Replacement iPod cable transforms it into a backup drive, kind of

transformer-cordI’m not sure I’m reading this exactly right. The Transformer cord lets you back up your computer’s files to an iPod, and also lets you pull your photos and music off the iPod. I’m guessing what it boils down to is something like Yamipod or Senuti, built into the cord. Sounds good to me; carry it around and you can always donate a few tracks to a friend when they hear something they like. Whether it works with actual iTunes tracks isn’t spelled out, but I’d guess no.

The weird thing is this. I’m not sure if I’m reading it right, so let me quote:

Simply connect your iPhone or iPod to the Clickfree Transformer, then connect it to your computer and backup will automatically begin. There is no software to install or setup and no manual to read.

Uhh, don’t we get to choose what we want to back up? I’ve got a couple terabytes scattered around and I don’t want it just picking willy nilly. A small front-end would be wise. Maybe they just left it out of the press release.

The plain white version will set you back $50, which I think is pretty expensive for something that can be done with software. The black “SE” version will work with regular USB drives as well as iPods, and costs $90. Either I’m missing something here, or these things are charging a lot of money for almost nothing.