My Contribution To AOL's Q1 Targets. (You're Welcome, Tim)

Erick’s post listing AOL’s targets for Q1 made fascinating reading, even for a non-employee like me.

Just in case you missed it, between now and March, TechCrunch’s parent company will be concentrating on the following areas…

  • Grow ad sales revenue 20%
  • Double homepage traffic
  • 99.9% reliability for mail
  • Double Patch Engagement
  • Ads/Content Platform + Devil everywhere
  • Recruit top talent
  • Customize office around towns

The first six are all well and good, with “double patch engagement” being of particular interest to the company’s pirate employees. For me, though, the undisputed highlight was item seven: “customize office around towns”.

In case you missed the story, “towns” is some distracting corporate bullshit the company’s forward-thinking vision for grouping together otherwise disparate content categories. And what better way to demonstrate their commitment to the initiative than to customize an entire office around it?

Here, then, my contribution for TechTown…

You’re welcome, Tim.