The 4Moms Origami: Look At This Robotic Stroller! Look At It!


There are things you need to be afraid of when you’re a new parent. There’s gluten, pull cords, Disney products, and BPA, to be sure, but what about wild robotic strollers that look as if they’ll eat your wee ones in one snap of their plastic jaws?

Luckily, the 4moms Origami stroller won’t close on the little ones and is in fact a automatic stroller with a bit of a twist. Instead of pressing down on some hydraulics, this thing opens and closes with the tap of a button. It is, in short, pretty darn amazing.

The buggy has a built-in generator to power the closing motor and an LCD readout tells you when you can open and close the thing. Headlights near the front wheels keep you safe in dark caverns while the drink cosy on the handle keeps your whiskey snug.

The bad news? It costs $849, which is pretty steep even for some of the higher end buggies. That’s not to say there aren’t more expensive models out there and I’m certain there are no buggies that can transform and roll out like a Decepticon zygote, so this may be worth the splurge. Get the grandparents to pay for it.

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