Bettween Makes Tracking And Sharing Twitter Conversations A Breeze

With Twitter rolling out its own retweet functionality soon, people will be pointing their followers to more users they may not be engaging with yet, which will spark users to follow more people and hence increase the amount of conversations on Twitter. At least, that’s what I think.

But Twitter has never been an ideal two-way conversation tool. It’s hard to keep track of back-and-forth communication between users, particularly when you’re not actually part of the discussion but still interested to know what’s being said tweeted. A new tool called Bettween aims to make it easier to visualize conversations between two specific users as well as share them with others.

Like most Twitter-related web apps, the tool is simple and crisp. You enter the usernames of two Twitter users and you get an overview of what they’ve conversed about on a single page, with an indication of when the tweets were published and who replied to whom. And because it comes with a dedicated URL à la, you can easily share conversations between two users with others as well.

I’m left wondering if it would be possible (and/or desirable) to tweak the tool so it could track conversations between more than two users.