Flipboard Unofficially Available For Any Android Device And Here’s How To Install It

Flipboard for Android has arrived! The app made a limited debut late last week with the Samsung Galaxy S III, but now it’s here for everyone — but not officially. You see, the app, is supposed to be exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy S III for a set amount of time. However, the 2.32mb APK hit XDA-Dev this morning, which should install on any Android device. The cat, as they say, is officially out of the proverbial bag. Here’s how to install it and start flipping.

As Engadget points out, this is a pretty easy install. Jump over to XDA where forum user Valcho uploaded the .apk. If you do this on your phone’s browser, just download the file and it should prompt to install the application automatically.

Or, if you use your computer, just download said file and then get it to your phone either by emailing it to yourself, using Dropbox or loading it on the device’s memory through a USB cable. From there, locate the file and click to install. It’s just that easy, kids.

The application installed without an issue on my aging Droid X and runs beautifully. I was able to sign into my Flipboard account and was instantly greeted by a lovely pic from last night’s wildly successful I Love TC NYC meetup.

Once Flipboard hits Android officially, it will likely skyrocket to the top of the Google Play charts. Flipboard is just that good. Hello Flipboard and goodbye Google Currents.