Yumm Is A Delicious For Your Favorite Recipes On The Web

There are no shortage of recipe search engines around the web, including Epicurious, Yummly, AllRecipes, FoodNetwork, and more. While each of these sites allows you to curate your own recipe box of recipes within the site, it is difficult to aggregate your favorite recipes from different recipe search engines and online publications. Enter Yumm, a social bookmarking service for recipes, allowing users to store and share recipes from across the web in one location.

For anyone who has grown tired of signing up for a different recipe box for every different recipe site, Yumm is a great tool. Yumm, which was founded by developer Christopher Hedgecock, is essentially a repository for recipes across the web. And similar to bookmarking service Delicious, Yumm adds a social component to collecting links to recipes.

Via a Chrome bookmarklet, Yumm users can add any recipe on the web to their Yumm account. On Yumm’s site, you can also see the newest recipes users have added and save any recipes to your account, Yumm will surface the most popular recipes that are saved and shared on the site. And users can add comments to each recipe.

For any power-recipe searcher, Yumm is an online tool that is worth a try. And because the iPad has become my go-to cookbook in the kitchen, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Yumm launches a native iPad app (We’re told an iPad app is on the way).