Powermat Wireless Phone Charging Comes To Cadillac Vehicles

Wireless inductive charging is coming to Cadillacs. Starting with the 2015 ATS and later hitting the CTS and Escalade, the vehicles can be equipped with a Powermat charging pad. Sadly, most devices with wireless charging use a competing standard and are not compatible with this system.

The Powermat charging pad will be located behind the Caddy’s motorized CUE infotainment screen. Hit a button and the screen rises up, revealing a storage bin with the charging pad. Just place the phone on the pad, and it starts charging.


The system is compatible with all PMA-certified devices, but that list is fairly short and most notable includes a universal charging system from Duracell. The majority of smartphones equipped with wireless charging use the Qi system which is incompatible with Powermat.

This isn’t the first time Powermat devices have found their way into GM‘s cars. The system was already an option on the Chevy Volt following a $5 million investment from GM Ventures into the company.