A Gift Guide For The Winter Warrior

It’s winter! For some of us, anyway – you Californians don’t know what winter is. But in case you know someone who does, or you have the misfortune of living somewhere in the dreary middle or east of North America, we’ve got a list of good tech-related gifts to keep you warm and cozy.


Dyson AM05 Hot+Cool Fan Heater

This Dyson fan and heater combo will warm up your space, even if you have a fairly large room to heat. The oscillation and high heat capabilities can provide a surprising amount of warmth, even in older homes where draftiness might be an issue. And when warmer weather does arrive, it’s still a great fan.


Mujjo Double-Layered Touchscreen Gloves

You can’t stay inside with heaters all-day, which is where the Mujjo gloves come in handy. These dual-layered ones are warmer than your average touchscreen gloves, but still work with capacitive devices across their entire surface. Doesn’t hurt that they’re stylish, too.


Viper SmartStart System

If you live in a winter clime, chances are you also broke down and got a car a long time ago. The Viper SmartStart System will provide your vehicle with a smartphone-controlled remote starter apparatus, so that you can get the engine heated up before you even have to encounter any of the elements.



If you’re going to be out in the weather, you should know about the weather. And if you’re into snowboarding or skiing, it can help to know the temperature in your immediate surroundings in real-time. Thermodo is an accessory for your smartphone that provides that information, and it’s small enough to stow away on a keychain.


Netatmo Weather Station

For more comprehensive local weather information, in a less portable package, there’s the Netatmo. Get a range of readings from hardware you set up at your house, fed back to an iPhone on your smartphone or tablet. Netatmo can help you figure out which days you’re better off just never leaving your bed, right from your bed.


Seek Thermal Camera

If you have an older house, you might want to identify where heat is escaping to help you make minor upgrades that will pay big dividends in terms of heating bills and staying warm. The Seek Thermal Camera for iPhone lets you give your device thermal vision, in a small, discreet package that’s easy to throw in a pocket, and that requires no external power source.


Scottevest Revolution Plus Jacket

A good jacket is hard to find, and it can be harder to find one that can store all your various gadgets while keeping them accessible. The Scottevest Revolution Plus Jacket will provide that, as a winter-ready version of the company’s signature gear-toting jackets. Those in really cold places will still have to layer, but at least you’ll be ready to tech out regardless.