The Logitech G27 racing wheel is $299 worth of realism

g27wheel_set_hiSome people really get into racing sims and Logitech wants to tap that market with the G27 racing wheel. This puppy will get users as close to racing around the ‘ring as possible. Just remember to bring your own HDTV and surround sound system to complete the experience.[PSGallery=a7fl93l4g1]

The wheel is equipped with dual-motor force feedback with helical gearing! (I’m assuming that’s good) Plus the leather-wrapped steering wheel uses a precise optical sensor to ensure that it’s not the controllers fault when you eventually over-steer into a wall. Oh, there is so much more too. The controller has a separate box that houses a six-speed gearbox, along with a D-pad and buttons on a make-shift center console. The wheel has a 900-degree rotation. There are RPM and shift indicator LEDs. Oh, man. The controller has pretty much everything a $299 racing wheel should.

Eager to get your hands on one? First you should know that the wheel is only compatible with the PS2, PS3, and Windows. If you’re still interested, the G27 is slated for a September release, but if you’re sure it’s going to be worth your cash, pre-order it on Logitech’s site.