Finally, AirDrop Works Between iOS And Mac

A minor but notable change arriving in Apple’s updated version of its OS X operating system (OS X Yosemite), announced this morning at WWDC, is the ability for AirDrop — the system for sharing files between two devices — to work with Mac computers. Finally! The lack of AirDrop functionality between iOS devices and Mac seemed like a big oversight when Apple first introduced this easy file-sharing feature, leaving users to a variety of workarounds, like texting themselves photos via iMessage, or sending themselves files via email, if not turning to third-party software in order to move files from an iPhone or iPad to a Mac computer.

AirDrop was first introduced with the launch of iOS 7 as a way to share files, like photos or videos with a specific person or multiple people. The service takes advantage of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality. However, the technology did not allow users to AirDrop files from their iOS devices to the Mac, which was frustrating.

The update was a part of a larger series of updates designed to improve the continuity when moving between Mac and iOS devices.

Update: Here’s how it will work: