and his partner Edward Shenderovich have launched a service called Knotable Note Instantly that allows you to take notes and make task lists right in your Chrome browser.

The company is backed by Bloomberg Beta, 500 Startups, and angels Tom Glocer, Thomas Lehrman, Dave Lerner, and Jeff Wald.

“We are making a next-gen way to work to keep everyone on the same page. There are way too many slice-solutions like Dropbox or Slack or Trello that are all awesome but they fragment your attention. A knotepad in Knotable is going to be one spot where you can toss all the stuff and links and embeds from other apps — and throw the people on there too. It lets you keep everyone on topic and on the same page,” said Sarva.

The app works just like a traditional note-taking system. You click the screen to add a new note and enter data. You can make voting boxes and to-do lists and even upload files and images. The notes persist in any instance of Chrome you’re running and they can be exported to Dropbox and other services. You can also add multiple users to the system, allowing you to collaborate in real time. Think of it as Evernote for groups.

It’s Chrome-only right now but it works on both OS X and Windows and should work fine on mobile devices. The goal is to create a connected dump for all your ideas, big and small, ensuring that you will be able to find the great idea among the GIFs and Dennis The Menace cartoons you also collect.

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