Pro Photo Organization & Sharing App Ember Gets Much-Requested Annotations Tools, Auto-Import On Mac

RealMac Software’s digital scrapbook app Ember, which arrived on iOS late last year, has today updated its mobile application with a series of annotations tools that will bring the software closer to parity with the app’s Mac desktop counterpart. New in this release is support for several requested features like Blur and Pixelate, as well as Smart Drawing and Text.

Smart Drawing is the feature which turns your hand-drawn lines, circles and other shapes into straighter lines that look like you had used a built-in tool instead of your fingertips. (See video below).

Ember for Mac, which is a pricier $49.99 app, is a professional image organizational and sharing tool. Though you could use it for managing your personal photos or other inspirational images, the app tends to be a favorite among designers – especially those creating and marking up mock-ups of their work, which they then share with others to get feedback. That’s why the addition of the iOS annotations tools is so anticipated, in this case.

RealMac Software had previously announced the arrival of these new features in a blog post last week, noting also that the annotation tools will be available through a single in-app purchase of $4.99.

Also new in this release is screenshot auto-import, which will automatically detect screenshots in your Camera Roll and import them to Ember’s photo library, as well as sync them with your other devices via iCloud. (This addition is priced at $0.99. Ember for iOS itself is a free download, however.)

The Mac app is getting an upgrade, too, which includes Blur and Pixelate, as well as a library backup feature, and dozens of other fixes and improvements, some of which are listed here.

As RealMac founder Dan Counsell recently explained when announcing this news, “one of our goals is to make sure Ember for iOS as powerful as Ember for Mac. We’re making our first big steps towards this by adding annotations on iOS.”

Besides Ember, the small development shop RealMac Software is known for its clever, gesture-based to-do list app Clear, and website design tool RapidWeaver.