Adyen offers its payment solution to iPhone app devs – digital goods need not apply

Adyen, the Dutch Internet and mobile payment startup, has brought its single-click mobile payment solution to iPhone and Android.

This is particularly interesting with regards to iOS as it gives app developers a fairly easy way to implement an alternative payment solution to the App Store, something that doesn’t infringe on Apple’s in-app purchasing policy if the goods being sold are physical not digital. It’s this scenario that Adyen is targeting.

As for the payment method itself, it accepts credit cards, PayPal and a range of other payments within mobile applications (native apps) and mobile websites. Of course, offering a HTML (browser-based) version of an app or service rather than a dedicated iOS app is another way of bypassing Apple’s cut.

Other benefits of Adyen’s payment platform is that merchants and developers can take advantage of a “fully integrated service that removes the burden of security and PCI compliance”, says the company. In addition, app developers can “skin” the mobile payment and checkout process, gaining control of the look and feel, which is said to be an important driver for increased conversion rates.

Merchants already using the new mobile payment platform include Pathe, the largest chain of cinemas in the Europe, via its iPhone app, and Greetz, the online greetings card retailer.