Microsoft Hits $17.37B In Revenue In Q4, $69.94B For The Year

Microsoft just reported record fourth quarter and fiscal year 2011 earnings today with yearly revenues at $69,94 billion, representing an increase of 12% from 2010. Operating income for the year was at $27.16 billion and net income was at $23.15 billion, 13% and 23% increases. Earnings per share for the year were at $2.69.

The company’s fourth quarter revenues were at $17.37 billion, an 8% increase year over year. Operating income was at $6.17 billion and net income was at $5.87 billion, a 4% and 30% increase respectively. Earnings per share were 69 cents.

The Microsoft Business Division which oversees Microsoft Office saw a 7% increase in the quarter, at $5.7 billion in revenue ($3.6 billion in operating income) and a 16% increase for the year at $22.1 billion ($14 billion in revenue). Microsoft Office Online services, which includes Bing, lost $2.6 billion last fiscal year. This quarter the Online Services sector lost $728 million on $662 million in revenue.

The company beat analyst expectations of $0.59 cents a share and $17.2 billion in revenue for the quarter and $69.7 billion in yearly revenue. Unsurprisingly, MSFT is up over 2% in after-hours trading.

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