Vizio Re-Announces Its Upcoming Tablet, The VTAB100B

Vizio has been kicking around their tablet since CES and just issued a press release that details the upcoming slate. But you can’t blame them. Hawking an Android tablet these days isn’t exactly easy, and this tablet is part of a big, and seemingly important Vizio ecosystem called V.I.A. Plus. The central selling point of V.I.A. Plus is that the tablet and HDTVs share common interfaces and apps. Vizio wants to own your entertainment experience.

The tablet itself, named VTAB100B, is an 8-inch WiFi-only slate that runs on a 1GHz CPU. 2GB of onboard storage is baked in, but the tablet has a functional microSD card slot for additional room. Connectivity is done through HDMI, WiFi, and Bluetooth with battery life clocking in at 10 hours. The press release doesn’t detail pricing, but Engadget is reporting that it’s going to carry a reasonable $349 when it hits stores sometime next month.