WePopp Adds Restaurant Booking Via OpenTable

WePopp, an iOS and Android app to help you plan events with friends, has added restaurant booking via integration with OpenTable. The new feature adds the ability to book a restaurant as an optional extra step within the app.

A quick recap of WePopp’s raison d’être: The app, which competes most directly with U.S.-based Rundavoo, enables you to plan events with friends in just a few taps with a simple way to poll the group to find a date, time and place that suits everybody.

As the event organiser, you first pick what you want to do from a list of pre-defined categories, such as go for a drink, meal or a party, or take a weekend trip. Next you fill out further details, including — crucially — up to three preferred dates and times. Then you invite your friends to join your “popp,” and ask them to vote on the time and place, as well as suggest any other changes to the itinerary via the app’s messaging functionality. Finally, you select the chosen date, time and destination, asking everybody to confirm once and for all if they are in or out.

With the new restaurant-booking feature, an extra step has been added if the event being planned involves dining out. WePopp will suggest three restaurants from OpenTable (although you can still add any restaurant of your choice), and once you’ve confirmed with your intended participants, you can go ahead and convert that “popp” into a booking.

It also builds on an existing partnership with lafourchette (the OpenTable of France), which is still being used to power restaurant bookings in France and Spain. OpenTable is being used in the U.S., Germany, Japan, and UK (TopTable).

WePopp has a similar affiliate arrangement for flights (Skyscanner) and hotel bookings (Booking.com).