• Hands On With The 4Moms Origami Stroller

    Hands-On With The 4Moms Origami Stroller

    When I first saw the 4moms Origami stroller, I knew it would be a hit. It’s a robotic stroller that unfolds like the Autobots getting ready to roll out and has one of the nicest interfaces I’ve ever seen on a stroller (which is saying a lot). Why did it make me so excited? Well, first this stroller will beat the pants off any of those feature-rich Stokkes or Buzzes out there. Pull… Read More

  • The 4Moms Origami: Look At This Robotic Stroller! Look At It!

    There are things you need to be afraid of when you’re a new parent. There’s gluten, pull cords, Disney products, and BPA, to be sure, but what about wild robotic strollers that look as if they’ll eat your wee ones in one snap of their plastic jaws? Luckily, the 4moms Origami stroller won’t close on the little ones and is in fact a automatic stroller with a bit of a twist. Read More

  • Review: Bumbleride Flite

    Ask any geeky dad and he’ll tell you that he did a fair amount of research for their stroller and/or car seat. That’s just the way our type work, partly because there are so many sweet stroller and car seats out there. With that in mind I present to you the 2010 Bumbleride Flite. But first, some justification. Read More

  • The 4Moms' Origami self-folding stroller

    To put this simply, the Origami stroller is the coolest gadget I have seen since the original TiVo. Seriously, and it’s just a damn stroller. The baby carrier folds then unfolds itself in a matter of seconds and coming from a parent, that’s f’n cool. The best part is that the mechanism’s power comes from a small generator that recharges with every 300 feet instead… Read More